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  1. i dont think anything can revive epic at this point
  2. libila is getting nerfed and other priests are getting buffed gotcha
  3. the problem is the value of the items
  4. BUMP
  5. BUMP
  6. bump lowered prices
  7. bump
  8. Selling a lot of gems at 1c/ql pm me how much ql you want and if over or under 10ql
  9. start bid - 10s buyout - offer
  10. start bid 20s buyouts - offer 1 hour snipe protection
  11. awl - 8s trowel - 8s hatchet - 8s hammer - 8s anvil -8s shoe - 5s shovel - 8s chisel - 8s cknife - 6s lknife - 8s sickle - 14s
  12. a normal horses top speed is like 25km/h the old "tank horses" were super fast and tanky.. im not asking to make them dragons.. just a normal barded hell horse's toughness now no i mean just hell horses in general.. even barded hell horses go over 40km/h