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  1. Well glad we are least on half the same page, and I would be happy with either personally but for me the reason for 1 of each is to help prevent a single priest like smeagain from becoming the 100% goto meta is my only convern but im happy for both if either happens honestly.
  2. How is it removing the sandbox from the sandbox? If any restriction like 300 max slope dirt slope, 100 items per pile, or any other artificial restriction in the game not a fully sandbox game should you be able to do anything you want period with no balance in mind? At what point do we say any single balance measure are removing the sandbox from the game this is just trying to create an environment where things are more balanced for everyone and single kingdoms cannot control the meta priests because they got to it first and can lock it down for 6 months past when they champ up with no chance for a new comer to even contest the 3 limit currently in place on the best priest that currently has Full Heal, Refresh, Light of FO, Fungus/IcePilar, Oak Shell,Weakness, Damage Bonus, and why not lets just throw in the free res stone bonus just to add everything to sme(What else could you ask for in a priest maybe rebirth can't think of anything else sme is missing for pvp?). Sure you nerf sme and a new priest is the new best meta sme just happened to get such random op abilities that its the by far most OP ATM but say its re balanced we will just find the new most OP and that will be the new SME instead of spreading champs out over more than just the god that has the most heals and damage ability at the current time that you can just spam 3 of instead of being forced to make some decisions on what kind of champs you want instead of just picking the 3 best. Edit: I would be honestly happy with 3 of any priest no limit or 3 different no limit but I honestly feel we will just run into everyone picking 3 of the same priest and have no diversity if left 3 of any which is going to make any rebalance of priests much harder to nail down for pvp servers in the end and we will just pay for it when we complain in a year that everyone picks the same champ because its the obvious choice no one else will pick different becuas X priest is the meta instead of making people spread out the champ choices.
  3. You realize linking gives a -3 cr buff the same buff a king crown gives? Nothing stops you from having non champs to link so I don't see the issue.
  4. I did like the idea only reason the I didn't go for it is I feel like it will become a balance issue in the future we will always find the priest that is the best and if you can be 3 of 1 like with smeagain being the dominant pvp priest I can't help imagine things won't return to the same once the new meta settles except we will all be that priest with it being limited to 1 of each sure a top 3 may appear but at least not stacking all 1 priest will let things be a little more deverse in the end. I would be happy with either honestly anything but the current system is an improvement but just my 2 cents on how balancing priests in the future would be much much easier if it was limited to 1.
  5. Well considering this is a problem on chaos(Crusaders still are hoarding 2/3 sme slots) I would say it would be a good balance change for everyone
  6. This was on epic fyi as rome.
  7. Its been asked for to change in different ways since 2015 and beyond, this just revived the debate.
  8. Would be my preferred option personally +1.
  9. Ya def a shitty situation for both sides, and hording champs is just silly and we are just as guilty of the same thing on chaos as Crusaders hoarding 2/3 sme slots on chaos and the only reason we don't have 3/3 was a miscommunication on when to login the 3rd sme and some one snagging it from us quickly due to that mistake or we would still own 3/3.
  10. Thread for anyone interesting in discussing some changes to it here.
  11. My opinion on this is to make it so each kingdom can have at max 1 of any god type and remove the 3 limit total. Its way to easy to hoard the good gods you can control when you login to dechamp them, we do it in TC on chaos as have others in the past. During the epic reset jk controled all 3 fo champ slots for an entire year before some of the other player gods with light of fo popped up its just overall a system that needs some balance consideration for sure. Obviously any changes should only take effect once existing multi same champ kingdoms dechamp on their own, nothing instantly or screwing existing champs over please =)
  12. Seems base template kingdoms ID can bypass the requirement for a player god to be following you as noted in this post below in certain cases seems like a check to let base kingdoms always champ as fo/mag/vyn/lib with a slight bug in it. Checks directly for a base kingdom ID bypassing the must favor requirement for a kingdom to champ as that player god if it has a certain perk it inherited from another god. (Threap's code snippet and explanation of the likely cause of the problem)
  13. I'll give it a try when I got some free time, as long as you see the projectile hitting the section and the dust coming up from that tile I would assume it may be some kind of bug. Quick question, was the easy sections to hit the ones connected to the ground and the hard ones the upper ones if you happen remember.
