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  3. 7s if you cant handle the fire... don't bid on flint n steel.
  4. 20s
  5. far as the money goes i for one spent about 500 euro last month in shop for silver.... and i'll be buying 3 years worth of prem in the next month or so... and planning on buying 2 montths prem on 5-7 characters from the shop in another month or so and if they put stuff like that in shop ill prolly buy to help support the game if nothing else... maybe i can get a little pet to follow me around? like an ethereal mini kitty cat? wait this isn't wow.... well... either way i plan on spending a good 45-150 euro on the game each month soon. I have to have something to pay new people with afterall and create jobs and fuel and economy since i cant rely on those pesky traders anymore... use to make 50-60s off just a few traders and would spend that on people who couldnt afford prem... strange how that ends and i lack the money in game to cover them and then they quit because they dont have prem :/ well... anywho... i roll with the punches. Whatever they do i'm game. love to move the epic servers to freedom though... I'd redeed my deed and make all new buildings on the land if i had to.
  6. +1 Must load horses for the raids Why wouldn't we take our best steeds into battle with us as we raid enemy servers? Leaving our 5 speed hellies behind and going to enemy server to find whatever we come across doesnt really sounds smart.
  7. High hopes is "fitting" i think quite beautiful Love the reinforcement walls coming soon! Love the wood on that wagon you designed a while back there nice dragon looks more canvasy and less painted glass.
  8. "Don't look away, tis merely a Flesh Wound!"
  9. added bonus.... those racks give gardening skill <3
  10. so after thats all done i wouldnt mind some increased skill gain for all the time put into catapulting more body stats to compensate too? im sorta torn between the old simplistic catapult from 4-5 years ago where i just winched 11 and it hit 11 tiles away perfectly no angels or slopes in the equation... but i also like the complexity of it now... but i don't want to use my main to catapult if there isnt much skill gain in the effort/time spent doing it... and.... i can't use alts unless they are prem with the str to load em.... but it is for destruction so i'm not that frustrated about it as i rarely destroy things
  11. I personally have NEVER hit fatigue timer keep in mind that the 12 hours of fatigue you start with... by the time you use it... you've now gained another 4 hours and by the time u use 3 of those u get another so you could literally have your timer bar moving nonstop... for a total of 17 hours straight before hitting fatigue.... under normal circumstances this is pretty much impossible to do. the only people i know of that did hit fatigue timers regularly.... were all people that were macroing.... some admittedly and some not... there was a guy that did weaponsmithing grind with me and he hit the fatigue timer... he also didnt sleep at all for multiple days in a row and seemed to be on death incarnate by the time he was done... I think he then went and slept for 3-4 days straight to make up for it. You should not hit fatigue that often... even keeping food and water bars full... and spamming those actions... not eating showering sleeping... nothing else for 17 hours straight... You will NEVER hit fatigue while hunting/fighting. I'm sorry but if you hit fatigue from butchering and burying... then you will make me laugh. keep in mind the average battle will last more than 30-60 seconds plus you have time travelled between monsters. oh... and having 17 hours worth wait no... thats 17 hours STRAIGHT timers... if you throw in time to kill mobs it will take you more than that to hit fatigue maybe 30+ hours and where are you finding enough animals to kill for 30+ hours... especially when ur killing them QUICKLY... because keep in mind you have to spend most of ur time butchering/burying to hit fatigue.. Also to the guy saying he hit fatigue timers while getting to 20 fs... again... a fresh start would take 17 hours straight... now i dunno how many dolls you had... but stopping from destroying them and repairing/imping them a few times would take a lil bit of time... also it takes me 5 hours with sleep from 0-20 or 10 hours without sleep roughly... to hit 20 fs. even if you didnt use coc tools or proper weapons to gain this quicker of of a dummy... even 10 or 20 hours straight with the stopping and repairing i dont see you hitting the fatigue timer that often. I'd like to know how a NEW person to the game manages to do that. Now the vynora spell gives sleep bonus at the cost of burning fatigue... this is great for the more casual players who have 1-3 vynoras to do it... i say 1-3 because you have to wait 10 minutes to recieve the spell but its a 30 min cooldown for the priest... so having 3 vyns you can cast it every 10 minutes and recieve anywhere from 2-12 minutes of sleep bonus "roughly" and while using vynora priest alts at 10s a month (premium) is cheaper than buying 10+ sleep powders for the month... This does eat quite a bit of fatigue if you are seriously playing wurm that often and timers only. I've always thought that 12 hours was too much of fatigue. I'd rather see it shortened to 6 or 8 maybe... perhaps a faster regain so if you are playing longer as a dedicated player you will get it back faster but will be unable to do such long grind sessions. but if you have no life and want to grind on end for 17+ hours with no break... May the dieties have mercy upon your wrists and joints. You should take regular breaks to stretch and breathe and eat and oh yea... sleep to each their own though. Once i get my skills up on freedom perhaps ill have more clout to my opinions
  12. One pig Two Sheep.... sounds like a good name for a band.... lol.
  13. can mail to KrisWald