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  1. Increased functionality would be nice too. Guard dogs, tracking dogs, bird dogs, humping dogs, and you name it.
  2. I'm looking for a wardrobe with a portal in the back... still haven't found one yet.
  3. Not looking for gunpowder-laced explosions (though awwwesome); however, some degree of animation for walls collapsing and stone debri flying. EDIT: Granted on the matter of explosions... there IS magic.
  4. Yup its already pretty fast to get a wall back up under fire. Assuming materials, tools, and people.
  5. Although, specific wardeed design tends to adapt to w/e the warmachine code happens to be. EDIT: How about some better feedback on shots using the dioptra tool? Basically it can be used in place of "test" shots for aiming. Whether there should be skillgain there...
  6. Sure theres a number of ways it could be designed. A single bunk bed item is one; though, personally having a single bed item on stilts seems more flexible for layouts. Perhaps even beds on stilts of varying heights.
  7. Dabbled with it once many moons ago, before they came out with v2.0-ish. Might have gotten into it more, if Wurm didn't exist.
  8. More variety is always appreciated. I'm not like some players that QQ over new stuff which doesn't add to their own narrow little playstyle.
  9. Just no comment, Nomad... Bunkbeds
  10. Isnt there an HnH2?
  11. Its all player-generated. The random patches are probably from abandoned and decayed settlements that have vanished into the greenery. Even with the (fairly recently added) decay on enchanted grass tiles, they can still last a very long time.
  12. Heh I recall a time when 20 people on at once was the entire pvp Wild server population, and it also meant someone, somewhere was raiding. Now less than 40 people is considered, "dead".