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  1. Milosanx on a rare trip down to water level Hey everyone! This week saw the changes to conversion come live, and the positive feedback has been noticed! We're working on a few things and will have more to share as they flesh out, but one thing is coming to the test server this weekend! but first... Patch Notes The Cowtapult! Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have already seen this, but we've been hard at work improving siege weapon mechanics, and first up is the catapult and trebuchet! Catapults and trebuchets should damage creatures, houses, fences, bridges and items that the projectile hits, if there are multiple items it hits, it'll just hit one at random. The new mechanics for them operate similarly to how they currently work, with focus on improving how the physics calculations are performed and remove those weird cases where they don't hit anything. We'll be setting up some testing scenarios such as house on a tall dirt wall and such over the weekend for you to check out, but we'd also like to know what scenarios you want to check out, so feel free to share ideas that you'd like us to setup for you to test. Our priority is getting all of them tested with different projectiles, distances and skill levels in PvP and PvE Scenarios both on and off deed to ensure they're balanced when they go live, so stay tuned for the test thread opening some time this weekend Variety is the spice of life Not one to rest on their laurels, the devs have been working hard on a long desired addition to the building, new house walls! This is a huge addition, with six new building types: Rendered wall Marble wall Pottery brick wall Round brick wall Sandstone brick wall Slate brick wall Pottery and sandstone Round stone and Rendered Marble and Slate That's not all though, there's new fence types to match the housing types, as well as a few additions and changes the paving! there will be a few new paving types, as well as a few changes to existing ones: Round cobble will use a new item round stone (same as round brick housing) Rough cobble will use Colossus bricks Slate slabs will be created by a chisel on combined slate shards like other slabs and some new pavement types you'll have to wait and see! The basics are up (without graphics) for internal testing, we'll have more info on the new types and a full list in next weeks news, this was far too exciting not to share though! Community Content This weeks community content is about a lost horse! Poor Rageed traveled off on his own one fateful night, and sparked fear for his safety in the heart of Ayuna, who cared for him. Luckily though, he was recovered safe and sound! Have you had a favourite pet? That's it from us this week, I'll see some of you on test, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. Conversion systems have been rewritten to be separate between god and kingdom Horde of the Summoned and HotS template PMK's now allow Libila and all player gods. Freedom, Jenn-Kellon, and Mol-Rehan kingdoms and template Player made kingdoms allow all White light gods and player gods. The champion system will continue as normal, with Mol-Rehan being Magranon champions only, Jenn Kellon being Fo/Vynora champions, and HotS being Libila champions. Player gods may have a champion from any kingdom as long as they favour the kingdom at that time. As usual, this is in current testing and may change between test and live, please ensure to observe the live patch notes for the final details. Testing will be conducted on the Baphomet PvP test server, the White and Black light can be found at "In honour of our fallen comrades" Happy Testing! - The Wurm Team. Test server link can be found here: As usual, this thread is for reporting of bugs related to conversion issues, please keep to only that to allow the devs to see and address any reported issues.
  3. We have stated many times that a priest balance overhaul is in the works, there's really nothing more that can be added, champions will be looked at then, not sooner.
  4. Hmmm, I was under the impression that allowing planting and securing also came with the ability to bash, will check
  5. Not part of the current work, this was addressing the libila inbalances, changing how champions work would be a much larger overhaul.
  6. butchering is capped at corpse ql, if the corpse ql is damaged the effective cap on ql on butchered products is brought down. It's pretty simple, it's just tied to corpse ql, like lockmaking is tied to iron ql, shafts are tied to log ql and so on. skill, tool ql and runes increase success chances and ql output higher to the cap.
  7. Champ system hasnt been touched, so whatever it was before is likely to be how it is now. All this has changed is how kingdoms and gods converting works
  8. Sorry to necro an old thread, but hey Again, I'd like to apologise for any conceived disregard we had for Horde players regarding this issue, our intention was to address it with the priest and god overhaul planned for a little later in the year. Having been made aware it limited the Horde more severely than we first thought (as you all pointed out), it was of course pushed forward and the fix will now be in the next update, pending any major issues in testing.
