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  1. You shouldn't have gone there... you mean the people you "gave permission to deed there" and then demanded they only have a small shack and maples on every tile? Tsk tsk tsk tsk.
  2. If it's about adding a new type, kill the nefarious fir tree and replace it with cocoa =P
  3. Can't be asked to check 57 pages to see if this one's been done, so here goes.... ooooh eh oh!
  4. From my WO and WU experience, Wurm engine either can't handle a map the size of Xanadu properly or that server needs several SSD drives on RAID, a couple more cores, and way more RAM.... wasn't able to test THAT solution much since I don't plan to build a server just for that, but a smaller version of that upgrade on my PC made my 16x16 run sweetly and allowed me to boost the mob count like crazy. (As in upgraded to SSD and added 8giga ram)
  5. We've been saying it for ages, Corsan just said it again: It's all fine and dandy between 50 and 59.99 AH to get your 5-speeds, after that you basically need your entire stock to have the same extra trait or you'll have 4-speeds with 2 extra traits all over the place, situation which basically persists until you got 90AH where it's 5spd +4. And all that is not counting that 1/3 chance per trait of it being replaced by a bad trait because RNG. In short, higher skill is penalized but there's no way to freeze one's AH other than using alts.
  6. Still waiting for a hammer and a sickle to be viable weapons but.... capitalism....
  7. You said it, used to be. A Release to Deli trip could pay my deed for a month no problem, and the sellers would make sure it was a full hold (either single or multiple deliveries). Buuuut there are more boat owners than sailors, server border teleports were added, sea trade as a business died... USE YOUR BOATS ye landlubbers. An 8 hour trip was too much, you got your way, now go on your reduced time 2 hour trips and deliver your barrels. Alternatively, post your sales as "pick up only". If not, at least be honest about your casualing of the game and stop opposing land portals.
  8. Makes some funeral/death allusion, similar in a way to why you don't scratch your eyebrow with your middle finger during an interview.........
  9. Learn to sail. Y'all killed shipping as a business by demanding "plot course", NOW USE IT.
  10. Because you should never cross your chopsticks.
  11. Because some people go far above the max score you can accumulate at the moment, so why not give them a proper reason to overachieve?
  12. +1 Give the PvP ones new variations, it'll keep them in business. Rifts should, and pardon the mini-hijack, also get some form of smaller different "hota" statues (Rift Statues!) by the way.