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  1. Up
  2. 75c fist bracelet, 2s open helm. CoD Lockbox if you accept
  3. I'll go 2c per ql on the crystal bronze lib runes. Cod to lockbox
  4. Went to dispel and re-enchant my seryll open helm and whaddayaknow... [20:22:28] The protection force is too high. You fail to dispel the open helm. No issues with alts nearby or whatnot, helm was inventory, even tried remailing it. Had a friend try with a random open helm...[20:35:24] <Wargsfaith> [21:34:59] The spell will not work on that. he got this message for both AoSP and WA so now my seryll open helm is a very fancy red cauldron plz fix
  5. Cool, good gift for my carpenter buddy Thanks Launce PM me sometime
  6. 3s50 To Lockbox if I win
  7. Preferably blank but pm me with whatever
  8. Bump for the last G
  9. 1.1usd/1s Reputable buyers with verified paypal only Sold in increments of 50 3g sold, 0g available Many thanks and enjoy your coins!
  10. Don't go hunting without a bloodthirst cast
  11. Dank rod to lockbox plz