  9. Nowe Wszczniesz by Warlander Top of the morning to ye Wurmians! It's another Valrei International, keeping you up to date with everything going on in your world, so let's get to it! In light of some discussions this week, I'd like to go over a few things we're working on, while the PvP roadmap coming later will have a bit more info on some things. PvP updates There's a lot in the works with PvP related overhauls, including the Valrei system as well as priests and spells. These projects are currently under the way as we speak, but these are not simple tasks. Many factors include identifying how the system is supposed to work, what does and doesn't work with the current system, what we want the system to be and how we want it to work and how prospective changes would fit in with the rest of the game. Once we have a firm plan ironed out, we'll then begin involving you all in feedback and testing, seeing what needs to be tweaked and adjusted, as well as looking at the overall feel of it and how it meshes in. We completely understand that this is frustrating when you're waiting for it, but it does take time, we'll be seeing a few minor things going out to tone down the effects of valrei (Such as removing terraforming events next update) as well as reducing stun timers from nogumps and other creatures (last update). There's a lot to go through and we'll continue to work on it, as well as work to make sure that you all are kept up to date with what's going on. We're committed to improving PvP, and we'll be providing a bit more PvP oriented road map soon, with Budda breaking out his thesaurus to work on his first devblog! I don't know when that will land, but stay tuned! Conversions So many of you might have seen the thread about HotS conversions to player gods where we agreed that it was a less than ideal system. The task we face now is rewriting the outdated conversion system with one that performs better, and makes a bit more sense. This system will allow HotS players to follow player gods, I'm not sure whether it will be BL only player gods or include WL ones, and more info will be given prior to release, but I wanted to share with you all that the current system will be changed fairly soon, being on test within the next two weeks or so. Unstable is a bit more stable! Good news everyone! We've managed to identify and resolve the disconnect issue with the unstable client! This opens the door for us to address the other issues that arise with the new client, and begin the final bug fixing prior to it becoming the stable client. So please do test it out and play on it and provide all feedback on performance and crashing issues you encounter. If you don't test it now when it's unstable you might encounter an issue when it goes live, and that means trouble! One important thing to remember is there are several new settings in the new client, including shadow map size, and dynamic lighting. Both of these improve the look and feel of the game greatly, but do also impact performance if you run on the lower end, so I'd advise starting with a new configuration, and tweaking it as it goes. Grab the unstable client and give it a go here: Xanadu Improvements We've isolated a few issues causing Xanadu's lag, and some may have noticed that things occur a little faster on Xanadu than they used to (coal piles burning!) We've got some other things in the works to address them, and hopefully they improve performance as well! Community Content And Milosanx returns with a new video from wu! It's always great to see videos from him, and it's a good overview of the new Otherlands server, which opened with the release of 1.3, so check it out! Vortac and Weem have also been hard at work with their Follywood series, which I have enjoyed greatly (and pestered several people with links to) So make sure you check those out as well! That's it from me this week, so have a good weekend everyone, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  10. Minor visual bugs like that will be addressed. Our main focus at this point is crashing and performance issues, thus why it's still there
  11. on deed only Off deed you'd need this mod, as it's an easy way to block tunnels and such.
  12. can you provide your console log? this isnt happening to everyone, so we need to identify when and why
  13. In regards to the initial pvp discussions I had, the original plan was my feedback being worked on by the in house team, rolf, alex and erik (erik probably being the main one as he worked on the valrei stuff too) Of course, that landed in with the announcement of alex and erik leaving, which threw things sideways, and then budda taking the PM role, things were kind of disheveled. A lot suggested in there has been pushed through, especially the inssues with information minister, DR stuff, sotg reductions (though many wanted it flat out removed) So I do understand it felt dropped off, but we are reaching the point where we can start sharing the PvP works we have, and discussing how they will impact the game and what our plans are.
  14. This thread was created to ask some pretty basic questions about our intentions with PvP, whether we had plans to not only address existing issues but expand upon some features within PvP. I think the fact a major part of our current plans involve the Valrei system should show we have faith in epic, and will continue to work on the issues it faces. As many have stated, PvP in itself for the most part works, there are some issues here and there which we will address, but Epic has issues that include the Valrei system AND the current map, which we're all well aware exist. The problem with every PvP discussion becoming a merge or reset thread is that it takes focus away from the actual issues that impact PvP, regardless of whether the servers were merged, or epic was reset tomorrow there would still be issues that need attention, and they're the issues we wish to address. Once we have our frameworks fleshed out with our current projects we'll be pushing forward to public discussion and feedback, and I look forward to seeing that come, as I'm sure you are. Until that time though, feel free to put forward your own issues, ideas and suggestions (like that meditation thread!) but do avoid the usual merge or reset discussion, we've stated our position on that and continuing to raise it only means less focus on what actually needs fixing.
