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  1. The lag on Xan is well known for everyone. And attempting to travel on xan will have the server loose your position rather often(Your position on the server is not updated move slower) that would cause huge problems for pvp. Mob dispersal seem skewed towards the north. Overall mob population is low anyway, so even if evenly dispersed it would be a problem. Maybe they could do a "pilot" mixed pvp/pve server on small scale just to test how well it works out, and how players like it, and expand on that approach if it works well.
  2. It's really not a bad idea to have mixed pvp/pve servers. Giant server, please no. Xan lag and bad mob dispersal already shows giant servers don't work well.
  3. You do know we are talking about priests and not Wurm as a whole right?
  4. That has exactly what relevance on what I said?
  5. It was okay before RNG player gods screwed up the balance. I have no problem with player gods, but just giving them random spells really screwed things up.
  6. Look at just the last year and see all the problems that allowing out of game real cash transactions have caused. I know no game can stop all real cash transactions, or character sales, but by allowing them Code Club invites scammers. The only reason it isn't seen more is because Wurm is a low profile game, lotta risk for little gain in scamming here now. "People can take care of their own sales and they know the risks before they engage in an account sale or transfer." That's cute, naïve as hell, but cute, if that was accurate no-one would ever get scammed, in RL or in games. It would be nice if it worked that way but throw greed, hope and money it a bowl and someone looses.
  7. So, anyone seen it yet? I haven't. No-one I've talked to in game about it has. Lets make this the official "Post a screen shot of a Wurm advert" thread. Retro and Budda have both claimed that Wurm advertisement has happened, so lets prove them right and post screenshots of Wurm adverts. I'd post a screenshot of a Wurm advert here, but I haven't seen the mysterious Wurm advert yet.
  8. Joking aside, it was nice that you addressed concerns, in a straight forward and direct manner(And that you didn't delete my posts like some people, not you, seem to be fond of when questioned.)
  9. I used to jokingly tell newbies that during an eclipse normal wolves turned into werewolves that had huge agro range and where stronger then trolls.
  10. I wasn't questioning your intent to be honest. Funny how people can impose meaning on things that aren't there.
  11. +1 to seeing slope in mines. -1 to needing a tool for it.
  12. Really? From last weeks news(VI 009), "1.3 in WU and sale Wurm Unlimited has been abuzz this week with 1.3 finally landing, it's taken a while but WU is now filled with al lthe awesome content we've had for a few months. If you're looking to get in on the action, it's currently on sale at 33% off! We'll also be looking at more WU specific subforums over the coming weeks, for WU specific suggestions, and bettert bug reporting too, so keep eyes peeled." From VI 005; "We're giving away some Steam keys for Wurm unlimited via Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to jump on and share your favourite Wurm tip to be in the running, we'll be giving away more over the coming week too!" I could keep going back and find more. I could also sight the Wurm Online Facebook account pushing WU. I'm sure Twitter is doing the same but I don't use Twitter. You can see why some people might think WO is being slowly dropped and we are being herded towards WU. I really hope that's true.
  13. 90+QL hides(And then turning them into 90+ql leather) is already hard enough. Don't make it harder.
  14. Well, seeing as how I've always been opposed to account sales in the first place, gotta -1 this one.
  15. I have a cedar tree "in" my house, so you can do it.