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  1. If you can attach to the ones you took off the wall, what's the issue?
  2. Will likely be able to 'replace', so need one new one and then it's possible to add to the existing ones after taking them off.
  3. No room, will come eventually as well
  4. End remaining java processes in the task manager or restart pc
  5. Will fix soon, copypasting wildly doesn't always go well apparently. You can walk up on the other side of the tile
  6. It shows the Geforce Experience Shadowplay recording icon in the lower right corner, that might mess things up and would also explain why it only happens on the first client; try disabling it
  7. Part of a work in progress change to how the particle system works that leaked...once it's fully out all particles will end up looking better!
  8. That arch is three tiles wide, so a double arch without pillar is possible
  9. If it's a prebuilt pc that only comes with integrated graphics it should be fairly easy to stick a GTX 1050 in it, much preferable and only adds $100 / £100 or so.
  10. Got few questions when you get time. The WOM file converter you'll have is it ever going to be made public? If not any chance I can get a copy of it to convert my models to wom format? Reason I asked no one who plays on my server has logged in since my latest update yet I have 6 downloads of the pack according to mediaFire which tells me it might be possible some people are stealing or could be stealing my work and trying to use it on there servers. I'm new to all this game dev stuff and modeling is not one of my strong points so I have to learn as I go. What would be the best way to prevent people from using my models by just downloading my pack?


    One thing I don't ever want is WU getting more stuff than WO and in a way killing people wanting to play WO and supporting it, that's one main reason I don't share any thing I mod or any of my models but it just hit me tonight this can happen. So any info you can give me would be appreciated. I would like to make it so other people can't open my models with out a converter. 


    As of right now I don't know anyone in the community who adds new models to WU other than me, and the last thing I want is people getting a hold of my taxidermy models. On a side note if there is ever anything I do that is of interest to CC please let me know cause I'm willing to let you add any thing or use any texture or model or code I make in WU for WO and the only thing I ask is make it a WO feature only. 

  11. That's some clientside magic to get tile borders to show on house floors, so need to search in client not server probably.
  12. buy two more really tiny yoyos. With these he started...
  13. You could try rolling back to an old version of the AMD Catalyst driver assuming you have Crimson installed now to rule out any OpenGL performance regressions in the driver itself.
  14. Console log?
  15. Post a console log please so we can forward it to the rendering wizard