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  1. Only 2 small issues tonight, seems the new system is mostly well now as far as trebs and catapults are concerned. [23:23:29] It sounds as though the rock shards hit 2 roofs, and nothing else. Hit 4 roof and nothing else on that shot tho it only said 2 The arch animation showing the shot flying through the air still does not like to display for certain angles/speeds it shows the dust of it landing but wont show the actual show going through the air. Other than that, I was able to hit a longhouse on a 600 slope dirt wall with about 45 seconds of changing the counter weight/angle which is nice once you get the hang of it aligning shots isn't super hard but the arch animation missing does make it a lot harder when that bug shows its face, but arches still seem a bit hard to hit I can manage to hit them but its very hit or miss but the extra bash damage on them is helpful and does make bashing them not impossible if this isn't an issue you can fix easy.
  2. Can't bash finished houses on the test server gives the message [01:19:37] You do not have permission to do that here. Only happens on fully build houses if you remove a wall you can bash not sure if its test specific or not. Ram on 100% flat ground underground gives below message when trying to ram. [22:25:19] The battering ram cannot be used on such a slope. (under ground) (above ground same x/y as far as I counted) Tried other tiles around it that where on the hill they gave the same message and going to the left or right lets me so I can only assume its taking the above ground slopes into consideration for underground also. Not sure if intended but cant repair arches from the outside of a house with a fence in the middle of it tells you [01:46:43] The stone fence is in the way, but you can repair both fence and arch from the inside with no blocking on the same wall. Another not sure if intended but 30 sec repair timer for fences inside arches, 4 seconds for the arch/floors on the same border Weird icon on started arches while in progress building, assume this is a default icon is missing icon Side bug from chaos, have riddic 1 tile in front of me, in alliance but not in local today which is super game breaking, in general desync is getting pretty bad atm on pvp server had a horse in a mine and it showed it to me 4 tiles north on land and had to relog 2 times to find the proper place and it was vanishing to me depending on the angle I looked at it(This was after I got kicked off it randomly running through a mine and it appeared above ground but I couldn't interact with it took 2 relogs to show back up in the place I could lead it for some reason).
  3. Didnt have more than a few hours tonight but I tried to follow up on the fences issue more since that seems a vital issue to be fixed and I wanted to provide some more info on it Winches below at 90 skills with a 86ql cata With 90 skills and a 86ql cata I didn't not fail 1 time to be within .1 of the same range so all results should be extremely close together The small catapult will now throw approximately 9 tiles with 20 winches and an angle of around 25.0 degrees. https://i.gyazo.com/567b8bc5c2f1dd1cf1dee60a9c66f00d.mp4 (FIRST SHOT RESULTS) It sounds as though the rock shards hit 4 walls, 6 floors, an item, and nothing else. You managed to hit and Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack and Warrior's shack. The rock shards crumbles to dust as it lands. [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 7.41704, damage: 20.0 total things hit: 11. Total distance: 30.550695m or 7.637674 tiles. (6 floors where hit as it says, 4 walls where hit it says but I found 6 walls down after the next picture but it did damage to 2 fences and did not mention them, the first shot was the only shot I managed to do any damage to a fence was a super small splash at .1 damage)(Was tired and forgot to add in first 2 pictures but the first floor inner arches where removed along with the lower ones as the last picture points out apologies) (SHOT THAT FINISHED OFF 4 ARCHES BEING HIT) It sounds as though the rock shards hit 4 walls, an item, and nothing else. You managed to hit and Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack and Warrior's shack. The rock shards crumbles to dust as it lands. [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 7.443905, damage: 20.0 total things hit: 5. Total distance: 30.605425m or 7.651356 tiles. (MULTIPLE SHOTS PAST ARCHES REMOVED) It sounds as though the rock shards hit 3 walls, an item, and nothing else. You managed to hit and Warrior's shack, Warrior's shack and Warrior's shack. The rock shards crumbles to dust as it lands. [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 7.438024, damage: 20.0 total things hit: 4. Total distance: 30.593752m or 7.648438 tiles. Multiple shots past removing the original walls it still says im hitting walls even tho I cannot find additional damage on any walls, its late im tired apologies if I missed something please do point out if I am flawed in my test but it seems fences even tho they are well within the arch will not take damage and walls that the code thinks it is hitting may be the already removed walls. LIke noted above, it does not give a message for hitting walls in arches even when I managed to deal .1 damage to them on my first shot only. Sorry if this is hard to understand, if you need anything explained let me know I am exausted i wanted to finish this before I got off so sorry if something does not make 100% sence I tried to make it as clear as I could for 6am XD lol. Extra side note, rams cannot be used on the max droppable dirt slope of 40 not sure where between 30 and 40 the max lies but seems like rams should be usable on upto the max dropable slope of 40 if thats not gamebreaking to you guys maybe 41 max slope anything thats leveled up cant be hit? Just a comment nothing major. [06:36:53] The battering ram cannot be used on such a slope.(40 slope test house) Almost forgot to add the requested middle shot to a fence sorry, its same as above picture no damage to walls/fences on the middle shot says I hit 2 walls still tho. https://i.gyazo.com/00d6ede764f9bd7467b2b9a1d94f0388.mp4 It sounds as though the rock shards hit 2 walls, an item, and nothing else. You managed to hit and Warrior's shack and Warrior's shack. The rock shards crumbles to dust as it lands. [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 7.4285736, damage: 20.0 total things hit: 3. Total distance: 30.576513m or 7.6441283 tiles. Cant bash walls on pvp test server you did not make makes testing hard not sure if this can be fixed so its like normal pvp servers. [07:36:21] You do not have permission to do that here. [07:36:37] You do not have permission to do that here. Faithful and Lawful where off during all bashing tests. Bashing new walls gives the message [07:40:06] You will not do any damage to the wall with that. Seems they cannot be bashed still. Bashing new fences outside houses works as normal
