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  1. They make creams and salves for that.
  2. I find the lack of Duce and Oracle/Barakus mentions to be disturbing
  3. Just enabling animal transport/shipping would be a nice first step before enabling cross-server shipping. I'm sure there may be code/networking issues, and not to mention some community hostility towards such shipping impacting server population caps. So just enabling animals to be loaded unto a ship in some manner would be a nice baby step. Not to mention a good phase in the development cycle for working the kinks out for that implementation.
  4. 3.5 silver for the source
  5. Its not paranoia if they are really out to get you!
  6. On my end, its not quite so much "endless". Just have to be willing to wait it out for a while, granted its sometimes a LONG while.
  7. #9 - 3.5s #15 - 4.5s
  8. Willing to sell the rares separately? EDIT: Whoops just noticed the pm for Q.
  9. A subject that's been brought up again and again; thoroughly debated, and contested. Personally the repeated theories and conjecture bore me at this point, so how about we actually test this? Now if only there was some game mode that was temporarily isolated from the rest of the servers, and yet NOT a test server. A relatively small area where we could try out not having local or limited local, and yet get a decent enough number of players live. coughchallengecough EDIT: Hell if the devs rather not, there's even WU now. Personally I'm all for removing local; however, something more dynamic is needed in its place such as a system implementing the five senses in RL, especially for animals and NPCs. More functionality from bell towers, etc.
  10. Sure... but where the glass?
  11. Tomes viable in pvp? Oh gawds the rage and QQ...
  12. Was one of the first to experience it years ago, so been "getting it" into various orifices before most of you whippersnappers. The ceaseless nerfs was one of the primary drivers of why I and other BL at the time went to MR when it was added. An excuse to go WL without having to sully ourselves with JK.
  13. This is indeed typical behavior over the years when a pile has not been lit immediately after creation. Whether its intended behavior persay... is debatable. Also fyi use an oak log for the last one.
  14. Never seen a conditioned pheasant personally.
  15. It was barely part of the concept during the planning stages and was quickly dropped. Was brought up to gauge player reactions to full resets, map resets, etc. Much of the original Epic concept was far more draconic than the current implementation. Overall though imho, a reset will do jack#### to fix anything. Even assuming all of the exploits were patched and the code was 100% bug free, there's still one vital factor that would survive: the playerbase or rather the more toxic elements. Sadly seen it all play out before. No wild conjecture or wishful thinking required.
  16. Getting a little click happy on the button while it was busy? Patience, grasshoppah.
  17. My blood needs woad face painting!
  18. Heh... its been far more than a year since BL has been a mere shade of its former self. Far more than a year since any real kind of buff or gameplay thats particularly unique to the faction. Just nerf after nerf after nerf. Though personally I have always placed any blame on the more toxic elements of the playerbase, which render devs leery of creating anything particularly interesting since such is bound to have issues, and hence outraged screaming. Certainly been far more than a year since BL has been able to exert much ingame; though, player community issues are hardly something than can be easily patched.
  19. Aye personally I have felt Myc should have foraging/botanizing, perhaps even have certain item probabilities skewed. For example finding mushrooms. Large scale foraging missions can also be limited to what planters can grow.
  20. Nope. Flickers in the darkness
  21. Is the flame a thing or a metaphor for an idea? Things can have concepts inside them. Happens all the time.
  22. More of a concept than a thing but lets not drag Plato into this.
  23. Meh such exploits are irrelevant as they are by their very definition unintended behavior. Balance is commonly used to refer to regular gameplay behavior, and more specifically gameplay thats available to unique factions. Heck even then there's no faction limit on such exploits. Everyone has access to the speed runes. How is that not balanced? Now if say only BL could use speed runes, then sure let the QQ commence.