  14. Since the Epic Server Cluster seems to be a focus according to the new road map I figured a thread to discuss some of them was not a terrible idea, if you have issues with a specific suggestion not just from the original post but later posts make sure to let people know which suggestion you have an issue with as I hope there will be more than just my suggestions on how to make the epic cluster shine again in this thread. Some of my starting points are, and all of these would be Epic exclusive for a note none of this would trickle onto freedom/chaos. 1)On DESO 3, one of my favorite things was the GM protected bridges connecting all the islands together, I feel this could do wonders for the Elevation Server. Imagine this, you see enemy's with regular horses you can safety assume they may have come on boats and are forced onto slower horses than defenders of that island, but an enemy comes across on named hell horses and its safe to assume they may have crossed on a gm protected bridge. I know a lot of bridges exist that are deeded already since it was a forced meta to start but if 2~ bridges to each island existed with protections like hota(no building/terraforming) it would allow people multiple options to roam enemy lands without needing to have a deed to protect it or force a boat trip to it with maybe 1 option max to cross. Maybe even existing deeded land bridges could be disbanded and turned into gm protected bridges for the good of the server so a requirement for roaming enemy lands is not you need a deed to protect it from an enemy deeding your entrance to an island like currently or at least if you have a deeded entrance 2)Reduction in meditation requirements(Some of this was taken from a recent post gary made that I 100% agree with I'm sure others have suggested it in the past but I'm adding it for the sake of discussion). I would like to see the 3 hours cool down past X meditates removed it should allow a user to meditate every 30 mins(can even make it an hour+ if balance forced it) so its not such a hard requirement that has a ton of random elements in it and let people hit get decent meditations levels without waiting very random amounts of time, I used to med every day on epic and I have gone 4+ days without a single tick in the 30 min window before. It can be so discouraging when you hit the 3 hour window in the higher levels and it being epic seems strange that post people seem to agree that meditation is quicker on freedom because the curve seems to punish higher level mediation because of how the curve works based on effective levels dictating the frequency of the ticks. Also on that note it takes 166 Days 12 hours minimum if your doing things perfect(without enlightenment but we all now past level 6 atm its almost impossible) to hit the max tier of meditation paths that the main perks people rely on lie on even if you decide to switch, my suggestion is that once you hit a certain meditation level one time it cuts the wait period by half(or more) if you switch paths later and try to hit that same level, so say you hit level 11 insanity before instead of 116 days to switch it may take you 56 days or less this allows the feeling of progression to stay while letting a player switch in a somewhat reasonable time frame later on. This would allow with enlightenment + normal med ticks for it to at max take 2 months and at min take around 38 days to hit the same level 11 on a new path without giving it to you free. 3)This may go into the meditation re-balance but all paths should have some kind of scaling perks of the main focus like insanity so there is a feeling of usefulness like you made the great change to insanity to do. Not that the other paths dont need some love on the pvp side but with insanity currently giving huge perks at a small scale at lower levels if the other paths do not follow the same there is little chance they will be adopted over the dominant path currently. 4)Currently accounts that are multiple years old have such a body strength advantage that a new account joining cannot hope to get close to the pvp competitiveness required to stand any kind of a chance I have 3 suggestions to help with this A)Give the body stats a slight curve to help newer players get into the mid tier body stats(~35-40) a 2x faster to catch up to the long existing accounts B)Reducing on epic only the offensive and defensive bonus given per body strength level C)Splitting body strength up so it does not give such massive both offensive and defensive bonus together Or some combination of them. 5)Re-balancing of the king system, currently the system to force out an unwanted king is just plain broken also the system to decide a new king is also extremely broken. I am not 100% sure what would be optional for something like this so I brought up the issue for a hopeful better suggestion that I have because I am not real happy with anything I've been thinking of but my ideas are. For new kings, instead of stats based 1 per day random roll of the dice it comes down to people who have been premium 3+ months in a row voting on a new king I am sure there is issues with this which is why I am not 100% sure on this. As far as removing a king, the current system is a great idea a majority of people(I suggest 3+ month subbed) want to vote them out a time and date is set and a fight happens in the duel ring but currently I have never seen this system work properly and from what I understand it takes months because they can decline multiple attempt, while there needs to be limits on this if a majority of the server votes to kick the king out the current system seems more than fair everyone vs the people who want them to be king I don't know the exact system to make it happen but I would love to see a safe(so other kingdoms cannot crash it) system for a inter kingdom brawl to decide if the majority of the server wants the current king. 6)Champs being reduced from 6 months/3 lives/6month cool down to 1-3 months/3-5 lives/2-3 month cooldown, I know something like this will be very controversial but people being able force hold a slot for so many months even past them losing 2 lives is silly if you don't die in wurm 3 times in 3 months than your clearly not pvping much or holding onto it a little to tight. increasing the lives lets the reduced time feel like less of a burden you can go out and pvp more without feeling like those few deaths will make you useless or degrade your account so quickly. Also on this note, currently if a champ stays logged out after they should dechamp they will not lose champ status till they log back in this needs fixed to where even logged out when there time ends it forces them out its just plain broken how it is. I have personal experience with this when I quit epic for chaos I was a champ and I was a champ several weeks past my deadline and I had to login and dechamp my self as to not hold the slot up for other but for some one who may have quit for good or have bad intentioons they can abuse this currently. 7)Valrei currently is a lottery based system with no way to know who has what points please feel free to argue against it but I feel it should be more of a who does the most to help it system even if its village/alliance based like HOTA, the top 3 villages/alliances or something who helps win the valrei should each get a charge with some king of high score so people know who is doing what. I have spent so much time hundred or so hours doing valrei missions over 3 years and I won 1 time out of hundreds of missions I've done, in a kingdom with so many people like jk doing missions I have done so many missions personally only to have it given to other players who I have seen do 1 or so missions random is just so degrading to people who spend a ton of time working. Some people may disagree with some of my points and that great! This thread should be about getting everyone's personal feelings about changes out! Not 1 person will make Epic great again(gigity) but only the community as a large coming together and debating issues together because as I have learned not 1 persons perspective will matter no matter how much you believe it to be true. If we don't come together as the epic/pvp community the developers will be working blind trying random things they think will work I don't care if you disagree with everything I said above I want and encourage you to write an equally as long or longer post telling me how stupid my ideas are because the more debate we give them the better off things will be. We need everyone's option small and large to make wurm pvp the best it can be. I suggest we use the Epic Cluster as a testing ground to see what we can do since it is already so barren and is ripe for radical changes without disturbing a ton of people(like chaos + freedom connection). Please keep this thread civil and don't use personal attack on people, your free to disagree with points some one made but please try and keep this thread productive and not devolve into just -1 I hate you I ask that you give a detailed reply and not just say I disagree if you disagree please try your best to give a reason so the discussion can continue.
  15. +1, I would say allow a gm to move them though since some of them are required for missions and I could see the new meta being deeding them to keep them to your self but I 100% support them being moved from existing deeds or places that cant be expanded because of it or some other solution that does not allow these to stay hidden on deeds.