  4. [05:15:40] You managed to hit and Warrior's shack and Warrior's shack. Doubles the name of same building, no other building close to it. ---------------------- Maybe possible to hit arches ground floor in the middle if possible Can you make it hit these middle sections between the walls and choose 1 random left or right(or maybe both) to hit when doing this so cave arches ground floor can be removed without bashing required. ---------------------- Arches seems to be much easier to hit with the catapult not sure if im using better angles from learning to use it or if you fixed it more but it seems doable though I only tested ground floors ill do second floors tomorrow didn't have time to build a second floor and finish my testing list for the night more on second floor arches tomorrow hopefully. ---------------------- 90 body strength does [05:37:08] QL=81.82741, dam=1.7110037 damage to a arch per bash, might be wroth making bashing walls underground deal 2x+ damage as rams do to help counteract underground building but as I test later might need all underground stuff to be 10x ish bash damage to not make it exploitable ill update you more on underground issues when I get deeper into the testing just some initial thoughts. ---------------------- Medium type slopes from my last post are now able to be hit unlike before this seems fixed tho I plan to test more slope variations other than 30~ slope but it seems like the fix from last patch made it work proper. [05:38:37] [TEST] Skillcheck: 80.81556701660156, Total Damage: 12.29143(same ram, same position as last post) ---------------------- Cant spawn iron ore and other ores/lumps alone and is requirment for lots of items (including ram heads) need to spawn in hundreds of useless items in the raw material spawn to get them and makes tons of useless spam items on the ground to get a few ores from it. ---------------------- Can't find tar in any spawns(am I missed it?) to light lanterns underground to help with testing there. ---------------------- [06:06:12] You cannot fire the small catapult below ground. Makes the upto 8 story underground house limit require bashing above story 1 to remove building can we get some kinda of catapulting working in mines where if the arc hit the ceiling it shatters but if you make it a low enough arch it can hit buildings, or 10x bash bonus for buildings walls of any kinda in mines so its not impossible to remove mine buildings above the first floor without hours of basing for small sections? ---------------------- 90ql rock shards 80kg shots crumble 100% of the time seems silly for being so high quality that they always shatter. ---------------------- In this picture, the 3 arches took damage from a shot(seems fixed on arches ground floor) but the 3 wall stone walls in the middle of all 3 arches took no damage from first shots they dont seem to take splash damage or damage period after removed even tho it says it still hits 4 walls and deals no damage. (below text is after the arches got hit and removed/destroyed) [06:24:13] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 7.4318347, damage: 20.0 total things hit: 4. Total distance: 30.582075m or 7.645519 tiles. I am unable to find a single additional wall with damage on it though it is hitting the fences but it will not deal damage to them and I cannot find 1 tile damaged in the entire building even tho it tells me 4 items where hit after several shots past removing the arches and what I can tell hitting the fence in the middle still. ---------------------- Invisible wall stop me from moving at the place this picture is taken can not move forward from here relog makes a second shield appear that was invisible before the relog which make sence why I couldn't move because the server knew this was here even though the client didn't or the client knew it existed but wouldn't render it before a relog. (Big thanks to Rocky for crafting that invisible barrier that led to this discovery) ---------------------- siege walls get hit from my vision in this placement when a ram is infront of it [05:28:30] You swing the beam on the battering ram forward and it hits a siege wall. [05:28:30] [TEST] Skillcheck: 75.3454360961914, Total Damage: 12.914708 [05:29:22] A movable wall made from planks, this will block most arrows and also provide some protection against hot oil. It is made from unknown. It can not be improved. Ql: 77.63215, Dam: 12.914708. The name of the owner, Warrior, has been etched on the bottom. Reason I reposted the above post is I saw the shied wall 1 tile south of where rocky saw it in the above post this is where I saw the wall when he saw it behind the door after a relog I saw it in the proper position 1 tile north which makes sence why it seemed the catapult was hitting behind it the shield was 1 tile milplaced for me after build the above bug of it hitting siege walls behind the door still exists but siege walls seem to have some serious position and rendering bugs existing which makes them display a tile away from the real position or just no appear at all (Big thanks to Rocky for helping me find this issue on top of the issue he found with it ignoring the door for the barrier behind it.) (moved to proper place in front of ram after a relog before it showed it to me behind the ram a tile south).
