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  1. I actually mentioned this if you read down! As for one tile wide caves, if they arent part of a heritage system they aren't protected in any way currently, only via the mechanics of reinforced walls. so we can't just allow them to be removed. If it's a heritage cave thats one tile wide I may need to speak with the GM team about our stance on helping there.
  2. Rendered lighthouse - Yaga With this weeks update out of the way, we begin to look forward to our next content update, so updates will be light until then (if at all), but there's plenty coming! We'll be showcasing a few things over this period, detailing what to expect and just how awesome it will be, but first... Patch Notes Eye of Some keen eyes spotted glowing green objects in last weeks shots, and I'm sure many of you have been wondering about their function. Today we unveil the beginning of our plans for a revamped highway system! Freedom highway rules have long been a necessity to ensure ongoing infrastructure does not disappear overnight, but often winds up being a slow process with paperwork and permissions. With this in mind, we've been taking steps to return the majority of control into players hands with highways, with a new highway system. Those items are called catseyes, and are the foundation of a huge new highway system, allowing players to build, link, and protect highways across all PvE servers without requiring GM assistance and permissions. The system will involve connecting existing routes to highways and also come with a waypoint system, providing markers to local villages (when opted in) and starter deeds. Navigating your way around the server, identifying the nearest starter town and local villages will be a breeze. Villages can also choose not to be included in the waypoint marking, although any highways running through a village will mean KOS is not possible (this will now be enfored with mechanics rather than general rulings). Altering the highway is not possible without removing link protection and rerouting meaning less paperwork for the GM team and also smoother operations for you all. This won't mean the elimination of all highway rules, wanton destruction of highways and other abuses will still fall under freedom rules, but less necessity in requiring GM approval, and also allows caves to be protected too! What will change with this is the redefining of what consists of a highway, In the past single paved roads bordered by sand (gravel is okay!) have also been included, with the release of this it will be strictly 2 or 3 tile wide paved roads, so if you wish to update any single tile paths in your area in anticipation of this new system please do log a support ticket. There will also be an overlap period to allow existing highways to be marked with the new system upon its release, giving everyone plenty of time to understand the new system when it launches (we will be working extensively with the wiki team to ensure that all information is provided prior to the update) so don't worry about being caught off guard WU live The latest beta will go live to Wurm Unlimited some time next week, stick in our discord or follow us on Facebook to know the exact date closer to its release Dev team expansion This week we’d like to welcome Keenan to the dev team even more than currently with his contracted hours increasing so he is now officially a part time developer for Wurm. His focus in the short term will be mostly on backend systems and a few different projects that have been sitting on the backburner waiting for someone skilled enough to take control of them, but we wish him luck in his work and having to deal with Budda on a more regular basis. We’d also like to welcome Ausimus to the team who has recently joined as a volunteer developer as well. After much experience working with Wurm Unlimited code and creating mods, he has already made his mark with a couple of bug fixes that went live with this weeks update. Community Content This weeks community content is already extremely well known, her project has been features in massively OP, vice, and several other sites too, so I'd like to take a moment to show you all just how awesome it is!z Our very own Malena has been hard at work in recreating the world of Ultima Online in Wurm, and it's amazing, check out the first video in her series here!: Check out the full thread of her adventures here! Caption this!Following from the awesome captions from our last contest, I've decided to host another, with this weeks top caption receiving a key for 1 months premium.This caption comes from the citizens of san escobar, with the amazing Wurm car! That;s it for this week! Next week we'll cover a few more things coming in the next update, so I'll see you all then. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  3. I cant say too much, but this isn't forgotten
  4. Those will be in in a fashion too, waypoints will mark splits in the highways and nearby villages
  5.'s_eye_(road) These things do exist, it's just a name
  6. I'm aware some feel that there are other cosmetic options that are important as well, such as skin colour. That said, this thread is about one specific issue, please do not derail it or disagree simply because your desired option has not been implemented, such posts will be considered off topic and removed as such, If you'd like other options implemented, feel free to make a new thread, and obey the rules.
  7. Updated patch notes: Sandstone slab bugfix was missed, and the spawn fix for Xanadu did not resolve the issue, still ongoing.
  8. So to the southwest of New We Are Cooking is a small catapult range with a bunch of various fences and different ql catapults to test out the new catapulting setup. The basics are Weight and ql add more damage Distance adds more damage Stone and metal projectiles are best Catapult ql and skill changes firing angle which affects distance Winches affect initial power Max is still 20 damage per hit. Trebuchets have also been updated with this new system too, and will have a higher starting position and have a higher initial velocity, meaning they go further than a catapult! There is provided material and projectile ammo, if you want to setup something slightly different you will have to create it yourself as I cannot guarantee a GM on hand to help, but we'll be looking at more advanced scenarios with help over the week if you're willing to provide situations to test, and we'll also be doing some housing testing on PvP servers (or PvE servers if you're like to build your own) Test client here: So as usual, use this thread for bugs with mechanics and keep it on topic so the devs can read through it easily. Thanks!e Retrograde
  9. Weekend at Rolfs
  10. 30 seconds after it finishes, cannot be dragged while in use. also if you stop midway the timer starts, you do not need to complete the action if i recall.
