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    I'm a senior/lead 2D game artist working in the game industry in Finland. If the Wurm dev team ever needs more artists who can do everything from pixel pushing to 3d, we should talk!

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  1. One last screenie before I hit bed. This is how I map out how to lay out the buildings:
  2. Britain is coming along nicely! Edit: By the way, the dye system is something I never really tried before in Wurm, but it is a GODSEND for getting the colors of those houses just right. And do you see how the timber walls are now a nice creamy color? I'm gonna have to make some dye in Wurm Online as well and dye my timber houses to get that same warmth.
  3. I'm absolutely shocked guys. Massively OP has written an article about this project. It looks like I'll actually have to see this through haha!
  4. Hey Lichbane! Thanks for popping in. You know I actually drooled over all the work you had done with Britannia Reborn. So much love and dedication and I had even watched some players testing the server out on YouTube. Had I realized the existence of your project at the time, I'd have probably rushed over to take part in it. Alas, I've been mostly playing Wurm Online instead. In any case, I'm sorry you were having such troubles with lag etc. Thank you so much for your gracious offer on the map, but I've already created a map for this project. At first I played around with a heightmap I happened to find online, but it was not matching the Ultima Online version of Britannia, so I decided to make my own height map. I used the map below as a base, starting with the blue area, which was super easy to select thanks to having such a sold color. Turned that black for the water areas. With the mountains, since they're just a flat plateau, I hand painted them into the veiny shapes you need for mountain to give them height (as they are completely flat in this map) For the rest of the ground, I let it be relatively flat with very little height variation since that would give it that "ultima online" feel. And made the mountains stick up suddenly, like they do in UO (versus a more gradual progression of height like in mother nature). I did paint in some slight differences in height though, very very slight. With the hedge maze, I painted a white square to mark the spot where the little house and garden is in the middle, otherwise I'd never be able to "find" it once I go in to terraform. As for scale, I made a grid of the whole map into 1024 tiles and measured to see if that would match the scale of building stuff in Wurm, and it (by complete chance and coincidence) was a perfect match. And I've now been building Britannia and my measurements turned out absolutely perfectly. I couldn't be happier with the size and scale. Our projects serve a different purpose thankfully, as mine is only going to be a "look but don't touch" tourist attraction. (I've deeded the entire server haha). Where as your's is all about building a community and people setting up homes and working together like in a true world. I know there are many people out there who would love to play on a server like that, so hopefully you start up Britannia Reborn some day and solve the technical issues. I might just come and play there myself when you do!
  5. Thank you very much Katorone! After getting through the initial hurdles seen in this thread, everything has been going smooth as pie now - much thanks to all the people who have helped me here. Thanks guys! Oh my goodness, the Ultima Underworlds were the bestest! So much atmosphere! Thank you for your kind words! Aw thank you Karbonyl. I'm glad that I've kept the site up and running. I should probably fix it up a bit some time to adjust to our current monitor sizes though. Starting to be a bit hard to read the texts hehe.
  6. I'll be making a video series of this project as well (of course!) and each episode will show the progress, + a little bit of relaxed building with the god tools. Here's the introductory part:
  7. Yay! Yeah and it's not only veterans of wurm like yourself that don't necessarily know this, I bet there are a lot of new wurm players out there who had no idea that you can use a mallet to rotate walls and fix the corner issues. Sometimes the corners line up but overlap ever so slightly causing a flickering, I also rotate those and the flickering stops.
  8. You know how we sometimes have to "rotate" the walls with the stone walls when the corners act wonky? I wonder if that's all that has to be done here as well. Yaga did you try rotating the walls to make the corners line up properly?
  9. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous guys! These new wall types are the best thing ever! I can hardly wait for them to be put into Unlimited as well. They come at a perfect time for my Ultima Nostalgia project.
  10. Castle Britannia is almost completely done, I've just left the top part unfinished as I'll build it while making a video about this project on the weekend. Also started fleshing out Britain. And of course, a custom in-game map was needed! Here are a couple of gigantic screenshots with the in-game map in action. Can anyone guess which spots these are from (considering the info above)?
  11. Actually, the new walls are there already. As for containers, I've already added all of the new ones except the planter and unit. I've already taken screenshots of the planter rack and storage unit, just need to do the photoshop work and paste them in as well.
  12. Once this is finished, it's going to be ah-mazing! UO cities have tons of docks and piers, this would be the perfect tool to make those. It's probably going to take months and months to work on the Ultima Nostalgia server, so I'll leave docks for very last and see how this promising mod has gone by then.
  13. Oopsie daisies, sorry about that. Didn't realize this thread was so old! *blush*
  14. Wow!!! I totally missed noticing that these had been added to the game! These are exactly what I needed to enhance my Ultima project! Added to the Decorational Item list now.
  15. Well met m'lord! Well, I must say this is an honor to have you chime in Runesabre! I was playing the single player Ultimas back in the 90's, so when UO came out in 97 I was aching to be a part of the fun. Alas, I didn't get a good enough set up and connection until '99 which was when I started. Played UO for 13 years straight and my old UO website is still up and running. There seem to be lots and lots of old UO fans out there, because actually it's my UO site that seems to still bring me the most traffic out of all the things I've ever done online! Astonishing, the lasting power that it has. But is it any wonder? Surely UO was the best MMO ever created? I'm not sure if it's just because it was my "first love" of MMOs or what, but I declare that no other MMO to this day, has been capable of fully offering the wide array of experiences and emotions that UO did. So far, only Wurm has come the closest. Last year a funny thing happened that just goes to show how small this world is. A friend brought to my attention a conversation on Reddit regarding the UO fan art I used to do. My friend said excitedly: "Even Raph Koster commented on it, go check it out!". The funny thing was that little did he know that I happened to be the same starry eyed lady who pulled him aside and thanked him for his contribution to UO, only months earlier when he had visited Finland to hold a presentation. It is with those same starry eyes that I'd like to thank you Runesabre! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but I'll say it anyhow - UO has made a huge impact on a lot of people and was an astounding technological achievement for releasing something that demanding at that point in time. Without the engineers, it would have never been possible, so my hat off to you and the rest of the team that pulled that miracle off. It was an impossible feat which laid down the path for all the MMOs to come. Oh and so cool that you ended up playing Wurm. The developers insist that UO was not a source of their inspiration (or so I have heard), but the similarities are plentiful and whether or not that is coincidental or not, I'm so glad that they exist as it's part of what makes me love Wurm so much! Now back to finishing up Castle Britannia! I think Vesper will be next!