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  1. I believe hes saying they all do (60-99)
  2. Ill take all the rift wood.
  3. U still have those recipes? Could i get 2x goblin/liver and 1x rum recipe?
  4. 3.5 stone and wood
  5. Ill take the rare glove
  6. Bump..... sorry pics need updated i will take care of that soon.... im pretty sure lib bronze is temporarily sold out
  7. Bump
  8. I guess what im saying is.... +1 get rid of random dice, add other difficulties to balance it
  9. Welk thats the thing tho.... everything in wurm has a bit of randomness, and yes channeling SHOULD be harder than other skills, its very valuable.... i dont think anyone should be impervious to shatters 100 channeling or not..... but 1/100 chance (is that the rando factor?) Regardless of skill is heinous
  10. Had to go way back to find this...... has this thought been abandoned? Id think with all the +1s code club could see a little profirlt here...... id pay a bit for the change
  11. Tl:dr Risk is absolutely necessary regardless of skill, and i definitely agree that imping in casting shouldnt be compared, but i also agree w/ odynn that a random set of numbers shouldnt dictate the shatter. Im not going to pretend to understand any coding, but couldnt they do something in between? Like make high level casting slightly harder (higher general shatter %) and then jusy tear out the random factor? Thats a little more for "save the economy, shatter weapons" and also a win for anyone who does have the channeling to do higher casts.
  12. [23:17:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.