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  1. Aye its the name of the planet, and the name of a super powerful monster/being. Unsure if its worm-like persay as one appearance of the Wurm (insanity path hallucinations) is that of a larger dragon than the dragons ingame. There isn't a really indepth backstory made by the founding devs, Notch and Rolf. There was a barebones timeline and some history pages in the wiki; however, almost everything else is fanmade fiction. Granted some of the fanmade stuff became so prevalent Rolf made it official. Overall, the devs leave it as an open sandbox more or less, and let players impact the history and current events. Ugh, just checked and even many of the official history pages seem to have been scrubbed from the wiki.
  2. Its come up before off and on, so nothing I can take credit for. Snip snip. Basically it enables one to sell traited male horses without having to worry about the buyer using the horses to breed his or her own. EDIT: Not to mention makes them a little more docile around other horses, assuming such is even a factor. Not to mention a vital ingredient in certain recipes, depending on animal breeds.
  3. Come on! I want some Rocky Mountain oysters!
  4. Ladders and siege towers in general... not that I'm against collapsible scaffolding.
  5. Aye some plants don't do well planted together, and then others do very well. Such as tomatoes and carrots. So an even shorter growing season than in Oregon, heh thank gawd for greenhouses. Far longer periods of sun and heat in Las Vegas; though, haven't done any gardening in over two years. Not much space for it; though, I suppose I could do some plastic 5 gallon buckets on the patio the new apt has. If I can find any foodgrade ones. Tomatoes really love water, and have seen some people use old tires as planters and/or crumbled newpaper below the roots to help create reservoirs.
  6. The markets will be upended! It will be chaos! Mmm glorious chaos...
  7. Activate scissors, right click on body...
  8. Well... sometimes a hunting lodge, really is a hunting lodge Building over them does rather suck on pve servers, since pvp servers have an inherent means of dealing with the issue.
  9. Ahhh so the catseye device was an English thing. Interesting.
  10. I've heard that as well; however, I've also heard it doesn't... so aye completely unsure as well.
  11. Rather have it stop on farming and prayers. Unless it helps the farming or something.
  12. Not even 20 hours since the OP and already there's been drama, outrage, questions asked, answers given, strange objects identified (cats eyes?), reading comprehension arguments, and etc. Also those wagon pics are getting dangerously close to van art
  13. Hrm not sure that would be a good thing in the long run personally. Granted there's old, long running issues with throwaway characters being used to harass operators and commit sabotage. However, personally I'm fine with allowing sabotage and harassment. The problem for me there is allowing such to be performed by throwaway chars. Limiting war machine interactions and dragging to certain stat and skill levels might be helpful there.
  14. Looking good, many thanks for the work, Budda. How's it looking with ballista, or have you gotten to that yet?
  15. I have seen masks take dmg in fighting; however, been loathe to test it much due to not being able to repair and imp masks. Unsure if it even takes and blocks eye dmg.
  16. Personally a duel should have a chance of dying, and sparring should have more protections. EDIT: Also aye theres no skillgain from either mode; though, personally it should be fine letting one gain up to 20 in Fighting, shields, and w/e weapon. Especially in sparring. Whether it should be faster than prac dummies or slower than actually fighting... dunno.
  17. Will turrets already on multi stories require replanting?
  18. Female Power hmm?
  19. How about for just the boot?
  20. Mmm fresh meat. Oh and its April the 20th! Happy Birthday to someone that heavily influenced world events and human history:
  21. Aye saw that just a little while ago, and it definitely looks like the same stuff. The player could get more by breaking it up; however, such tends to take longer, so w/e the OP wants to do. Personally I'm withdrawing my bid.
  22. Nolo works on necklaces too, and if its not currently then its a bug. Was involved in the testing with Rolf when he added the nolo-on-jewelry feature. Also all for making stealth less brutal, also more ingame feedback on ur stealth status would be lovely.
  23. BL players who get to suck ur blood! blah blah!
  24. Always up for more traits, especially ones that don't just pertain to horses. Also it helps encourage skilling husbandry higher, so two birds with one stone.
  25. I have a rare one with 85 aosp and Mags Shield. 95ql with 8 dmg. All I ask for is your firstborn child. Male or female, I'm not picky. EDIT: Oh yeah, it originally was awarded to Nadroj too.