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  1. awaiting orders, get your cheap runes
  2. bump
  3. sorry, i dont have the high quality crystal to make moonmetal runes for sale right now.... if you have a crystal over 60 you can send it and i will gladly fill your order
  4. supplies are stocked, order some runes for your tools
  5. [03:06:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. sorry that took so long
  6. Bump
  7. also, on a sidenote, i have various orders coming in via forum pm and in game, if ive missed you somehow, or messed up your order, please notify me, ill try to fix anything ive missed. ty all for your patronage
  8. bump.... im on a 2 day wait, but i have materials coming, place your orders
  9. crystal rune of libilia, glimmersteel 25.55ql- 2.75s (10% usage speed) crystal rune of libilia, adamantine 12.82ql- 2.5s (10% enchant power) crystal rune of vynora, tin 87.31ql- 2s (10% rarity when imped) <----best rune ive made, if you have 20 soul depth its roughly a 90% attachment chance looking to sell a few gems ive made, i can also do runes on request Libilia is my best chances, but i can make anything, and im pretty sure im cheapest PRICES: any rune on request, under 10ql- 20c any rune on request, 10- 20ql -30c any rune on request, 21-30ql-50c Any rune on request, 30-40ql- 70c Any rune on request, over 40ql-1s Place your order here or pm me and ill cod your runes usually within a day Here is the list, in case you dont know what you want: (the white boxes are universal, so i can make them crystal and you can still atrach to your boats, leather, etc) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DdCM55viZwilRdzQi70BsvWmG8JrtvxRVRF_BxxesSU/edit#gid=2112741790
  10. Changed offer
  11. How many of each do you want?
  12. Open once again, new prices, sorry the good times didnt last
  13. Bump