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  1. Post a console log please so we can forward it to the rendering wizard
  2. Do you get anything about "too many influences" in console? Post the log please
  3. New stable and unstable clients with support for bridles are now live!
  4. Make sure all clients are closed and there are no processes left running
  5. Another preview fresh out of the pixel factory:
  6. How do you save the shop sign images? When I get mine they are back wards on one side and it is not flipping the dds file around. I'm stumped any clue why it is not flipping the image on the other side? I've ran across this when making new kingdom wagon tarps the image is upside down on those rather than flipping it on the other side. If you get time and can explain if i'm saving it wrong or missing something.

    1. Arkonick


      This short short video shows whats going on 


    2. Arkonick


      ok fixed the shop sign texture not working but the sign it's self is still backwards on one side.

  7. Are you sending additional mapping strings like if you want to add more, and does the mouseover text on the sign change to the correct mapping?
  8. Fairly easy to add, if it's using existing base models at least. We'll see...
  9. You won't have much luck using a virtual machine probably yeah..
  10. Not that common of an error, which gpu/driver are you trying to run with? Might be worth testing with another desktop environment
  11. +1 to sag baddles
  12. Does it still happen if you turn off Doppler Effect under sound settings?
  13. Still planning to look into it at some point, so don't despair just yet!
  14. Try unticking experimental