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  1. 12s
  2. I'd buy it for 3 right now. maybe more, pm me
  3. Bored of freedom? Looking for meaningful gameplay? Come join the tightest family on Chaos and see what all the buzz is about.
  4. C101 scissors - 2s? cod to Smokus if Yo the accept
  5. Yay so it's still happening! thanks !!@Retrograde
  6. Saying she hasn't tried to contact you for 3 months is absolute baloney, others have tried and were ignored as well
  7. +1 if this was already implemented it could have saved my allies some heartache
  8. Cherry plate to Smokus please (alternatively Lockbox)
  9. Plate Set #3 to Smokus please (alternatively Lockbox)
  10. Hey, you sent me the food, and said nothing about needing it returned until after the fact. Also I hardly 'demanded' anything, I simply don't feel the need to send you back anything that was given to me or support your business, seeing as you refuse to answer any questions regarding it. Chat logs show this pretty plainly I think
  11. 'trade secret'
  12. Put yer dukes up m9
  13. Anvil to Lockbox please
  14. 12s
  15. 2s tho