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  1. If you are going to bother using physics, you might as well, yah know, use physics.... Cranks (energy) / ammo mass determines the arc. War machine skill modifies how well that shot follows the base arc. If in flight the shot collides with a wall, roof, fence, whatever, apply damage to both the shot and what it hit. If the object breaks before the shot, to keep the physics easy, it continues on it's path until it hits a tile or another object. Firing a catapult shot onto the tile of a 1x1 and having it damage all 4 walls is just silly... Unless the ammo is MIRV warheads.
  2. I do have to give props for the large storage unit, that's a keeper. =)
  3. would be nice if we could store alchemy products like potions, oils, ointments, salves, covers in a... alchemists cupboard?
  4. ---> Bugfix: You will no longer be able to plan a bridge which spans perimeter tiles unless you have village permissions to do so. <---- Thank you!
  5. Readying a mallet, click on tile - plan action isn't allowed on perimeter. It should be easy: Work the Range Pole - Hold and Dioptra - Plan actions on perimeter like planning a house works, it won't let you. That would solve most of the problems with this.
  6. For someone without permissions set, houses are not even allowed to be planned on perimeter, so either the building on or removal of that plan is not an issue there. The problem is that bridges -can- be planned on perimeter, yet the permissions do not allow for the planner to either build or remove that plan. I am pointing out that the planning should not be allowed in the 1st place.
  7. Bridges can be planned within starter village perimeters, but then prevented from continuing them or removing them. They shouldn't be allowed to plan in the 1st place like houses.
  8. So there is a recipe for smoked bees?
  9. Just an inquiry or 2.... When was the last time this command ever worked for you? Do you think it is finally time for it to be fixed?
  10. That's not the point, The point is to actually have turrets without the sound of them annoying everyone.
  11. specifically for turret sounds?
  12. Need an option in the sound settings to mute the annoying turret noise please.
  13. Could you please post the link? You need to burn some SB on your mindreading skill, I wasn't hoping people didn't remember, a GM suggested I post this here.
  14. The reason I suggest Unity 3D is it uses Java (and C), so some of the code could be reused / rebuilt. Depending on the what parts are used, Unity is either free or low cost. It offers a chance to port the game to true 3D. It can use ray tracing for collisions. It is designed to make use of graphics cards. It provides a huge support community. It has physics built in.... And more. There are things that can be done so that current players do not have to start over from scratch, I mentioned an idea or 2. I have been playing since there was just "home server", before wild / chaos was launched, observed how new bling makes the population peak for a bit, then return. We have mine houses now on some servers yet the population is 30% lower than last year. Don't get me wrong, a lot of good stuff has been added, but what is needed is more new players that stay, and imo something else is needed to be tried. Otherwise the most appropriate added content will be crickets chirping for ambient sound.
  15. Guess I'll try this again and see if it gets any traction from the dwindling community. Wurm is (more than) 10 years old! \o/ Patched, fixed, added to for 10 years. Adding something big like bridges to the game will cause a peak in population, followed by the decline. Adding mine houses will most likely do the same. Adding features / content basically keeps current population stable. A 1970 Ford Pinto with a new paint job, modern stereo, and rebuild alternator is still a 1970 Ford Pinto. Pick a new game engine, like Unity 3D (which is cross platform and can use Java). Add a 2nd dev team experienced in above chosen engine and get them up to speed on Wurm. Start building Wurm 2.0. Develop a way for current accounts to transfer their efforts to the new version like "training manuals" based on current skill ratings and "timer speed boosts" based on current equipment, deed construction, and/or playtime. This also gives you a nice way to launch a new fighting system. Don't keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, that just gets you another level on the insanity path.