  5. I've killed people in multiple spars on accident, even with melee its possible from wound ticks dealing damage after. Tho just so they can patch it, what about bows is different? Can it hit outside spars?
  6. Just wondering if you intend to leave test up still? Still some more post launch testing I would like to attempt that would be impossible on live.
  7. Catapult shot arch animations do not show the item flying through the air some times cant figure out the exact cause some times it does some times it does not. Seems like its longer shots that vanish as fails which only go a few tiles show up 100% of the time compared to the longer shots which seems to be 50/50 to show the arch animation( as far as I can tell). ---------- It sounds as though the rock shards hit 2 walls, an item, and nothing else. [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 1.5261104, damage: 15.261105 total things hit: 2. Total distance: 26.01008m or 6.50252 tiles. Only could find damage on 1 wall after many many shots of it saying that it hit more than 1 from multiple angles, this is why I asked for the test debug to tell us each wall hit with more detail(basically the wall ql and current damage plus the wall type and not just wall) because I can't tell which wall its thinking its hitting and dealing no damage(test only debug of course) and cant give you more info to help but the old bug where it thinks it hits multiple walls and only damages a single one still exists and is very common another guy testing around me had the same issues. ---------- Arches waaaay to hard to hit, need to not go through the middle of them so easy or spamming arches inside the middle of long houses are going to become meta cant ram or hit them with catapults/trebs without getting super lucky on the angle I only managed to hit ground floor arches after hours of changing up angles and I couldn't hit a second floor arch after trying for what seemed like hours. (same building from above post on the 30 slops I couldn't hit with the ram) --------- On arches note, arches in caves will make buildings impossible to remove without tons of bashing I do like that arches make sense to not be hit by rams and catapults but balance wise they need to act as normal walls or they will become the meta to spam inside buildings to make them almost impossible to remove without stupid amount of bashing unless we can find a good middle ground for them which im defiantly for if it makes it possible to hit them but currently its going to become way to over powered if left like it is now. Mines will have no way to remove except bashing since you cant catapult in mines and rams cannot hit arches. -------- You removed the message that told us which building name was hit, and that's going to make things much more frustrating and I do not see a good reason it was removed other than you didn't realize how important it was because of how easy it is to obscure buildings and make it almost impossible to see without climbing to it to see if your hitting see a specific building that is dozens of tiles long and may have back walls inside that you cant examine because of distance.
  8. All give me the message [23:44:55] The beam of the battering ram hits nothing. I've tried it from more than just these distances was more just an example of how close I've tried it but I've also tried it more in the middle and any distance I can push it in between.
  9. The picture was as close as it would let me, I started near the bottom and kept pushing it and trying again till it wouldn't let me move it more forward, ill try again in a second and see if maybe messed it up some how but I tried it from a lot of distances from far to close the picture was just so you know what the house looks like.
  10. Made a building on a 30 slope hill, I was not able to actually hit the wall with any ram actions(it let me swing just says it hits nothing, I started mid tile pretty far from the wall the picture is where it wouldn't let me push more) I pushed it 1 push and tried again till wouldn't let me push more and was not able to deal damage at any point on the hill. Not sure if its intended, I only brought it up because I tried it on the side of the dirt wall and it gave a message saying you couldn't even attempt to start swinging it so I assume this might be an issue with the math possibly since 30 slope seems reasonable to use it on still.
  11. I'll be sending pms to the winners shortly to work the trades out thanks everyone who bid!
  12. The person I set this up for has not been playing Wurm for a long time, they are only looking for euros unfortunately.
