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  1. to Ziem please!
  2. updated! new stuff added!
  3. [23:53:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thanks!
  4. Hey i want to sell some rift loot: 82,96ql glimmersteel lump 0,34kg - 3s 82,04ql glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 3s 82,20ql seryll lump 0,25kg 1s 84,62ql seryll lump 0,25kg 1s 75ql shortsword bracelet - 1s Rift stone shards from <10 to 80+ql - not sure about price so i would like to hear you offer! ^^ ring of the Eye, seryll 1,5s Troll King Blood 1,5s Stone runes of Mgranon, zinc (increase mailbox size): 1,95ql 8c 6.39ql 10c 7,01ql 12c 12,91ql 18c 16,28ql 30c 17,16ql 32c 22,57ql 65c 25,90ql 75c 25,90ql 75c Stone runes of Vynora, steel (It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will reduce damage taken (10%).) 3,24ql 9c 34,86ql 75c 40,03ql 1s Crystal rune of Libia, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%).) 13,21ql 20c 13,29ql 20c 17,46ql 35c Stone rune of Vynora, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1,21ql 9c 1,56ql 10c 1,68ql 10c 4,34ql 14c 6,61ql 16c 6,67ql 16c 10,49ql 25c 20,94ql 60c 27,55ql 75c 32,89ql 90c 41,09ql 1.20s 41,82ql 1.20s You can leave message here or in game /t Ziem
  5. [16:54:01] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Thank you Close please.
  6. Hello i have star ruby 1ql for sale. Price - 2,5s. No delivery - COD or pickup on Xanadu[Q16] contact via forum or ingame Xyndia
  7. I already did before i post, i would realy enjoy you people, but its a hell far away land... would be hard, that's why im looking for someone from south [our localization Q16 near the coast]. But i will be gratful to cooperate
  8. Hey! We are looking for villages that enjoy real roleplay on southern Xanadu to make alliance and have fun! If interested contact Ziem / Ziemos / Xyndia / Aryana / Aryanna / Taylen or send me message on forum
  9. Updated : Hey, i have 2k cotton, 2k pumpkins for sale. 1k = 1s. All are about 66ql. Delivery only on Q15,Q16,P16. Pick up on Q16 by the coast [Xanadu]
  10. Hey, want to sell my iron rare pickaxe 80ql with Wind of Ages enchant on it [47] Winning bids will receive the items via mail, buyer pays CoD or pick up on Xanadu - Lormere or Q16 Starting Bid: 8s Increments: 1s Buy out: 15s Snipe protection: 1h
  11. 38ql, yes all the time 'this is indeed a special place', that's why i wrote that im sure it is a knowledge tile.