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  1. well i think ya def found a bug. im going to do some number see if i can find the prob
  2. Could i get the full list of what ya made and your base setup food so i can check this? the number dif is becuz i was doing the math dif for setup but i had to change it to make it line up for other meals types so i had to change all the number from my numbering system to base numbering system.
  3. if ya dont mind me asking what where you doing wrong and is there anyway we could maybe make it ez so u dont do it?
  4. +1 maybe even 1/2 way 10 planks 1 nail.
  5. fraeya what items missing from the data base? ill see if i can fig them out and get them added. adding more slots should not be a prob. just give kaz time. only thing i can help him with is math and the raw data to put in for input
  6. The New Update Only Affect rarity Of oven. if you change to the new system. just redo you setup meal and go to town all tested. so if you are updated dont change rarity of oven at all.
  7. could you check and see if you a broken toon? https://trewq.pl/wurm/mealcheck/ it could be your setup meal is right on the border of a broken toon 20 shift
  8. With alot of work from KaztheGreat. We give you http://wurmsales.com/
  9. i can use this save me alot of time with your base. oven (rare or normal just gota know) bowl veg meat. and the affinity ya get. im weird i test everything. and are you a broken toon? Broken toon test https://trewq.pl/wurm/mealcheck/
  10. sweet ill test this out water inc.
  11. can i have recipe with water in it i can test?
  12. nah we did the cooking tool befor WU code was out. im rather proud of the fact we figured it out
  13. time to test out the new cooking system. see if i can figure out the new math
  14. Webpage coming along great. trying to get up to the point of spreedsheet befor release. Gota love friends that know how to code. and own web sever's. its all about geting them to understand the code i got and so they can change the formate
  15. you could use the spreed sheet ya just got fig out the off set for the dough and suase if if ya use the same both times everything else will line up. prob the cheatest way is to make a simple pizza(lest items in pizzza) with add everthing you can that i have listed(all item i have listed in spreedsheet. test the meal find how far your off add things at the bottom to line you up right then just change your uperstuff and it should line up 99% of the time. you only gota plug in the numbers ya missing. and u can use othere things for them if ya figure them out. items can only be 0-137. you just gota find the items missing and add them. here is fun part if you change suace it may change the affinty it may not. ez way to find out make 2 dif suaces (same name) put them into both same item pizza and see if they end up same. then it dont matter how ya make ya suace.