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  1. This exactly pvp wise, for a pve only server change +1 all the way but retro is 100% right that this would be very very bad for pvp servers.
  2. I made a wooden pen in some guys perimeter, he was nice enough to come out and help me find a proper place to settle on pristine to stop me from building wooden fences/digging/cutting down all his trees around his perimeter.
  3. I love the I would have given it back if you didn't call me out for not returning it when I tried lol I also love the, I paid premium for months on this account I stole so its mine now oh god this is to good material bookmarking this. Join Ebo, they rob you blind is your new motto than? All over an account you got free access to while someone took a break?
  4. I will be able to give you much better feedback with those added, currently it is just to hard to know what is going on it feels almost random so I just left it till something like these are fixed I look forward to being able to test it with those fixed up tho ill keep an eye out for the patch notes. Also the ability on test to adjust item quality with out making 15 different QL catapults would help alot if that matters much to.
  5. I just got the feeling there is way to much going on with the new catapult system and it gives the user no info like the angle or how to adjust/fix your missed shot like you could before or even if the shot just failed with all these crazy angles and winches randomization/ql dependency on changing angles added on top. Even old info that it used to give out seems to be missing like shards shattering or you missing. A system like that would work much better with an actual UI of some kind to help control those angels or something random angle change based on skill and Ql is just going to be more frustrating than the existing broken catapulting system at least you can figure out a general setup to hit most of the time defending a deed is already much easier than raiding it if people know what they are doing and have supply's setup to defend.
  6. All shots are 90ql rockshards for these examples with 90 alll body stats(dont know if they matter) on a 65.8ql catapult and varying weigh/catapult skills/winches. 10 winches 1 skill goes 1 tile with 80kg shot 10 winches 50 skill goes 3 tiles with 80kg shot 10 winches 90 skill goes 3 tiles with 80kg shot 30 winches 1 skill goes 2 tile with 80 kg shot 30 winches 50 skill goes 4 tiles with 80kg shot 30 winches 90 skill goes ~18 tiles with 80kg shot but the shot seems to vanish and wont land on the ground when shooting that far and give no message about shattering while I assume it is 10 winches 1 skill goes 3 tile with 20kg shot 10 winches 50 skill goes 3 tiles with 20kg shot 10 winches 90 skill goes 3 tiles with 20kg shot 30 winches 1 skill goes 4 tile with 20 kg shot 30 winches 50 skill goes 22 tiles with 20kg shot 30 winches 90 skill goes 24 tiles with 20kg shot It seems really silly to tie the distance and not the chance of a hit/damage to your skill and catapult ql, this in my opinion is actually going a step backwards from the current buggy catapulting tho I know this is the first revision and not final just my thoughts from a few hours of messing around it felt more frustrating than it already was for me at least with the inconsistent shots between winches and the requirement for what appears over 50 skill to get anything but the lightest shots to move more than a few tiles. 1 other side note, the bug where floors can get to like 130 damage without breaking is still in the game we got a 130 damage wooden floor last night testing. I'll do some more messing around when I have more free time later and see what catapult QL does to the mix and try some levels inbetwee just 20/80 shots and 1/50/90 skill.
  7. A big issue for me is, they came to us already almost a year ago saying it was a priority for them to work on pvp and than we had to basically pester them every news post for months just to get 1 minor issue like the info minister seeing people who enter kingdom influence fixed after pvp was supposedly a "focus" and they went around to everyone asking how they could fix it than they forgot about it or decided on other priority's for the last year instead after hyping all of us up that things would finally happen ya that was a great idea. So for me, and a lot of other users I play with a plan is so past due that action is the only thing that would shut most of us up after being strung along for so long and lied to over and over about when or if something would be fixed going back even before the current people where in charge the cycle just went on when the torch was passed down and we had hope for a little bit with retro coming in to talk to us that maybe just maybe you would do something positive for once for pvp servers without us having to force you to do it through weeks of pestering and asking where it is. Nope clearly to much to ask for... Don't get me wrong, I would love them to give out an action plan for what they are going to do but I won't believe it nor will I stop giving them crap about it till I see something concrete being actually done. Talk is cheep and we have had so much talk and almost 0 action on it. It almost comes down to the old saying "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" I'm upto letting them fool me about 8 times now so I'm feeling pretty stupid and don't know if I can place my trust in them till they decide to stop talking about it and actually do something about it.
  8. There upset that they have 1 single spell in the entire game that wl can not use, while WL has 1 single spell in the entire game that wl can not use. Seems fair and worth waiting to balance. WL-exclusive spells BL- exclusive spells Aura of Shared Pain Bearpaws Charm animal Circle of Cunning Courier Cure light Cure medium Cure serious Dirt (spell) Dominate Excel Fire pillar Fireheart Flaming aura Fo's Touch Forest giant strength Frantic charge Frostbrand Genesis Goat shape Heal Holy Crop Humid drizzle Ice pillar Life transfer Light of Fo Light token Lurker in the deep Lurker in the woods Magranon's shield Mass stamina Mend Mind stealer Mole senses Morning fog Nimbleness Oakshell Opulence Refresh (spell) Reveal creatures Reveal settlements Rite of Spring Ritual of Fog Ritual of the Sun Shard of Ice Sixth sense Smite Sunder Tentacles Tornado Venom Vessel Vynora's Hand Ward Wild growth Willowspine Wind of Ages Wisdom of Vynora Wrath of Magranon (spell) Rebirth
  9. This chart says it all lolol
  10. It's become a new issue because people are like why are half my hots kingdoms priests player gods but I can't convert to them anymore...That's how it got brought up in the first place when people who could use player gods for a year suddenly could not.
  11. The change was that for a year now BL has been going player gods just fine and its being enforced just now has upset the already delicate balance that made it at least equal for everyone even tho it was stupid broken with player gods.
  12. Guys don't worry, a year ago they told us they where planning this priest balance its coming soon and all you BLers who are currently trying to make your place on a pvp server I hope you are still playing when they decide to not totally gimp you by giving your enemy all your spells along with their own.
  13. You realize WL get every single WL & BL spells thanks to player gods, and bl only get bl spells. If this spells balance to you and you consider this "flavor of the day" when 1 side gets 2 sides worth of spells and the other is stuck with only half the spells while his enemy gets every spell they can use plus a ton more, than god help this game sorry.
  14. I got a great idea guys, lets make player gods, give them 95% of libs spells let both white light kingdoms use them plus the normal 3 gods they have to pick from. Than we limit lib to 1 god which has no unique spells left because we kept letting awesome player gods stack up due to a broken mechanic handing out keys to heaven like candy until all the base gods are absolutely useless because better versions of them exist as player gods now. Than you expect them to fight people who have access to every good spell lib had, plus all the healing and buff spells of the white light priest while they only have access to the limited and already nerfed tool set a lib priest had in the first place. Sound about right? Sounds like wurm online balance to me lol.
  15. Why is this needed again sorry? What abuse was happening with people actually being able to send liquids in the mail for once I'm genuinely curious? I feel like there can be a better middle ground like max it out at 10c or something for a barrel full of liquid, 1c per unit is just going to stop it from being mailed almost completely like before since it costs stupid amounts just to mail small amounts of liquid with the old way.