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  1. +1 so much dispel frustration
  2. +1 update makes me fear it will become extinct
  3. +1 havent had to deal with this as im a miner, but it sounds frustrating
  4. +1 to any items used for cartography, maybe to map out the area you live around, or mines/ hunting areas nearby -1 to general in game map enhancements, gotta agree with cecci here, theres a reason you have a compass and the woods are filled with nasties, its part of wurm
  5. Wait.... this is really coming?! Yay!! Im not super concerned about all the cosmetics, i just want my toon to be correct gender. Tyty, now the patient wait.....
  6. Bump
  7. Ill take the two other 2s gauntlets if you still have
  8. 50c
  9. Sorry, didnt see i won... cod wood to elvenwing plz
  10. All of that?!? 5s! Count me in cod asap
  11. bump
  12. bump
  13. bump
  14. Ill take the 5x war arrow for 35 plz