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  1. Already considered as an option and will probably happen at some point
  2. Not much of an issue to reduce the diameter of some of the worst offenders, so everyone could be happy hopefully.
  3. seriously?

    Try uninstalling the Virtu MVP thing, seems to cause issues and worse performance for many titles so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the issue.
  4. Adjusted fireplace height so there's no z-fighting with floor above Added LOD for trellises, fireplace, large/small crates, bsb, fsb, large chest, oven, shard/ore piles, banners, flags, bee hive, still Added creature LODs: Deer, Stag, Pig Added winter textures for new pavement types Added unique seasonal textures for orange tree Fixed male player zombie eyes introduced in this update
  5. seriously?

    I'd suggest deleting gamesettings.txt in the wurm configs folder so you get fresh default settings. Otherwise make sure Antialiasing level in advanced tab is set to 0 and there's no antialiasing forced in the Nvidia control panel (Antialiasing mode = Application controlled, AA transparency = off) Also enable LOD and Contribution Culling in advanced tab Water reflections to Sky&Terrain Shadows to Objects only Possibly Structure render distance to Far instead of Extreme
  6. seriously?

    @Thorakkanatha console log might help
  7. Good things take time
  8. Only when the wurmian sea freezes over and Valrei falls out of the sky will the bees stop their dance.
  9. If you can attach to the ones you took off the wall, what's the issue?
  10. Will likely be able to 'replace', so need one new one and then it's possible to add to the existing ones after taking them off.
  11. No room, will come eventually as well
  12. End remaining java processes in the task manager or restart pc
  13. Will fix soon, copypasting wildly doesn't always go well apparently. You can walk up on the other side of the tile
  14. It shows the Geforce Experience Shadowplay recording icon in the lower right corner, that might mess things up and would also explain why it only happens on the first client; try disabling it