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  1. Just on the edge of each starter town an old wizened oak tree will appear, what secrets does it hold? You'll have to explore yourself... This weekend we'll be celebrating Midsummer with a special event on Xanadu! The event will start at each starter town and lead to a central location Those who survive the event will receive a special unique event only prize! As this is a unique prize, we'll also have it open to Epic players, simply come through the epic portal, complete the murderhouse event, and receive the prize, then you can log a support ticket for it to be moved to your character on epic You will not need: A horse A boat Combat capabilities Sanity You will need Food Water A sense of humour See you there!
  2. Unknown deed - Wiczan Glad Midsommar! Another busy week with the dev team, with the new bridges out of the way, what might be next? You'll have to read and find out But first.. Patch Notes More fences! With the release of the new textures and fences, many were asking about other possibilities, such as parapets, tall walls and other things. As we stated then, this work requires several major changes to expand possible fence types, and would be a little more intensive than simply adding the textures. I'm pleased to announce that this is a project currently underway, with the tall stone wall, portcullis, high iron fence/gate, stone parapet fences receiving the textures of slate, rounded stone, pottery brick, sandstone, rendered, and marble! This probably begins some players third or fourth deed remodels, but with more options available, who's complaining? Champion changes This week saw the changes of champions and how they work, going from a cap of 3 per god and 3 per kingdom to 1 per god per kingdom and 3 per kingdom. This means all kingdoms have equal opportunity of choosing their champions, so choose well! With this addition, Mol-Rehan kingdoms can now choose Fo and Vynora champions as well, with Jenn-Kellon kingdoms able to choose Magranon as a champion. Of course Libila remains HotS only. Midsummers on Xanadu Tomorrow is the launch of our Midsummer event on Xanadu, with a special unique prize for those who complete it. We have a sneak peek of the prize to tease you all with today! This unique Midsummers themed mask will only be available through this event, which will be open until the end of July, so make sure you get in and solve the mystery! Performance monitoring Over the coming weeks we'll be adding extra performance monitoring on servers, starting with a smaller undisclosed server. With this system we'll be able to track performance better and identify any areas of concern, which hopefully leads to tweaks and modifications to address the issues. This won't be run on the same server as the creature changes, but we'll of course continue to update you all as the weeks go on, showcasing the results and our goals for the future. Community Content This is slightly older, but forum user Iberis (Hexd) has been all over Exodus and is showing off her travels! Check out the sights and wonders of Exodus, I cannot wait to see where she goes next! That's it from us this week, I hope to see you all this weekend! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  3. I've updated to advise that, and also closed the house and cave starts, the hedge is the only start point now, should make it a bit easier. While it worked well when it worked, it unfortunately caused a few to get confused. Ive added wells and a torch giver to the cave
  4. Hi Everyone, This thread is for giving a brief overview of the upcoming highway system, which may take some time to properly understand. The new highway system on the surface is quite simple, two items are used to protect tiles, catseyes and waystones. Catseyes form the backbone of the links, with waystones forming the junctions and crossroads. When placed and linked to valid markers, paved tiles are protected from being destroyed. They operate on roads, bridges, houses, and underground. This system is aimed at replacing the freedom highway rules requiring GM permission to make any road modification. This does not mean that there will be no monitoring of them, and wanton destruction of highway could include penalties as standard. For the more technical minded, we have a document listing the full details available here: As it is a work in progress, things may change before going live, or be added or removed, so please do remember to check it when it goes live too. This system is currently on the test server, if you have questions feel free to jump on and check them out!
  5. No premium requirement!
  6. it won't be going to WU
  7. In Wurm Online skillgain tick size is usually based off timer length. Wurm Unlimited splits timers from skillgain, and gives a basic tick comparable to the average 100 stamina no woa timer length on WO. To counter that, in WU you get skillgain for every successful action, rather than every 1.01-39.99 result.
  8. Forums weren't working, software updates were neglected and caused chaos on our back end systems and the continued downtime. since moving there's some latency issues which need addressing (causing the double posts as the system resends the messages) But these are under work, will keep you updated as we resolve them. (and no, its not custom software)
  9. It's good that people can smooth out rough roads and improve them without having to remove the protection. It's also limited to still being walkable, so potential griefing and highway destruction is minimised and limited to still needing to be passable terrain.
  10. There's still the limitation of 20 slope per straight tiles and such, the system allows links to be connected, deeds opted in to be displayed for better travelling, and also blocks destruction of the paved tiles. Tl;DR This system allows improving of roads and slopes within acceptable limits without allowing destruction of them
  11. I see no typo, clearly you are mistaken
  12. Cash shop upgrades are ongoing, but not in a position to give any timeframe yet, simply that its a work in progress
  13. These are valrei creatures, spirits and such just disappeared before.
  14. Document has been updated. Currently KOS does NOT work if the highway is on deed or up to 2 tiles into perimeter from the deed. Trying to place a highway near a deed with an active KOS llisting will produce a warning to remove the KOS list first.
