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  1. Your issue may be something unrelated to the traffic lag. If it's constant there may be some settings you can change to increase your performace. Please start a new thread and put a copy of your console log in the post and explain what type of lag you see.
  2. Reproduced and added to the list. Thanks for your report.
  3. Reproduced and added to the bug list. Thanks for your report.
  4. The unstable client still has this issue. Can you try using the stable client to see if it happens with that one as well?
  5. I'm no longer able to get a still to take decay on deed (although I don't use mine much). Since this report I've repaired my stills both on live and on test (which two did have decay) and since then there has been no more decay. I you all please repair your stills and keep an eye on them to let me know if they take further decay. If so, please let me know where they are (ex. Second floor in a house above ground, in a mine, in a mine inside a house, above ground not in a building, etc.) Also, do you have one that you don't use to compare it with to see if decay happens while lit, when snuffed, when it burns out itself, etc?
  6. This issue was resolved with the last server restart via a dev fix. The smaller sized mailboxes should now all be the same as the newly created ones and should have no problem with shovels and rakes.
  7. Check your event logs for that time to see what each of you were doing. Refresh can happen with a number of different activities including meditation, sacrificing rare items, global spells, etc.
  8. While this is not really a 'bug' because it's working as intended, it is indeed an annoyance if you don't read the warning you get when planning the bridge. It's true that you can plan in a perimeter - and are warned when doing so - but if you don't have build permission on that deed you cannot complete or destroy the planned bridge. It's on a list of issues that could be handled differently without breaking anything else, but at this time there is no easy way to check build permissions while planning a bridge that is not on a deed.
  9. Will be fixed next server update - already found and fixed on test. Thanks for your report.
  10. Reported here as well, consolidating:
  11. Adding to this thread. There are different size mushrooms and there are some bugs as well (not in the mushrooms I hope). Do try different color mushrooms to complete your recipe, but also note that some will still not 'fit'.
  12. Your links do not show the error log, just the place where you submit an error log. Try reinstalling your graphics drivers from the manufacturer's web site. If the issue continues, post a copy of your console log here (found in your wurm directory with the name similar to console.destroyerd.
  13. Adding another report for the record.
  14. Issue already reported and on the bug list.
  15. Fixed