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  1. Yes I am @StarsHollow
  2. So let me get this straight you want 9 sets of mallet carving knife pelt file log 90+ ql and you will pay 10s for each set Uncasted ?
  3. freedom aint ready for the amount of moon metal and hota statues I will dump if this ever happened.
  4. How about the cave ceiling, my OCD won't allow me to forgive you for those
  5. Few ###### up ceiling tiles, veins in the path mehh...
  6. I will buy all of these, can you deliver ?
  7. Pm me and we can arrange something perhaps I need to count the amount of tiles still.
  8. Give you 150e
  9. Looking for someone to do a strongwalling job for me. I will provide the chopped veggies and altar. I estimate it's about 30-40 tiles it might be less or a bit more.
  10. I am looking to buy in bulk (5k) slate bricks or marble bricks delivered to SE deli.
  11. @platinumteefgrand fathered basically for current kingdoms with more the one of the same champ to my understanding. I asked in discord. But change opens up for other kingdoms to get sme champs too.