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  1. Fixed with April 13 patch update:
  2. This should be fixed with the April 13 patch update:
  3. Fixed with April 13 patch update:
  4. Same issue - cross referencing the two in order to help others with this issue.
  5. Same issue - cross referencing the two for anyone else with the same issue. :
  6. Fixed with patch:
  7. Fixed with the April 13 2017 update:
  8. Fixed with April 13 2017 patch:
  9. Fixed with the April 13 2017 update:
  10. Fixed with patch:
  11. Fixed with the April 13 2017 Update:
  12. I've reopened the old bug as the November fix did not seem to be successful. Thanks for the report.
  13. Most of the missing images and texture issues which surfaced as a result of a graphics change and update in early February have been identified and fixed thanks to your reports in this thread: Missing In Game Models (question mark bags for models) or missing icons (? icon in inventory) are being kept track of in a different thread: Do not add those items to this thread. If you find any RED X images still in game, please post here so that we can keep all the information in one place and avoid multiple reports of the same item. This thread is for MISSING IMAGES only - not icons, not question mark bags, the RED X missing image. Examples: Missing Distance Images - images which are fine when you are near, but are missing a distance image. Missing close image - using the red x missing image graphic as the image of the creature/item. Red X Missing Image issues still open: Staircase, distance - wide with left banister Staircase, distance - wide with right banister Protractor Sight Marble planters Spike barrier - distant model Candelabra, seryll Texture Issues still open: Pile of iron large nails Pile of iron small nails Pile of potatoes Scythes - glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll Pickaxe - seryll Shovel - glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll Hatchet - glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll Leather knife - glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll NOTE: When issues are fixed this post will cross them out and the reporting post will be hidden.
  14. Verified for Wurm Online as well and added to the list.
  15. Has this happened recently? I'll try to set up a test on live to see if i can reproduce this.
  16. Added to the list, thanks for the reports.
  17. Trystant and I have planted and lit blessed lamps in the Mountain Hollow Canal. I heard talk of another canal being done on Indy and though it might be a good idea to list here which ones are complete so others can be tackled as time permits. Mountain Hollow Canal- 7x, 27y (J9) - done.
  18. Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  19. Added, thanks for the report.
  20. Verified and added. Thanks for your post.
  21. Any village with a space in the name will return that error. I've added this to the bug list. The workaround for now is to use /join player <playername> (as Lisabet has pointed out above) or have someone with invite permissions right click on you and invite you in person.
  22. I noticed this myself and have an issue opened for it. I have been told in the past that this bumpy terrain was intentional in order to prevent small items from disappearing on the tile. I've noticed this mostly with flowerpots and planters. I'll add your post to the issue but not sure if it can be addressed without losing small items again.
  23. I did some looking around and it seems we have 2 different size forges on the live servers. All the forges on my deed (hand made a very long time ago or recovered from even older abandoned deeds) can fit inside a large cart. However, if you make one today, it will not. So as of right now, forges may or may not fit into large carts - depending on when they were created.
  24. Fixed with today's update:
  25. Addressed with today's patch update.