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  1. I personally have NEVER hit fatigue timer keep in mind that the 12 hours of fatigue you start with... by the time you use it... you've now gained another 4 hours and by the time u use 3 of those u get another so you could literally have your timer bar moving nonstop... for a total of 17 hours straight before hitting fatigue.... under normal circumstances this is pretty much impossible to do. the only people i know of that did hit fatigue timers regularly.... were all people that were macroing.... some admittedly and some not... there was a guy that did weaponsmithing grind with me and he hit the fatigue timer... he also didnt sleep at all for multiple days in a row and seemed to be on death incarnate by the time he was done... I think he then went and slept for 3-4 days straight to make up for it. You should not hit fatigue that often... even keeping food and water bars full... and spamming those actions... not eating showering sleeping... nothing else for 17 hours straight... You will NEVER hit fatigue while hunting/fighting. I'm sorry but if you hit fatigue from butchering and burying... then you will make me laugh. keep in mind the average battle will last more than 30-60 seconds plus you have time travelled between monsters. oh... and having 17 hours worth wait no... thats 17 hours STRAIGHT timers... if you throw in time to kill mobs it will take you more than that to hit fatigue maybe 30+ hours and where are you finding enough animals to kill for 30+ hours... especially when ur killing them QUICKLY... because keep in mind you have to spend most of ur time butchering/burying to hit fatigue.. Also to the guy saying he hit fatigue timers while getting to 20 fs... again... a fresh start would take 17 hours straight... now i dunno how many dolls you had... but stopping from destroying them and repairing/imping them a few times would take a lil bit of time... also it takes me 5 hours with sleep from 0-20 or 10 hours without sleep roughly... to hit 20 fs. even if you didnt use coc tools or proper weapons to gain this quicker of of a dummy... even 10 or 20 hours straight with the stopping and repairing i dont see you hitting the fatigue timer that often. I'd like to know how a NEW person to the game manages to do that. Now the vynora spell gives sleep bonus at the cost of burning fatigue... this is great for the more casual players who have 1-3 vynoras to do it... i say 1-3 because you have to wait 10 minutes to recieve the spell but its a 30 min cooldown for the priest... so having 3 vyns you can cast it every 10 minutes and recieve anywhere from 2-12 minutes of sleep bonus "roughly" and while using vynora priest alts at 10s a month (premium) is cheaper than buying 10+ sleep powders for the month... This does eat quite a bit of fatigue if you are seriously playing wurm that often and timers only. I've always thought that 12 hours was too much of fatigue. I'd rather see it shortened to 6 or 8 maybe... perhaps a faster regain so if you are playing longer as a dedicated player you will get it back faster but will be unable to do such long grind sessions. but if you have no life and want to grind on end for 17+ hours with no break... May the dieties have mercy upon your wrists and joints. You should take regular breaks to stretch and breathe and eat and oh yea... sleep to each their own though. Once i get my skills up on freedom perhaps ill have more clout to my opinions
  2. One pig Two Sheep.... sounds like a good name for a band.... lol.
  3. can mail to KrisWald
  4. I mean the Tomes from uniques. there are like 11 items... Sorcery junk
  5. WTB 5.75kg of Dragon Scale Feel free to send it to me at 65 copper/.01kg in quantities more than .01kg.... and 50 copper if only .01kg. WTB One of each Valrei item for now, as I have none. WTB Fantastic Bones! (only fantastic not interested in supreme or rare) Feel free to msg me about payment arrangements. Generally I prefer silver in game. If you want paypal payments I will require the item in game first before sending payment.
  6. totally saw everything cept your asking price in this lol sowwy Neko ;P this is sort of like a bump then eh?
  7. I'd just like to say from my own personal experiences... ive been killed on 6-7 different characters where the pvpers didnt know who i was. (im positive) and they still came straight to me and wrecked me... while running to the whitelight. usually it was a race to the whitelight to see if they could reach and kill me before i got to it... one killed me as i was reading it but before i could hit send. ;( one killed me while in a cave next to the whitelight waiting for my alignment prays ;P every single time i was naked. and every single time i told them i was the same kingdom.... yes... SAME KINGDOM and told them i was just priesting up or whatnot...this was on epic not chaos but either way saying there is nothing in it for them.... that ppl dont attack new people going to white light is just wrong. maybe most don't but there are plenty enough that do I find it exciting getting there because of the real "trolls"... especially when you have to climb up a steep slope with hell hounds and trolls nipping at your ankles just before you reach the top. or you get to the top just to see an eagle/drake spirit flying for you. *sighs* its exciting, probably the most exciting thing i do in wurm. but if someone says they wont attack i usually trust that and so far no one has "backstabbed" if they say they wont attack they dont. But you never know who will be there til you are there.
  8. THIS 

