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  1. Apparently visitors to our village get a bit too friendly...
  2. Grats Samool! And OMG ty ty for a fix for dredging! And OMG woo hoo new pavements! And OMG woo hoo for the Cave Dwellings! And OMG woo hoo for the Hedge removals! And...wait I think I'm out of OMG woo hoo's for the day...
  3. Yes, I've blessed a few in our mines that were planted by players from long ago. I reinforced, blessed and lit, and to my knowledge they are still lit.
  4. That moment when the drumroll was successful on an action other than farming a tile or a prayer
  5. That's no moon! It's a space station! Wait, which one? That one!! Ah the little one! Trying a bit to hard to look innocent isn't it! ..some days it's just nice to stop grinding and take a little scenic tour.
  6. I've been online for a couple of hours DC. So nice to be using unstable again. =) slight edit..I have some issues crossing servers, but other than that it's doing great!
  7. When I'm not in Wurm I'm in Second Life. I have a theatre group there and we make movies and perform live plays and such.
  8. Congrats gang!!! And thanks to everyone for the votes!! (yes even the ones who didn't vote for me! LOL)
  9. +1 I would love to have my reed/rice farm be a reed/rice/kelp farm
  10. QL of the cart/wagon should add a little bit of something to speed, a rarity should add a little bit of something special to speed, and I've always thought a Wind of Ages cast (by definition) should make a cart faster.
  11. +1
  12. \o/ This is awesome, and not only because I got in the top 10. Thanks for the votes gang!! Will these recipes be only in WU or will we get to make them in WO too?
  13. Amazing how many stories up one little lamp can go! I should color it red for a 'creepy lighthouse' look.
  14. Greetings! I have a 'boat dock' that is off deed. Basically I have flat raised some land above the water level, and then paved the ground with floor boards and tarred them for protection. It appears in the current code that floor boards are not considered pavement, so the awesome new feature of new behavior for off deed blessed lamps does not apply. While its a quick fix to put down a stone type of pavement in order to have automatic off deed lighting for my dock, it kind of messes up the look. I know that the floor boards thing is a bit different due to the way it defeats marsh, but I'm wondering if there could be a way to have the blessed/planted lamps work with wooden planks as well as the different stone roads. Many thanks!