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  1. Perfectly understandable as there's at least two separate trains of thought going on in that post. One is what I would do with the time from not playing Wurm, and the later was my thoughts watching the game demo... he actually jumped!
  2. More explosions with shrapnel.
  3. Solve world hunger... tell no one! Jump! Jump! JUM*OMGHEDIDIT?!
  4. well tbh Rolf (Notch too iirc) made the "TAKE A BREAK" comment(s) around 2007 or so. Even the archives on this current forums from past forums... doesn't go quite that far back.
  5. How about something that functions as ammonia? Read the description
  6. They still don't fit?! Kept out the naughty words that offend some people.
  7. At least loadable in wagons...
  8. This yellow plastic spoon speaks of the cheap commercialism prevalent and indicative of today's crass society.
  9. How about rares on farming? Can anyone verify if they actually improve a field? Or better yet, rarity rolls while praying? Though personally I do not subscribe to the remove camp, I am in the add camp. Add something to any rarity roll that appears to not have a purpose, even if its something "silly".
  10. The "Ad Hominem" fallacy... so classic even the Greeks considered it ancient. Personally I'm for keeping fatigue; however, as demonstrated in the past, its a limit that some can easily hit, especially fulltime miners and diggers. Perhaps extending the period longer, and/or increasing the regen. Even make both related to characteristics?
  11. Make it so such attempts should have greater risk involved. Door staying propped open longer than usual, and/or dragger being more open to attack. Come to think of it, requiring multiple draggers might help. However, one should never be 100% relaxed and safe from having their siege machines jacked. EDIT: Also is enabling rams to be loadable on wagons seem OP'ed?
  12. It really is just apple juice
  13. 7s crystal 5s stone 6s wood
  14. Aye its the name of the planet, and the name of a super powerful monster/being. Unsure if its worm-like persay as one appearance of the Wurm (insanity path hallucinations) is that of a larger dragon than the dragons ingame. There isn't a really indepth backstory made by the founding devs, Notch and Rolf. There was a barebones timeline and some history pages in the wiki; however, almost everything else is fanmade fiction. Granted some of the fanmade stuff became so prevalent Rolf made it official. Overall, the devs leave it as an open sandbox more or less, and let players impact the history and current events. Ugh, just checked and even many of the official history pages seem to have been scrubbed from the wiki.