    knowing that one day that


    will chase me after me when I head for the white light on chaos fills me with


    is awesome :P lol


  9. leather barding on hell horse looks sick i might have to start riding horses Now when does 3rd person camera view become available?
  10. Ello.... Just a rough draft... thats for deed planner... for Strongbox... I mean after i tried to finish i saw that all building materials can be used now... so i would probably showcase each building material type... but this is enough to show almost every crop... and every type of tree... and terrain type... along with a mine that could be explored further or have GMs make one of each ore type so a new player starting in serenity would see basically every possiblity and what it all looks like from in town ... currently we have lots... LOTS of lawn... ;/ and on high hopes... and its also somewhat annoying that the ground isn't tapered... especially the border which makes it kinda ugly to terraform around. I've already done the palisade areas around it.. (not completely finished but enough to get the idea for a public pen and public crafting/impalong area/wildgrowth tree area.... within the perimeter and skymart (which was focused) was destroyed by the dragon and has decayed considerably... and now disbanded... Ledmart is also gone now he moved all his stuff and quit, gave me the deed (but not the building) so im currently catapulting his building down to redo the whole west side of strongbox again (but more fully) I figured I'd throw a suggestion in for strongbox to see if maybe i could change it up some. The goal is to make it prettier.... and fit into the surrounding area more while giving the space more use. I mean If this design isn't good enough I'd love tips and can do another or 10 more :) only takes me a few hours per design. think i spent 3-4 on this one. I'm not a huge fan of using deed planner though. :) Let me know and thanks. I didnt know who to message i looked up the contest but nothing new being posted on it really unless i was looking at the wrong post. Currently serenity is pretty dead... pvp is pretty much gone and we havent had a raid lately... we can't even fend off the dragons. it's pretty dismaying. So let's do some work ;) wooot ;) and feel free to take a look at my serenity deed se of strongbox CampFocus which is virtually done... to see part of my designs... also did Daryans house area in DNPA and I've done Hiraeth (east of High Hopes) almost Mirax and I exclusively (mirax gone 50 days now but he did the terraforming with me and i did the building). It's not 100% done either but general concept. I try to play where the people are and currently serenity i felt needed a little TLC, before i finished my deed up ;)

  11. war

    I'd like to add I THINK this is a bug It seems that some floors are immune to destruction look at those damage values something to do with last patch perhaps? recreate this by catapulting....
  12. war

    Three things every bug report should include: # What happened # What you expected to happen # Steps to reproduce Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix # Too much info is better then too little info # All bug reports get read and checked out. We're not ignoring any bugreport. Some things just take a lot of time to fix, are of lower priority, or depend on the time of volunteer staff. # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid What happened? Decided to test War Permissions on Serenity - Epic Cluster, I did this by catapulting building of other deed until my deed finally had over 50 reputation.... Then.... the Victim Deed had just had enough bullying and declared War. Now I mind you Kriswald was the one doing the catapulting but it said Trundle was the despicable one.... betraying kriswald as he declared war...(with a trip to token) I did not seem to be able to declare war by clicking on the walls of the deed (like i expected and thought it had been announced... nor from clicking on the mayor(kriswald) or anything in the menus).( i think that msg should be changed ) anywho.... this was one of the most epic battles in all of serenity history.... KrisWald catapulted throughout the entire night... they were so determined that in the morning they renamed themselves from something long and unmemorable... to "Camp Focus" ..... Trundle finally gave in and had had enough...He pleaded for a Truce. (was quite unsure how to get the option to Truce) Finally Kriswald managed to break to the token and see the option to Offer peace... clicked.... nothing.... hmmmm.... Trundle then went to Kriswald's being dragged beaten behind the wagon all the way there.... and again clicked offer peace at token and again... nothing happened... no message in events or anything else... I assume this part was because of the name change. Shortly After, the the chaos of the war made the world unstable, there was great shaking as volcanoes erupted and tides rose and the server shut down unable to sustain itself. Upon restarting Trundle and Kriswald tried to make amends again to no Avail. Put in Ticket. Waited all day, gave up, disbanded deed instead. Things that went wrong: 1. Once at War Catapulting on Deed Building still gave rep hits and turned KrisWald hunted (Even though trundles deed declared the War (not that this should matter)) The building being catapulted was owned by someone who converted to MR.... however it was still 100% on deed and even if they are MR now (was jk when leaving), it is still an enemy building... but I would think being on enemy deed would trump all of that. 2. Once at War, ONLY trundle received the enemy debuff.... KrisWald was unaffected by it. I tried having Kriswald move around the deeds, had trundle leave and enter local even relogged... even after server restart only trundle was affected by the enemy debuff of suffering skillgains.... I was wondering if KrisWald was just so immensely powerful that trundle was unable to cause a problem? Perhaps Trundle's FS needs to be higher to make KrisWald Shake in his boots? I dunno if this was intended but it felt like a bug of some sort. 3. War was unable to be stopped once Started (probably because of name change but maybe something else? Ways to reproduce.... Make 2 deeds... put them at war.... change name of one.. try to offer peace.... I cant test this as it requires spending quite a bit of silver. I'm pretty sure you would get the same results. Most people don't war... or know how to war.... or think it is impossible to war... So I assume its an archaic system that just needs a little TLC here and there. If i think of more info ill try to update. Thanks!
  13. I would not mind having a way to have damaged water for imping with....
  14. How are those Battering Rams coming? I'm still looking forward to underground housing on epic.... some day.... hopefully..... *sighs*
  15. where you been?