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  1. My original suggestion was a rough idea. It evolved with feedback. Could evolve further, don't be afraid to throw in any idea you might have to make the cooking less tedious and more fun at the same time.
  2. Okay, you have no idea how fatigue works. You do not get 8hrs/day, it would actually be awesome if you did. What you get is a max of 12hrs of fatigue that recharges 1hr every 3hrs(you get 1 hr back for every 3hrs that go by). Your example of starting with 8 hours requiring 11 of play to kill forgets the fatigue regen timer carries over to the next day. You eventually end up stuck logging in to 3-6 hrs of fatigue after 9-18 hrs out of game. After hitting the fatigue cap you need to take 36hrs off from playing to get your fatigue reset to max. And after a week it's back down again. EDIT: Or did you mean that in a 24hr period of not doing anything you'd regen 8hrs of fatigue? That would still require not doing anything(Or rather not doing what I want to be doing) for 24hrs.
  3. Just fix the damn fatigue without smart ass comments.
  4. You're welcome to watch me play if you think I'm botting. And for the shear amount of time I afk, I should not be hitting this stupid wall. All I'm doing to hit is grinding efficiently, although really not sure how I hit with my alt yesterday, only had that character online for 4hrs yesterday and not at all the day before. Clearly a broken system. This is just a stupid restriction. And really, if someone is going to bot, their not going to be the ones posting here and sending a message to Budda about this F'ed up stupid system. A botter is not going to draw that attention to themselves. As for unhealthy play time, fatigue isn't based on playtime, it's based on action time. Just so long as you set up grind to be efficient(Food, raw mats, imping materials, water all within reach without having to move) you can easily knock the fatigue cap down. It's something they need to fix. This fatigue cap has been a problem for many people over the years. It's been complained about for many years. What do we get instead of a fatigue fix? We get pink hell horses. Fatigue system makes the game just short of being unplayable. Any game mechanic that does that should be a priority for being fixed. It should have been fixed years ago when people first started to complain about it. And that right there is actually the problem with Code Club(Pre and post Rolf) they never take customer complaints seriously unless you have 3/4 of the forums complaining about the same thing.
  5. Now I'm hitting it on my alt aswell. Fix this ###### broken system already. This is retarded, I'm paying to play this game, let me play the way I want to.
  6. Right click crafting also made sense. Doesn't mean it wasn't annoying(More so for large projects). Crafting window made that system less bothersome, no reason something like that can't be done for cooking. Open "cooking table" select from known recipes, have required basic mats and the tools needed in inventory an presto, you have the uncooked version of what you want. Could still cook the current way if that's what you like, and learning new recipes could require the manual chopping and dicing and lore method.
  7. Good for you, you like doing things the most drawn out and pointless way. You could keep doing that if you wanted to even after my suggestion. As for the rest of us who don't want to play Chef online, it would be nice to have options without having to be put at a disadvantage because of CCFP. And cooking is not a game mechanic that you can ignore. Everyone needs to eat. It's not like say Ship building that you can choose to not do if you don't like it.
  8. This, exactly. If I could just make a few hundred of everything needed and then stockpile it would at least take most of the tedium out of it. But an altogether faster, more streamlined process for cooking would still be better. Something like how the crafting window took away the pain inducing right click crafting.
  9. I didn't say remove, I said simplify. Just take a bunch of time wasting steps out of it, or allow mass storage of things like chopped veg and diced meat.
  10. Ya, because needing to pay on a regular basis is exactly what I want to do. I want to add food budget to my Wurm life..... All I'm asking for is that the unneeded extra steps to prepare the new recipes get removed. This game does not need more tedium, the cooking update added that with the CCFP. My suggestion is a way to reduce that and brings it more in line with all other crafting actions in game. EDIT: or at the very least let all the states of food be stored in an FSB. I'd actually be fine with the way it currently works if I could store large amounts of cooking ingredients the same way I can store large amounts of other mats.(Adding this edit to OP)
  11. How about instead of having to slice and dice and mash and chop a bunch of different mats just to make bangers and mash, you guys could simplify the whole process for those of us not interested in playing "Medieval chef online." For the example of bangers and mash, as it's become somewhat of the new staple meal, put bladder, fat, grain, potato, meat in fry pan, right click fry pan-create-bangers and mash. Creates raw bangers and mash that then needs to be cooked. And this could be done for any recipe. Also, allow any recipe to be cooked in any cooker. The novelty of the tedium of the cooking update is wearing off. And before anyone says "Well high QL meals are simple and can fill your ccfp" that is true, if you have really high cooking. It's not true at 58. EDIT: or at the very least let all the states of food be stored in an FSB. I'd actually be fine with the way it currently works if I could store large amounts of cooking ingredients the same way I can store large amounts of other mats.
  12. This is amazingly disturbing.....
  13. Occasional hiccup can ruin an honest persons reputation. I'm not against Name and Shames, I am however against the way they work right now, and how they have worked since they have been allowed. How they are working is someone makes an accusation against someone and then that someone has to prove they didn't do anything wrong. Sometimes the person making the accusation has good proof, but mostly it's "he said she said" bull crap. The way the Name and Shame currently works is flawed. Not trying to defend Zilbar. Was just responding to Niki post a page ago.
  14. You where shamed, because of a lie, and still think player run Name and Shame threads are justified? You think defending someone just because they are placed in a Name and Shame should make someone unpopular? You should know from experience that not everyone who ends up being shamed should be there.
  15. This is good, being able to set merchant for alliance/village/friends would be neat. Most of us(I think) usually discount our normal charges for alliance memembers, being able to do it directly with a merchant would be neat.