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  1. awesome
  2. currently pottery bricks require 8 digging actions and one "curing" action to make clay into pottery. thats a ton of work for 1 wall like 150 digging actions per wall just for the rough clay of bricks. so 9 times harder than a stone and mortar wall. and before you say "just get up pottery skill and it will be easier" im not bad at pottery its like 79 its just too time consuming for pottery brick make em like 5kg max (2 kg would be ideal )
  3. Please
  4. "Gimme one second and ill make you some armor"
  5. sandstone needs to be an ore. no one will make anything out of sandstone if its a random 50 hits so maybe we get 100 sandstone or 200 on our deed?.
  6. been asking for this forever . +1
  7. Super excited about the new wall types. Awesome job and thank you. Just wondering any chance of log cabin wall type? i mean we already have log fences... Log wall type has been suggested ore than any other wall type. thats just from the first 2 pages of 8 suggesting log cabin type walls:P
  8. here i thought this was the wurm online forums.
  9. if you still have those rare buckets i appreciate one for 2s oak if u still have it.
  10. 45 kg of fermenting moonshine. 2s
  11. yeah it glows while worn mailed them out now
  12. I got several things for sale here im somewhat reasonable on prices. the pair of stylish shoulderpads id like to get 8 silver for the pair various other shoudlerpads 3s each rare dragon shoudlerpad 15s (it glows) price is negotiable artisan ring is for huge club 2s soft cap (santa hat) 2s obo various rare chain pieces 2-3s supreme chainmail coif 6s (can be imped if desired) not sure on rare moonmetal prices make an offer thanks
  13. knapsack to killroth pls
  14. i want a plushie hamster in a wheel as xanadu compensation for this week.