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  1. Anyone have the old parody how-to-videos for mining and such in Wurm?
  2. But what about those of us with a fear of blobs?
  3. Akin to toolbelts, this could function as a toolbar for enchants.
  4. Personally the only real change needed is enabling merchants to barter for stuff the owner wants and has set exchange rates for, instead of just coin. Though would love to see a bartender NPC setup to avoid foo
  5. Broken limbs, internal injuries, surgery, scars (from survived sev wounds, clear on death), lost limbs and eyes (renewed on death) ?
  6. What's its rarity?
  7. Nohsdak!
  8. Aye even using level one alts to widen one's energy pool, makes the whole random knowledge level and intentionally forgetting to get better to be a bit of a grind despite focusing on mobs I care about.
  9. New cave options looking good.
  10. Goblins building their own villages was one of the original planned features envisioned
  11. Personally better for the taste option.
  12. I'm up for it though the "spells" currently in Wurm are actually clerical in nature. Sorcery is a whole another deal entirely; though, temp one off scrolls of those might be fun, come to think of it. Personally the enchant scrolls should only work for their own followers, or non followers suffer a disadvantage. Kind of reminds me of people buying indulgences from the medieval Catholic church. Also up for more uses to the writing system, and scroll cases.