  11. Choices do matter in wurm, what skills you pursue shape your gameplay, every dirt you dig and brick you place changes the world around you, you have an impact on the game in such a profound way that is not seen in any other MMO. Considering accounts are bought and sold means those who own the account never even made the choice, and this limits their abillity to immerse themselves in the game and feel more connected to the character. Adding the ability to change gender will actually allow players who have never felt connected to their character due to a difference in gender to fix that and begin to form an attachment to them, and the choice they make to change gender will matter to them far more than you. After all, what's a pixel or two when someone feels happier with their toon?
  12. is intended
  13. Around mid last year Rolf began scaling back how much time he spent on Wurm each day. With Budda taking over as project manager and leading development, it gave Rolf some room to take a step back and tinker with other projects: Rolf is still around to advise on issues the dev team faces (or explain old code) but his day to day is spent on other non wurm related works and Budda is the one who carries the torch
  14. Elentari is a monster Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a good Easter break, I know I did! We're still in the follow up phase to our latest update, addressing a few bugs that have arisen as well as the usual post-live tweaks, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work, but first... Patch Notes Reinforcing in style Reinforced walls are quite boring, and with the introduction of new house walls, our devs got to thinking.... Coming soon to a cave near you, we'll be introducing stylish reinforcements! These will be created with improved reinforcement beams and really decorate your cave! We're also looking at cave floors as well, but no confirmation on that yet. CA Help Merging following some back end changes for us, we'll be merging CA help across all freedom servers next update. once it's done we'll monitor it over the next week or so to ensure that it still flows smoothly and will be able to revert it if it proves to be too chaotic. With this done we'll also begin looking at options for addressing CA help on Epic servers, and will be working towards a resolution that improves new player experiences on Epic servers while still meeting our conduct requirements. WU beta We're still in the process of ironing out some bugs appearing within the new housing update, and once theyre done we'll have a beta up for WU, we expect that to be available within the week, with the live version following shortly after Gloomshade revamp Excited to play with the new walls, Enki and I had our turn updating the starter deeds, and this time it was Gloomshades turn! The HotS Elevation starter deed has been given a bit of a revamp, and I'm totally biased) Community Content This weeks community content I found while looking through the huge collection of WU screenshots, and it has to be the most amazing wagon design I've ever seen. I don't know what server it's from, but if it's yours, let me know so I can update this! Future PMK's, take note! That's it for this weekend, I hope you all have a good weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  15. I once did an 18,000 slope pillar, but that's still nothing compared to enkis terrorforming efforts
  16. Some might have noticed it in the WU patch notes the elusive golden mirror,: How do you get it in WO? You'll just have to wait and see...
  17. How are you letting them decay? Keep in mind that the contents pop out onto the tile, regardless of container
  18. The old pottery texture is gone, we didnt add a new type of floor for pottery, just changed the texture
  19. You know Saroman is an art dev, right?
  20. And we're live with the new housing update! I know everyone's busy hunting sandstone and making bricks (red brick for me!) so this week will be a short recap before the Easter long weekend, but first... Patch Notes Housing update Naturally the big part of this update is the huge expansion to house types, and I'm excited to see just what you all come up with now, I know that there are other desired wall types and fences and we'll keep this in mind as we move forward. We're always expanding and addressing limitations as we meet them and this is no different. We will undoubtedly continue to provide more options as time goes on, just plenty else to work on as well while we do. Easter We're nearing the eve of the anniversary of the horrific bunny massacre of 2016, and I'd like to take the moment to wish you all a happy and safe Easter, don't party too hard on the chocolate eggs! Hot Cross buns! We've also released a new recipe for hot cross buns to celebrate Easter! Hot cross buns are my favourite part about Easter, and I think it's pretty cool to see some more holiday themed recipes come in, we may just do more later... WU Beta With the launch of the housing update, we'll begin looking at a WU beta to come out in the next week or two with the update, there's a few changes to things that may need some modders to check in the beta but it shouldn't last long before going live. Community Contest winner! There were quite a few good entries, and it came close to some (Who doesnt love Star Wars references?) but the winner of this contest is MacOofer with the following: To claim your prize, shoot me a PM MacOofer! The amount of people who took the time to add their ideas was awesome, will definitely have to repeat this in the future! There's a lot more already being worked on, and I'm keen to begin sharing it with you all in preparation for its launch, but that may be a few weeks away still. I'll be back next week with more news and showing off just what we've been up to on our side, but until then week, keep on Wurming! Happy Easter, Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  21. so nerf spear damage to a 1h weapon? on par with longswords and axes?
  22. We wont be rushing this out, It'll likely not be live until next week at the earliest
  23. Oh wow, that is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see this server!
  24. I'll pass the class changes along when I receive them, but I fail to see the point of complaining about changes when the very reason we release a beta is to help update mods.
  25. My cat is also hostile, I tried taming her with biscuits, but walking over my face at 4am clearly indicates it didnt work