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  1. Hmm I was expecting more screaming and death from giant spiders (that while giant I never saw coming)... like in my own first experiences.
  2. Soooo shiny... Just to be clear, this is for the whole lot of 10 as a whole, and not each one individually?
  3. Urge to build fortress tower rising...
  4. Some small changes and some interesting ones, especially for BL.
  5. Heh aye that was a pretty traumatic change; though, I should point out there had been some (admittedly limited) warning beforehand. Then for some reason Rolf basically did the equivalent of quickly ripping the bandage off. Granted most of the warning signs were known to pvp players that had consistently complained about some Home server raiders abusing the current system to hit Chaos and then run back to the invulnerable Homes. Still though, total agreement the change would probably have been far better received with much more public announcements and a longer cooling period for pve players to adjust. Might have made for a nicer mix of pvp and pve player styles, especially with enemy kd taking CR penalties on Home servers. Also the no deed or tower-building limit. Not to mention some more "buffer" servers with varying degrees of safety. Not like the arrangement was all that unusual in mmos. Consider Eve's security space system where the solar systems are fully linked regardless of pve or pvp. Powerful NPC fleets patrol the "high security" pve servers. Heck the really nice stuff is even out in the ""kill or be killed" sectors of space, almost exclusively. @Brash_Endeavors, personally I assumed the 2012 announcement was about his plans for what became Epic. What was going to happen to Chaos at the time was pretty uncertain. EDIT: But yeah overall Rolf and Notch had a slightly more hardcore niche vision in mind from the beginning, especially in terms of pvp. The entire Freedom cluster (except Wild or Chaos ) was more of a kneejerk response to the fallout from the majority of the then playerbase. Heck even us pvpers were going... "Damn man" while:
  6. Pff "shoulder pads"...
  7. Kind of on the fence personally. On one hand Id prefer to preserve the "black box" feel of not being sure what exactly is going on. Kind of helps the immersion for me. On the other hand, knowing what's going on, helps debugging immensely. Let alone catching some ###### exploiting something. One example I was personally involved in (EDIT: not to mention enough time and space to avoid stepping on toes), during several pvp clashes for a particular natural landbridge on Chaos (fording and bridges were only a VERY distant dream at the time), there soon arose some very wonky behavior when it came to taking down a particular player's character. Even the most skilled hardcore pvpers in LO had trouble landing hits, even when it became 4 or more against 1. Hell at one point there was like five of us plus a couple zombie trolls on the char, and it was ridiculous how long it took. (On a related note, that death dropped a player-crafted "Heirloom" armor set, which instead of playing along with the "flavor text" we - in true style as Libila-worshipping, cannibalistic, evil-doers - sacrificed it to our Dark Mistresses' greater glory. Heh fun times). Unfortunately I digress, the player in question would claim it was due to having ridiculously high shield skills, deep understanding of the CR system, or w/e blather he would spew out on a given day. Long story short, we watched the char like a hawk and scrutinized everything. Granted the player was a long-known convicted cheater on numerous previous occasions, so that helped narrow it down. Shared information with GMs, and the player ended up being caught on at least two exploits. Yeah sure there's Wurm Universe now, and a much of the game's fundamental algorithms are at the perusal of the public. Though, keep in mind there's quite a bit of difference between the codebases for WU and WO, simply in just bug fixes and new content. Not to mention what the devs intentionally keep out or change. In addition, I've seen far too many players treat pvp like its a pure numbers game; as a result, they either put off playing pvp till later levels or end up not doing it at all. Sure taking efforts to buff one's CR helps... a lot. However, there is so much more impact even a low CR can have, and I don't mean the hell of dealing with freebie, suicide alts. Although, such chars can be a good example of the kind of shenanigans when one sheds the fear of "dying". I still to this day snicker when I recall Zerobyte running out balls-naked, wielding scorpion corpses, to beat people even during "serious pvp". Or even further back to the original Sye player with her battle chicken and death stick. Several other similar memories from which I still draw great amusement. Unfortunately relying on CR as a sole measure simply encourages an elitist form of mindset that discourages new players coming in. Personally its far better to encourage players to just jump into the damned water already and try it out. Focus on skill grinding is better performed when one is distracted having fun with one's mates.
  8. Enchant gloves for faster hand action! ... for stuff.
  9. Heh recall at one point many, many, many moons ago one could get exp from the same tile, regardless of success or failure... and without even moving. Still even then it amazes me anyone grinded the skill over even 30. Over 90 is just... damn. Heck foraging and botanizing didn't even have skill unlocks until a year or two ago.
  10. They make creams and salves for that.
  11. I find the lack of Duce and Oracle/Barakus mentions to be disturbing
  12. Just enabling animal transport/shipping would be a nice first step before enabling cross-server shipping. I'm sure there may be code/networking issues, and not to mention some community hostility towards such shipping impacting server population caps. So just enabling animals to be loaded unto a ship in some manner would be a nice baby step. Not to mention a good phase in the development cycle for working the kinks out for that implementation.
  13. 3.5 silver for the source
  14. Its not paranoia if they are really out to get you!