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  1. Jberg is a LOGIcal addition to the dev team it seems, what I've seen from user perspective he can juggle with any rock surface inside and out like no one else. Wiki is always behind the changes, the dev team seems to be committed to send the wiki editor team back to the stone age with so many changes and additions tot he game - thanks Wolfey for picking up the challenge! Bridge paving is amazing! Can we have bridge railings be same high as fences? I'm curious about the highways system, I hope finally I can soon sleep sound knowing the cave highway is protected from big holes...
  2. I think a system like colossi could be nice (EDIT: do I remember correctly those work this way now?) - so the deed mayor could move / turn the mission structures. It is quite inconsistent now it seems. I have a spirit gate on deed which I can push/pull along with any of my alts but only the toon which finished it (not even member of said deed) can turn it around.
  3. Last time I had it I was visiting Malena's deed on Xanadu checking the significant fps drop around her place. I was relogging (no /lotime just a quick relog) several times with different client settings and alternating between stable and unstable client. The deed lag and fps drop was not real bad for me there except when on of my cpu cores got stuck on a process (not WO related), so it is to mention I had quite a system load for a while during the time. I've ended up with the embark bug trying to embark my knarr - and it was not cleared by a simple relog afterwards but I had to go offline for /lotime. Also it happened right around when the lights gone off for the daytime, I've embarked the ship before a few times without issues, the "client lock" happened just so as when I logged back after the 1min wait the lights that were on before were already off. This seems to be in line with what Platinumteef mentioned.
  4. Same question goes for the statuettes - spell timer is not affected by the Libila glimmer 10% speed rune. Wondering about which runes work on these special tools and containers?
  5. I really like the idea of the lottery, send me a ticket to both to spin it up a bit. Random numbers please.
  6. yes some WU servers offer that - it is good and a bit annoying at the same time. With a rate set cleverly can be a gift though. I won't mind to see my 70+ coalmaking go useless ...
  7. hmm.. so it is inconsistent in between the different mission structures. I'm curious if it is a bug or intended?
  8. Arium, did you check the turnability with the very account who finished it? I have push/pull with anyone on a spirit gate but only the account who finished has the turn options.
  9. To be honest I don't care about the coal ql - ash is what concern me. The 60+ql coal is good enough for real good steel output. Creating a lot of campfires are a tedium. Also there is a reason I do not sell plate sets and compasses, Aeryck
  10. Also I cannot rotate my spirit gate - only push/pull on it. With keybind: [17:26:25] You may not turn that item right now. I have no idea who has push/pull allowed on them I can push it with my alts too. Priests included they surely did not finish it EDIT: found the ninja who finished instead of me, she can turn it. Should be the same with pylon, once finished.
  11. I would be happy with the impable until lit way too - that would be similar to the pottery items. Also would introduce a less painful way of skill grinding to a currently create-only skill. If that is not going to happen for skill balance or similar reasons the tweaking of result ql is still stays as a suggestion - there are other items too where the ql seems to jump up significantly when you add the last part (compared to the unfinished item ql which only missing a single part).
  12. umph. I was afraid I broke something again. Staying put
  13. It still much lower as an end result compared to other multipart items like walls, bridges for very click examples. Is it more a bug then, maybe a multiplier in the equation when adding a part? Sadly I'm bad in programming so cannot dig up the WU source for that
  14. Currently almost no point to grind the skill above 70...
  15. satire

    Good for.... interrogation...