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  1. You may find that only one of the patch completes the process correctly, leaving the others in a bugged state. I've reproduced the issue on test and will await the results but have opened a bug for this. I assume your barrels were in a cart or other container? You will notice that if you try to do that while the barrels are in inventory, it tells you that the items must be on the ground.
  2. unstable

    I still have the MAC OS issue open. Jaz and Reylaark, what operating system, what display size and are you using full screen, windowed or window resizeable?
  3. From in game, you can use the command /uptime. This will show how long your server has been up. From what you explained so far, it appears that each time you logged in as passenger, there was a server restart between the time you logged out and when you again logged in. Thank you for your details!
  4. Would you mind keeping an eye on that until the next server restart? I wonder if a server restart is involved somehow. I'll keep trying to reproduce the issue. Also, is the shipped locked? Are you the owner or just someone with permissions? Is the ship in a building or out in the ocean? Is the ship on a deed or off? Is it in a mine? PvP or PvE? Thanks!
  5. So far this seems to be happening with animals you need to tame in order to lead. I've tried with a cow and the cow never escaped. If some of you have other domestic animals you can test with, it's appreciated. A pig, a bull, a sheep for example.
  6. This section of the farming page can use a rewording since new players (under 15 farming) now can see the stage of growth of the crop if they are standing on the crop tile. (First item under client updates).
  7. Another similar type issue reported here: Going to add those details to the bug as well.
  8. I'm going to add your post to this thread as it may be a similar situation: I'll also add your details to the bug and let the devs sort it out (or we may have to tame them, lead them underground and see if they can warp out).
  9. Added to the client list.
  10. Added to the list. It was just the Finished wooden clad reinforced wall. Thanks for the report.
  11. Fixed with today's update: Note: The case sensitive issue will not change, most if not all /commands are lower case only. /almanac was added to /help in game for easy reference.
  12. Fixed with today's update:
  13. Fixed with today's update: NOTE: Please remember to change your permissions if you used the work-around to grant permission to add/remove reinforcements. That permission is no longer necessary to mine forward on veins.
  14. Fixed with today's update:
  15. This has been added to the bug list from JakeRivers report. Thanks for your post and your following the template for reporting bugs.
  16. Reported here as well - adding buildings to the bug.
  17. I have this reported and reproduced and on the bug list for underground buildings as well. I'll add fences to the bug. I could only reproduce this with some animals. Dogs for sure, so maybe wolves have the same ability. The poor cows I put in there just died eventually and never escaped.
  18. As you get 'closer' to the harvest time, you will see the difference. 10 months is a long time away. Keep an eye on them as time moves on. I can only go by dev response and what I can see on test, I can't speak for live as we just started taking data.
  19. I just did some testing and it appears that you can mine up or mine down. Also, if you wish to allow this - clicking on add/remove reinforcements allows for mining forward. So until a fix comes, you can either have your people mine up or give them permission to add/remove reinforcements.
  20. Added to the bug list.
  21. Another report about boats unlocking and relocking: This issue is already on the bug list, but I'll keep adding info as I get it.
  22. We have that issue open for a number of items, including tents and chests. It seems if you cross back to the last server where it was locked, it's locked again. I'll copy your details to the thread we're tracking on and also note this on the bug.
  23. Currently, everything you have in your book is 'in season' or harvestable. The difference in quality (skill) will be better shown as you get more reports. (You can probably test this as soon as the current harvest seasons are over). Orange text is default - and will show you a time like: will start in 2 months. The higher your skill gets, the more accurate the time will be and will be shown in white text. For example: Level 30 forestry shows oleander will start in 2 months (in orange text) - on test Level 90 forestry shows oleander will start in 1 month 3 weeks 6 days (in white) - on test
  24. Removing reinforcements is a known issue - have you tried a crowbar on a paved mine floor? That should give you the destroy option to remove the pavement type.
  25. The group issue was added yesterday, I'll tack on the case issue as well.