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  1. It's raining again, and I left my keys to the tower in my other pants....this job just doesn't pay enough...
  2. My critters thank you and my Flunky thanks you! (yeah Flunky is my Fo Priest)
  3. I just now experienced the same issue while on a sheep run to the Grand Steppe on Indy. A troll was trolling and I wasn't really in the mood, so I called for help as I passed a tower. Four called back, none responded. I called about three times with four calling back and finally one responded. I moved out of the troll attack range and continued to call and call and call. Eventually the others joined in, but it took many calls for help. I could see one move about two tiles then just stop. He would move the same way roughly every other time I called for help. Being that there were only 4 guards at this tower, he was one responding to join it, but only 1/2 the time would he actually move, and it seemed he would only move about 2 tiles at a time. Next time I'll carry some wemp or something to entice them off of their smoke break. =)
  4. Personally my biggest concern with reactivation of the collision is critter leading. I tend to stop leading critters when I barely clip a building in my village. If trees have a similar issue, I fear I'll never be able to bring a critter home. That being said, Olive trees do seem to have lost some weight in Unstable, and it might just be me, but it seems that Walnut and a couple of other trees have been hitting the treadmill at the gym too. =)
  5. It takes a really sick individual that would make this a 10 hour loop. I'd love to meet them!
  6. I am reminded of a line from a Star Trek TNG episode.."Kill Zem, Kill Zem all before it is to late!"
  7. comic relief

    I really wish the winter textures were brighter.
  8. Amazing what you can get in less than two hours for free from Amazon these days!
  9. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding this loss of players. /me locks the door to his 3 tile mine and neatly cleans his blade No idea at all.
  10. I'm afraid that every time I go for a ride on a road with those eyes I will hear this in the back of my head...
  11. +1 it would make our church at Silent Hill much more enjoyable for sermons if we can sit and listen.
  12. comic relief

    I hope this underwater marsh spreads!
  13. Unstable might be a bit buggy, but wow do the shadows and lights look great!
  14. +1 If we can load a wagon or cart why not a rowboat!