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  1. Asked on the server if someone was experiencing a recipe issue but no responses (they may not have been paying attention) Anyhow, saw this same error multiple times
  2. Yep Didn't even have to restart the server. That fixed it Of course I have bounties set to 1 iron on Trolls, Brown Bears and Deathcrawler Minions which I cant' change without a restart LOL Nice work sir.
  3. I had the same thought about trying to find commonalities, but resisted out of...whatever reason. PVE server Epic Curve Freedom Home Server Combat Rating Modifier set to 2 Hosted on a dedicated Windows 10 64 machine located 30 feet away Dynamic DNS Public Mods Announcer AshProduce BagofHolding bettercombatlog betterdig bountymod chestclaim christmasmod creatureagemod cropmod disablefogspider doublecbulkcapacity epicmissionhints fireburntime harvesthelper hitchingpost hotsfixes libilafixes meditatemod modtreefrarm moonmetalminingmod movealtar movemod movetocenter newportals pickmoresprouts prospectmod sacrificemod serverfixes serverpacks serverplayercounter servertweaks skillmod spellmod stablemaster startergear surfaceminingfix timerfix Custom Mods Recall Rune Mod Treasure Hunting System Mod Steam ID Ban Mod
  4. Add deathcrawler minions to the list
  5. My server has the same issue. It's extremely heavily modded, running on a dedicated box 30 feet away.
  6. Simply strange. Yesterday, I downed the server, made a backup, then ran the update process via steam. Started the server, the server launcher indicated some message about updating, I assume it was a schema change. Ran that, started the server fine. Taking a copy of server.jar from my test server and copying it onto my active server did fix the issue. I just don't know how it happened in the first place. Thanks and sorry to bother
  7. Worried that my post got eaten by forum timing Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/wurmonline/server/questions/LearnSkillQuestion
  8. Decided to bump a skill on a GM to test something while on a break at work. As soon as I clicked skill/learn with my wand activated, I could see the server log tail window start the shutdown process. It didn't do a clean shutdown after waiting for 10 minutes, so I hesitantly killed the process. Started back up with no apparent corruption Section of the log with the crash.
  9. What happens when everyone recalls to the same spot at the same time - This mod will be released to the public this week for all servers to use.
  10. The two unique mods that may be released soon for public use are now in release: See top post for links to details. Recall Rune System (think UO Runestones, mark locations for later recall) Treasure Map System
  11. Recall Rune system in testing
  12. Added new reasure map mod
  13. One of our players found a new and exciting way to teleport themselves to the 0,0 coordinates by using the action mod to make a keybind for "port". When used on a normally functioning portal, it ports the user to 0,0. I advised them to stop doing that if it hurts.
  14. We had the same thing. Not sure it's really an issue. One of them apparently took up tailoring as it had a QL 63 yellow peasant wool cap that had it's own "zombienamehere" maker tag in it's inventory.
  15. PVEpLands - fresh lands ready for you to claim Recall Rune System Explanation and Patch Notes Link above for minimal explanation of Recall Rune System Treasure Map Description and mechanics post Follow the link above for how the treasure map system works The village portals may be found in the start area. All villages welcome visitors and you may teleport to any village and then head out on horseback to explore the surrounding area. Any village that desires a portal may request one. All villages have a return portal that will bring you back to the start area. This is a non monetized server with a good, friendly and supportive community. Toxic or high maintenance personalities are encouraged to find a server more suited to their playstyle Server Map Server Settings 4096x4096 map PVE Freedom Isles kingdom with WL/BL priests enabled No Priest Restrictions Mycelium enabled for BL priests/followers 75000 creatures, 75% aggro Epic skill curve (actual/effective), 1.2x skill multiplier, 5x action timers Body Strength 23, Body Control 25, Mind Logic 25 All players start with some helpful extras that make getting started easier (stone chisel, whetstone, cotton and more) Upkeep is enabled, founding costs disabled Bounty mod for income generation Epic Missions enabled for Karma gain and sorcery Village portal system to allow for easy travel Animals can be converted to token for portal use, no stablemaster required Forums Mods Announcer - announces players logging inAsh Produce - burning containers (oven, forge, campfire) produce ash as a byproductBag of Holding - magically enlarge containersBetter Combat Log - colorized combat logBetter Dig - digging operations (dig, level) utilize cart storage or the ground for dirt storage and transfer)Bounty Mod - get paid for killing creatures at the kings behestBulk Transport ModChest Claim Crop Mod - no more weeds if you can't tend your fields right awayDouble Bulk CapacityEpic Mission Hints - Earn sleep bonus doing epic missionsFire Burn TimeHitching PostHitch Limits (allows almost any creature to be hitched, stay passive while hitched and not unhitch due to age)Meditate ModMoon Metal Mining ModMove Altar ModPick More SproutsProspect Mod Recall Rune Mod (allows for recall to marked locations from anywhere on the map)Sacrifice Mod (rare bone chance)Skill ModSpell Mod Stable MasterStarter GearTreasure Map Mod - find treasure maps while hunting, digging, mining or fishing Quick Video Tour