  13. Night 2, didnt get to underground ram testing because of things coming up but I got a decent night of catapult testing though didn't get to test trebs yet.. Like last time these are a mix of suggestions and bugs in no exact order just how I jotted them down For test only, give debug list of each item hit, the wall/item name,QL,damage dealt, and end damage of each item/tile/tile border instead of test you hit 3 items you got no idea what they are would help debuging a ton. --------------------------------- I can hit tiles with a cata 2 tiles in front of me and deal 17 damage with 80 kg and 20 degree shot at 20 winch which beats out rams by a long shot at least on flat slope. Old cata couldn't hit this close. --------------------------------- Heavy shots seems to take enough damage to shatter but give no message still about the reason they vanish on high angle low winch shots or there is a bug not spawning them on the current tile. --------------------------------- [08:05:32] The small catapult will now throw approximately 8 tiles with 20 winches and an angle of around 20.0 degrees. [08:05:41] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 1.3221897, damage: 13.221897 total things hit: 1. Total distance: 10.582082m or 2.6455204 tiles. [08:10:17] The small catapult will now throw approximately 10 tiles with 23 winches and an angle of around 20.0 degrees. [08:10:20] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 1.4924734, damage: 14.924734 total things hit: 1. Total distance: 10.625056m or 2.656264 tiles. [08:13:07] The small catapult will now throw approximately 16 tiles with 30 winches and an angle of around 20.0 degrees. [08:13:15] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 1.9563569, damage: 19.563568 total things hit: 1. Total distance: 10.620093m or 2.6550233 tiles.' [08:14:44] The small catapult will now throw approximately 5 tiles with 15 winches and an angle of around 25.0 degrees. [08:14:49] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 1.0078394, damage: 10.078394 total things hit: 1. Total distance: 10.582709m or 2.6456773 tiles. This was 2 tiles away on 100% flat ground the estimates are wildy off where they hit at 90 skill tho I didnt get far testing most of my testing was 2 tile rage. --------------------------------- Can hit on side of dirt wall and hit no walls Wont hits multiple walls even if it says it hits multiple and it seems to some tiles hit 0 walls that bug has not been resolved it seems. [08:19:18] A small four wheel catapult designed to be dragged by one person. It could be used to hurl items at walls and fences. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. It has been winched 30 times and currently has a firing angle of about 25 degrees. Ql: 65.81613, Dam: 0.0. [08:19:29] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 1.9171535, damage: 19.171535 total things hit: 1. Total distance: 19.827625m or 4.9569063 tiles. comes back to a list of whats hit and not total hit would help a ton in the overall debugging for test servers only. --------------------------------- Hits shard already shot that landed on the tile as a random item hit existing shots that a cata sent off should be ignored in the list of items that a new shot can damage. That's it for tonight, tho I'm not done yet I just like to post my notepad full of notes each night before I goto bed I plan to test this through the week and hit all my issue even tho some of them take a good deal of time to test but the list of hit objects for rams and catapults would help a ton instead of generic hit X things.
  14. Did some ram testing tonight as I couldn't wait to give this long teased feature a test(all above ground ill do some under tomorrow ran out of time) These are not all issues, some are just possible situations I tested to let you know if they are working how you intended or not and to give everyone an idea of how they work even if they are not on test. Dragging does not let you ram, enemy can drag away this is pretty big issue should be able to ram while dragged like catapults unless its a big technical issue.l [07:31:34] You cannot use the battering ram while it is being dragged. --------------------------------- Lets players on inside and outside drag it like wall does not exist even when I climbed it up from the bottom and turned around to get it the rest up I can ram from both sides of wall with damage and drag from both sides it basically ignores walls when dragged or rammed when its in the middle which might be a problem with all dragged items to be fair not sure seen other in game things with dragged items ignoring walls. https://i.gyazo.com/9e93d2fe35a2a81ca040dbdcd946c3b1.mp4 [07:28:59] QL=50.0, dam=9.922884 --------------------------------- Speed penalty when climbing seems very small compared to when on flat ground when dragging ram on flat ground no drag 11.10 on flat ground drag 2.79 up 297 slope hill no drag 1.11 up 297 slope hill drag 0.95 --------------------------------- Cant que up multiple ram actions in action que for same account gives this error on each attempt to que an action past the first You cannot use the battering ram right now as it is already being used. --------------------------------- Cant have second ram bashing wall from other sideside of wall at the same time gives message [07:37:02] You can't work with the battering ram. This area is too crowded. --------------------------------- 2 rams on same tile will make both say this message even if only 1 is trying to ram and the second is dragged on top it mid action [07:41:11] You can't work with the battering ram. This area is too crowded. --------------------------------- 2 people cant use the same ram at the same time gives message [07:43:10] You cannot use the battering ram right now as it is already being used. --------------------------------- Damage is about 2-3 per 30 second action with a 90ql ram on a 90ql wall and 30 in all skills(I didn't fail to deal damage at all at 30 and damage spread didn't seem to change much between rams). --------------------------------- Feel likes its intended but stone arches cannot be rammed(seems logical) could hit double doors and walls fine tho they are the only 3 I tested. More as I give it another go tomorrow night, overall seems slower than catapulting faster than bashing
  15. Correct, they are not able to be imped like the other helmets.