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  1. I like it. Stills are a nightmare; it's not like this is an easy button.
  2. I go through phases of being social and then less social. Wurm is generally better than most MMOs because at least the players are more my age and over that phase of running around screaming obscenities. Mostly. Indy is pretty friendly and I'm glad I moved there.
  3. Wurm has some weird fascination with masks. This one is cute, though. And yay for potential new fences!
  4. Slate statues!! +1 to all decorative goodies.
  5. Bump! Now you guys have something to do with that fishing skill, right?
  6. Coming up with a way to make money is half the fun of Wurm (if you want to make money). Some skills or items are going to be more in demand, often because they're harder or boring. Some people just think out of the box and make skill pizzas or whatever. It would be nice if fish had some different benefits or butchering products, though. Fish bones that can be made into tools or some use in dye, maybe.
  7. I did play a bit at my old job on weekends, or during holidays (with my director's complete knowledge and permission) when I was basically just babysitting and making sure no one burned the campus down. But in my new job, no way, too much to lose. We're not even supposed to have non work laptops in the building.
  8. This is an idea I can fully support. I don't like any ideas of giving away premium or giving more to newbs than we already have, but this would be great AND we could do to volunteer mentoring thing there. Let them stay until they have carp/fighting/mining/other stuff? to 20 and then set them loose. They can prem up and keep their over 20 skills when they leave, or not. (Though I would like to see them be able to take one empty large cart as that's the worst thing a newb has to make.)
  9. A place on GV, where maybe there was no place to build a house, but supplies to build your first cart (which you could bring to your new server, because no one wants to have to make another), learn to cook/blacksmith a bit. I don't know if it'll be enough, because most of the people I see come in and leave have 8 million complaints and Wurm is not going to be their thing. They don't want to pay for prem because reasons, they want to be a wizard, they need to be entertained, etc. It would be nice to get honest opinions on why people don't come back. I don't know if that's possible.
  10. I like the idea of the separate mentor account! I know people can be nervous to take a newbie into their homes because of issues of stealing, griefing, begging, etc. There's so many starter towns, though. I wish newbs could stay in one spot and all learn together (could, not have to). Harder when it's 9 or so different spots.
  11. When I started playing, I always went inside when it got dark! As long as it's not a huge amount of increase and we get some extra skill gain, I love this idea. I'd love special night creatures, too, or current ones that only come out at night/day, but that's moving into lots of work for devs land.
  12. Why is this so important? In the larder it all melts so slowly anyway.
  13. [14:41:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Sent, thanks!
  14. Yup, I already reset! Please send me a test pizza!