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  1. no sure if its the right place, but you can actually "steal" harvestable items from others deeds with studying (more a grief than stealing cause you dont get the item, but its destroyed). tested with sickle (impossibe) & with pen (possible) on same deed might be a good idea to fix it to fit it to the tempalte: What happened: i was able to use the study action on my neightbors deed, resulting in a loss of his harvestable items (no worries, he is inactive :P) What you expected to happen: he deactivated the harvest option in his deed settings, i wasnt allowed to harvest with a sickle. so i expected to not be able to study. Steps to reproduce: take a pen> fill with ink> study a harvestable plant on anothers deed with deactivated harvest permissions> result is the destroyed harvestable item, in my opinion a grief
  2. purchased
  3. up again
  4. 51c on #2
  5. title says all, pm offers
  6. pickaxe, iron 70ql BOTD72 - 80c (#17) to me pls
  7. nice page. checked every game, heres the link to the best one featured on this website:
  8. Screen 1: Wurm Screen 2: social media, movie or series, currently 2 and a half men PS: don't watch anything with plot, will waste your sleep bonus
  9. fast & friendly guy, best skill gains and best price, highly recommended
  10. c65 butchering knife c73 needle c61 leather knife w68 knife c59 mortar and pestle Pls cod whats left of this, similar items d be ok too
  11. Gold pendulum litw 99 to me pls
  12. 2x fine med rug c73 1x cheese drill c75 1x grooming brush c77 (the oaken one) to Simju pls
  13. 50ql golden statuette of the awesome and shiny savior of all wurmians, the great Fo To me pls Plus both candelabras for a godly glow and one fishy fingers, so i wont starve while praying to the one and only god