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  1. Pls mail the 4x <5QL stone mag runes, zinc
  2. If you exaim the horse, it will tell you the deed it belongs to (if branded) or/and the owner (if cared for). If both isnt represented you can consider it as not needed. I know many people who just free their horses if they are below 3-4 speed and/or gray But ofc: feel free to wait
  3. Check this thread, the prices are damn good, just pm him to imp your pants and jacket. Had several imps from his partner, the plate smith, i guess both are reliable Edit: and its defenitly worth to imp pants and jacket about +5 to 10 ql above the rest (if you want to save money), they take the most damage
  4. i m a freedom player and therefor not really into the epic prices, but its not only about moon metals. like every item in wurm and rl it has a value (not monetary) defined including usage, advantages, durability, etc. this value is what we pay for with money. to short this up every item is connected to every other (we buy moonmetals cause its better than steel, steel cause its better than iron, iron cause its better than rock, enchants cause its better than blank, and so on) and with it the value and the amount of money we pay. if a set of items has a sigificant difference in the market value (now it is about money) on two clusters while being the exact same items, that leads to a difference in ALL prices. combining the two markets would destroy both, and with it deal large damage to the community and the game itself. and to give it an example: iirc i saw simple rare forges selling on epic for 1.5-2s, while on freedom for 5-6s
  5. -1 communism will destroy wurm like everything else. you are free to sell your fish and i m sure you will get some coins, but i dont like the idea of making every skill worth the same.
  6. 20i
  7. 20i
  8. 20i
  9. 24c
  10. 5c10i
  11. 24c
  12. 20c
  13. 21c
  14. 3c
  15. 5c ea for ql22 and ql9 wood?
  16. 11i lol
  17. 20c
  18. 18c
  19. 18c
  20. +10000000000000001, because +10000000000000000 isn't enough
  21. i also like the idea of bringing bonuses for killing stuff into the game, like the titles which were suggested a few days ago. the idea of getting bonuses vs a specific enemy is new and brilliant, cause if you killed 1000 wolfs you might start to figure out what their weak points are and maybe deal more damage, swing faster, etc. +1 for that part i just dislike the idea of including "traditional equipment" as in troll-bone-armor. Wurm is a special snowflake and different from the other games for many reasons, in my opinion including that is does not have a bunch of mob-loot based armors, 2-men-high legendary swords and casts for giant fireballs.
  22. oil of the weaponsmith QL84, 1.5s potion of frost QL99 x2, 50c ea all 3 for 2s sleep pwder, 1s left elaborate shoulder pad, leather QL75, 50c rare seryll lump (QL87, 0.265kg), offer rare frying pan, 2.5s obo rare dirt, 10c rare wool, 10c rare recipe (goblin liver & onion x3, 10c ea rare frying pan, 2.5s rare fsb, offer rare camilla sprout, 10c potion of mining QL98.99, 5.5s potion of mining QL65, 2.75s potion of mining QL75, 3s potion of mining QL75, 3s oil of the blacksmith QL85 x2, 2s ea oil of the weaponsmith QL69, 1.5s oil of the weaponsmith QL66, 1.5s both sold for 2.5 ointment of stonecutting QL89, 2s ointment of stonecutting QL85, 2s (both for 3s) glimmersteel lump QL85 (0.34kg), 3s tripple shoulder pad, leather QL75, 50c referal, 6.5s ofc, feel free to offer if you re not happy with the pricing for buyout or offer -> pls pm me
  23. 16c