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  1. Reported here as well and still on the bug list.
  2. As zigozag has pointed out, it's an old bug and is still on the list. We'll follow on the other thread but I've added this one to the report as well.
  3. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  4. With Moogien's testing on both live and test and with the help of Jberg, the issue has bee found. Will add it to the bug list.
  5. Nothing has been changed, so this remains an issue/bug. The guard near your tower, RavenLure, seem to respond better because they were all pulled back to the tower during the GM testing. As Yaga pointed out, if the guards are in close proximity to the tower, their response seems to be good. When they go wandering, they end up getting themselves either underground or out of earshot or behind obstacles or just hide and play cards. I've left this issue up to the devs now to come up with a better solution. In the meantime, always shout as often as you are able and hope for the best. I sometimes circle the tower and keep shouting until I see all the guards.
  6. This should be fixed with this update:
  7. Still an issue and still on the bug list. Reported again here.
  8. Same issue as we've been having and being followed here. I'll include this new post with the batch on the bug.
  9. I've added this to a similar bug that we have open regarding specific instances of incorrect kingdoms when crossing over from Epic to Freedom.
  10. bridge bug

    I've added all the repro sights to this bug as well as the forum thread and Hestia's notes. Thanks for creating the reproduction.
  11. Issue addressed with a Hotfix a few minutes ago.
  12. Wemp and empty flower pots fixed
  13. Added. Thanks for the reports.
  14. bridge bug

    The devs are aware of the issue and will look into it.
  15. Reported here as well The issue is still on the bug list.