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  1. I've updated to advise that, and also closed the house and cave starts, the hedge is the only start point now, should make it a bit easier. While it worked well when it worked, it unfortunately caused a few to get confused. Ive added wells and a torch giver to the cave
  2. No premium requirement!
  3. it won't be going to WU
  4. In Wurm Online skillgain tick size is usually based off timer length. Wurm Unlimited splits timers from skillgain, and gives a basic tick comparable to the average 100 stamina no woa timer length on WO. To counter that, in WU you get skillgain for every successful action, rather than every 1.01-39.99 result.
  5. Forums weren't working, software updates were neglected and caused chaos on our back end systems and the continued downtime. since moving there's some latency issues which need addressing (causing the double posts as the system resends the messages) But these are under work, will keep you updated as we resolve them. (and no, its not custom software)
  6. It's good that people can smooth out rough roads and improve them without having to remove the protection. It's also limited to still being walkable, so potential griefing and highway destruction is minimised and limited to still needing to be passable terrain.
  7. There's still the limitation of 20 slope per straight tiles and such, the system allows links to be connected, deeds opted in to be displayed for better travelling, and also blocks destruction of the paved tiles. Tl;DR This system allows improving of roads and slopes within acceptable limits without allowing destruction of them
  8. I see no typo, clearly you are mistaken
  9. Cash shop upgrades are ongoing, but not in a position to give any timeframe yet, simply that its a work in progress
  10. Unknown deed - Wiczan Glad Midsommar! Another busy week with the dev team, with the new bridges out of the way, what might be next? You'll have to read and find out But first.. Patch Notes More fences! With the release of the new textures and fences, many were asking about other possibilities, such as parapets, tall walls and other things. As we stated then, this work requires several major changes to expand possible fence types, and would be a little more intensive than simply adding the textures. I'm pleased to announce that this is a project currently underway, with the tall stone wall, portcullis, high iron fence/gate, stone parapet fences receiving the textures of slate, rounded stone, pottery brick, sandstone, rendered, and marble! This probably begins some players third or fourth deed remodels, but with more options available, who's complaining? Champion changes This week saw the changes of champions and how they work, going from a cap of 3 per god and 3 per kingdom to 1 per god per kingdom and 3 per kingdom. This means all kingdoms have equal opportunity of choosing their champions, so choose well! With this addition, Mol-Rehan kingdoms can now choose Fo and Vynora champions as well, with Jenn-Kellon kingdoms able to choose Magranon as a champion. Of course Libila remains HotS only. Midsummers on Xanadu Tomorrow is the launch of our Midsummer event on Xanadu, with a special unique prize for those who complete it. We have a sneak peek of the prize to tease you all with today! This unique Midsummers themed mask will only be available through this event, which will be open until the end of July, so make sure you get in and solve the mystery! Performance monitoring Over the coming weeks we'll be adding extra performance monitoring on servers, starting with a smaller undisclosed server. With this system we'll be able to track performance better and identify any areas of concern, which hopefully leads to tweaks and modifications to address the issues. This won't be run on the same server as the creature changes, but we'll of course continue to update you all as the weeks go on, showcasing the results and our goals for the future. Community Content This is slightly older, but forum user Iberis (Hexd) has been all over Exodus and is showing off her travels! Check out the sights and wonders of Exodus, I cannot wait to see where she goes next! That's it from us this week, I hope to see you all this weekend! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  11. These are valrei creatures, spirits and such just disappeared before.
  12. Document has been updated. Currently KOS does NOT work if the highway is on deed or up to 2 tiles into perimeter from the deed. Trying to place a highway near a deed with an active KOS llisting will produce a warning to remove the KOS list first.
  13. Correct, once completed you won't be able to collect another prize or do the event again (unless on an alt, and you'd have to be mad!) Just to clarify incase some are wondering, it's a non combative event but not hard puzzles, so you won't die against a troll or anything,getting lost is much more likely
  14. Yep!