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  1. Very nice casts, however just going to recommend lowering the starting bid. Full rare horse gear sets go for roughly 15-20s give or take depending on casts and quality. Good luck on the auction.
  2. rare hammer to Egard
  3. So basically kill off all your horses when you get mad and upset.
  4. Agreed roland. Xsamuraizx also known as horse ###### 2000
  5. Really, that's interesting. Passionate warbander player or was. Played it non stop from 2009 to 2014ish, multiplayer competitively.
  6. Price check plox
  7. Esteban
  8. o k p a p p a
  9. Looking for a path of power account , no additional skills required just meditation but will be taken into consideration.
  10. GRATS! ALOT!
  11. Yes they are.
  12. It's a step in the right direction. Ways to prevent alts are increase the log out timer when enemy in local. Right now you can log out in 5 mins if enemies are in local on chaos and epic it's like an hour to leave world if you log out while being raided. The current leave world time is 2 mins longer then a single disintegrate making it nearly impossible to reach someone in time. Also could add they drop gear if they are non prem and log out with enemies in local. Preventing them from bypassing alts and mailing it off server is just make mailing not allowed when enemies in local.
  13. On epic we have the ability to taunt merchants and even on accounts that have 50+ actual skill in taunting which is like 70+ on the curve it is super hard and I have only seen it done once and took hours to do so. Increase disintegration chance, so it's not the stupid like 1% chance or something it is now. There hasnt been a single update has promoted pvp or made it even worth while just more of a chore then anything.