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  1. Thanks Retro is dont see a new poll is it already gone?
  2. Does this mean Xanadu peoples opinion will not be listened to? a large portion live here and we have a different mindset than the other wurm players i believe.
  3. No only making money off pve people selling all ur unique designs, Hota statues mining moon metals
  4. +1 would come in very handy when someone goes afk on boat on a long trip. Can leave them the boat and go. or when the server fails and the whole party gets seperated on 3 servers and someone was afk travelling. can leave em boat and go on.
  5. +1 shoulda been added long ago make this and log cabins next wall update
  6. -1 plenty of hide out in the world
  7. [13:57:06] You look up the default harvest times in Wurmpedia. its immersion breaking. Unless smartphones are being added to the game.
  8. Personally its trying new content and seeing the game shape up into a game where u can be more creative is what brings me back. Some people appreciate grinding one skill all day long thats not me and im sure others like designing with the new content. I live on xanadu im ok with the lag actually its less than 6 months ago and no cart bug now which was the worst. Keep releasing new content please game is on the right track. Its up to the players to get others interested in the game if u feel that population is low.
  9. i thought no one was gonna buy it so i runed it and gave away my runed almanac should i mail to you rock?
  10. Trellis that you can grow the flowers u pick in More trellace types that arch over the whole tile let flower boxes be harvested for flowers. allow us to breed flowers to make new cross breed flowers. An extra Hops stage wouldnt hurt the real issue is that they got this cool almanac and now all the trellis are young. You cant wild growth trellis. just grow all trellis a few stages at least the ones already planted. new ones start at young. The gardening skill doesnt seem that important since it has so little content. what really needs to be added is craftable face slot items, diff armor styles. I know several people that dont wanna play cause they saw all this new armor for Rolfs "challenge". All those new models that had to be made only to be on a few items instead of making new craftable armor. craftable shoulder pads (even if it is a basic variant Goblin skull etc, basic plate pad with no added abilities). The fact that uniques are all hunted privately instead of in a server wide event format like the rifts. Anyways those are some ideas. sorry for slight derail
  11. did u sell the soul stealer necklace if not could u sell for 2.5s?
  12. if ur gonna add stuff to cash shop add bear cloaks and eye patches also. this should be a feature on a regular mirror.
  13. does almanac rarity and ql do anything
  14. [23:11:48] An annual calendar containing information about fruit, nuts, flowers and other harvestables. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a leather. 5 day auction starting price is 15s I have reports for all the trees /bushes so far and will send ya the updated ones. adding 2 hour snipe protection.
  15. Would love to see a cacao bean bush.