  15. Hi Everyone As you may know by now the recipe system for WU will allow the creation and addition of custom recipes, the format to create these is in .json and an example can be found here: The full schema can be found here: For custom recipes please use an ID of 1500+ Recipe files must be named "recipe XXXX.json" where xxxx is the ID This functionality will allow you to create your own recipes with your own ingredients, so what better thing to do than to then share that! You could share the code and allow players to save it as a json file, or simply share links to json files or zips of multiple json files. Use this thread to share your created recipes, and get ready to cook!
  16. Unless you're playing with a network viewing client your issue is unrelated Marlon
  17. Stills burn longer than forges if I recall. Also, birch does not burn longer, it simply counts as more fuel (therotical example is say 10kgs of birch burning as long as 15kgs of cedar not sure of the exact numbers but that's how it works, it simply counts as more fuel. of course, the 20kg cap renders it null and void, as that's the hard cap, regardless of which wood type you use.
  18. Are these for the stable or unstable client? No that's server side, not client side, so unrelated!
  19. Foggy Docks Hi Everyone, A huge week for WU, with 1.3 finally landing, and what an impact! I've seen fantastic meals, pink bee hives, and cows no taller than your knee (the mods some people think of!) We've got a bit to cover though, so here goes! But first... Patch notes Deliverance maintenance On the 11th of march at 1400 server time we'll be taking down deliverance for some extended maintenance to address the hanging issues that have occurred recently. This will be a slightly longer maintenance, at around 2-3 hours, so if you want to play, maybe it's time to take a holiday to Exodus, or Release! 1.3 in WU and sale Wurm Unlimited has been abuzz this week with 1.3 finally landing, it's taken a while but WU is now filled with al lthe awesome content we've had for a few months. If you're looking to get in on the action, it's currently on sale at 33% off! We'll also be looking at more WU specific subforums over the coming weeks, for WU specific suggestions, and bettert bug reporting too, so keep eyes peeled. More animations Today also sees more animations come to the game, with the following being introduced: Groom Pull Throw (combat and snowballs) Take Drop These will continue to create that more immersive feel when playing and we'll continue to look at animations that increase that as we go on. Hell horse and horse gear This update also saw the hell horse colours, as well as hell horse equipment and bridles (bridles are awaiting a client update due out shortly!) The hell horse colours are incredibly awesome, and I have to say, this one is definitely my favourite, but which is it? dun dun dun.... Esert makeover As many of you know, we ran the Esert starter deed makeover competition this week, and a clear winner by a mile was the redesign! I'm keen to see this design come to life, so congratulations to Joelle and crew. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled on the area! Community content So this weeks community content is a little different. With 1.3 out in WU youtube streamer Weem is back, and this time he brought friends! Weem did a fantastic series of WU on the Mythmoor server and starting tomorrow he's launching his new series - called Follywood - on the otherlands server. I can't wait to see it, and in the mean time, I strongly suggest checking out his previous series here: That's it from me this week, I hope you all have an awesome weeekend cooking and crafting, and as always, keep on Wurming! - Retrograde & the Wurm team
  20. I'm not having that issue here, mind quoting the build version and providing console log?
  21. Hi Army, I apologise If I missed your comment, I do tend to get quite a few and some I need to chase up, It wasnt intentional. As for the missed email, it';s unfortunate it was missed, but I will say I don't think we have any WU specific devs, as most content is WO oriented and trickles down to WU, with WU getting specific bug fixes as well, though there is the possibility of that changing in the coming months.
  22. oh right, yes
  23. Yeah no ones deleting anything I've raised the ql cap with the dev team, will pass on info when i get it
  24. Lots and lots of crocodiles! Ultimately there's a lot still in the air with it, so I can't exactly go on about some, because I don't want to cause unnecessary complaints or panic over ideas, any ideas that we do flesh out will be floated around (see what I did there?) prior to implementation of course
  25. Just to clarify, forum pm is NOT the way to apply. I thought it had been said before, but if anyone does wish to volunteer as a developer for wurm they can email Budda with examples of work and see where it goes. I'd also like to point out that we do consider both PvP and pve playstyles important, I'd like to see the bickering between the two styles in this thread stop, as it does not contribute anything to the conversation and only causes upset