  15. Correct, once completed you won't be able to collect another prize or do the event again (unless on an alt, and you'd have to be mad!) Just to clarify incase some are wondering, it's a non combative event but not hard puzzles, so you won't die against a troll or anything,getting lost is much more likely
  16. Yep!
  17. Depends how good you are at juggling [shouldn't be too long, only half of my testers didnt return, the other half said the experience was pleasant, then proceeded to curl up into a ball]
  18. ' I know the feeling. That said, there are performance issues on Xanadu, it's great that many don't notice them except for the odd spike, but we'll always continue to monitor for improvements, including upgrading how we collect performance metrics
  19. If you want to attend you will! They are seperate, just similar premise of allowing attendance from every starter town, which is also why Xanadu was picked There's a HUGE amount of work behind these, and they are exercises in patience, logic (or lack thereof) and also testing out various mechanics for future things, I plan on more coming and being more server specific, but the aim for this one is to have a special midsummers event item without just handing it out freely, gotta work for things!
  20. Expected length is about a month, so there's plenty of time to participate (and you know, solve)
  21. That limitation is based on wall types and fences, so these items would be perfectly possible to implement
  22. Hi everyone! A big update today with underground bridges coming to Wurm! Underground housing was released just over a year ago, and it's come a huge way since then, with paving, new reinforcing, and now the bridges, what could be next? who knows... But first... Patch Notes Creature features So this week saw the devblog of Buddas touching on how the current mob AI works, as well as some plans to improve on that and hopefully see some better spreading of creatures across the servers. There'll be a bit of testing on the test server, then we'll move to one of the smaller servers, both to test that the system works in spreading out creatures as well as doesn't impact performance. It's an exciting change to come, so I'm keen to see how it plays out! Midsummers in Xanadu Hinted last week we'll be having a midsummer's event on Xanadu! The reason we chose Xanadu is because this event will run around a central location accessed from all starter deeds (much like the labyrinth). You won't need to bring a horse or travel, and since we'll have a special event only reward, people from Epic will be able to request a transfer ot the reward from Freedom to Epic! The event will start on Saturday the 24th of June at 16:00 server time (UTC+1) and will open from all starter deeds! WU beta delay Once we were sure that cave bridges would be coming out in this update we made the decision to delay the beta in time for this release, ensuring that the next beta will have lots more in it! I know it can be frustrating waiting for it to hit WU, but I can definitely say it's worth the wait. Player texture performance improvements This update also sees some improvements to player textures, meaning better performance in crowded areas such a PvP, events, and unique fights. We'll continue to monitor events like these to identify areas we can improve. Cooking poll This week saw a poll launched to follow up on rarity of ingredients, tools, and cookers affecting the resulting affinity of a meal. The poll is having some issues running on Xanadu, but you can cross servers to place a vote in if you still need to vote you can! We'll have the results of that poll in next weeks news. Community Content We talked about this last week, but it's here! The Factional Fight brothers are back with an awesome showcase of Linton. It's an amazing starter deed and they really put a lot of work into it, so you'll have to forgive me for milking it. Check out the video here in our brand new Showtime theatre, where you can share videos for both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited! If you have a video you'd like to have moved from from the artists bench please just report the post and our friendly mods will move it! That's it from us this week, I know you'll all be busy building, so keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  24. The Golden Hive Market - Alyeska and Xallo Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, with a long awaited request finally able to be revealed! But first... Patch Notes What's that sound? Bridges underground! Thought the new bridge types was all the coming things for bridges? Guess again! Since bridges first came to Wurm, many have asked about the possibility of underground bridges, and with the coming update, this will be a reality! Bridges underground will check for clearance of the ceilings, but apart from that, will operate exactly how they do above ground. I'm keen to see what you all come up with, that's for sure! DNS Issues I'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the server connectivity issues this week, you worked very hard to help each other stay connected. We hope you all enjoy the extra premium, and spend the sleep bonus wisely! As an additional reminder, if you did name any hard coded changes to get around the issue, please make sure to change those back! Linton reworked! Linton, aka the barren starter deed, has had a makeover! The team consisting of Griphyth, Faeran, Killroth and Karena have spent a lot of work building this up into an amazing starter town, with possibly the best lookout I've ever seen! I'm sure you'll all agree, it's a huge improvement on the original deed, and I'm thrilled with the results! Highway info! So with the upcoming release of the highway system we've started a thread with the information of what's behind the highway system, there's a brief rundown with a more in depth document available, so feel free to read through and ask any questions. Don't forget though, it's currently live on the test server, and we'll be working on a more official testing period soon! Community Content This weeks content is more of a question, with the suggestion of adding a specific sub-forum for videos, this would be a great opportunity for posting video tutorials, showcases, and plenty more! Would you like to see that done? let us know here! That's it for this week, I'm sure you're all excited for the bridges coming, I know i am! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.