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  1. People say a lot of things and most of it is garbage. Resets have historically proven to not work, especially long term, and that's even when they are voted for. Personally let's keep Chaos. Its the oldest map by far, and one of the larger active maps. Good bit of history there.
  2. Smarter NPC AI (in current plans it seems) might help with this. Also on a related note it use to be part of Notch and Rolf's original vision to have NPCs like goblins making their own villages and the like. Them picking up and equipping gear (if they still do) is kind of a leftover from this. Not to mention their old mechanisms of attacking enmasse when any others are nearby.
  3. When the hive is a rock'n, don't come a knock'n! Also dat bed!
  4. Confusing the sickle tool with the sickle sword type, such as an Egyptian khopesh: This was actually both a slashing and piercing/thrusting weapon. One possible use of the "hooks" was to forcibly move a shield out of the way while still being able to attack in one motion. The tool is fine as is; though, always for adding more weapons.
  5. Better to kill it now.
  6. 6s
  7. 7s
  8. One of the ones that lost coin to Niru, granted on the far end of the lesser spectrum. If I'm allowed to bid, then 8s
  9. weight?
  10. Doooo it.
  11. Consider looking at the driver software as well. For example Nvidia tends to be the better of the two (when compared to AMD) at supporting OpenGL (open source gfx technology that Wurm uses as opposed to say Microsoft's ActiveX). One can still play Wurm on AMD with their latest drivers.
  12. I liked a Frank post... now I feel scummy.
  13. Mmm pie.
  14. I'm still waiting for Space Balls the Flame Thrower.