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  1. Bonus caption: "What do you mean 'Crate your own ride' was a typo!?"
  2. Doesn't wearing a wagon as a shoulderpad slow you down though?
  3. "Know your meme"
  4. *Chants* Sanctum Peter Cottium Deus in re unium hippitus hoppitus Reus Domine In suus via torreum Lepus in re sanctum hippitus hoppitus Reus Domine [12:16:04] Hoppitus Rex moves in to attack you.
  5. You just gave the exact definition of p2w. "It's extremely slow if you do it in game, or you just spit out some cash to have it instantly."
  6. Sure beats the roving lawyer squads who used to defend every act of griefing and general douchebaggery Wurm used to have. Game looks better with a community that's intolerant of needless shenanigans, as opposed to a community who'll squeal with delight and cheap defenses of thieves every time someone's game experience is unnecessarily ruined.
  7. comic relief

    "You can safely and easily explore Xanadu in plate armor!"
  8. "They're easy to tame!", they said.
  9. comic relief

    "A two week vacation shouldn't result in any nasty surprises".
  10. comic relief

    "If it weren't for PvP'ers all these great ideas would have never been implemented!"
  11. comic relief

    Minecraft has better graphics.
  12. comic relief

    "That'll teach them not to grief others!" "He can't be CM, look at his rap sheet!" "This is clearly a bug"
  13. HIGHLY debatable. Disconnect PvP from PvE, we'd have more uniques to kill, we'd have more customization suggestions go through without PvP demanding their exclusivity on shinies for profits, and we'd have less experienced deedbreakers whenever a permissions' bug shows up.
  14. You shouldn't have gone there... you mean the people you "gave permission to deed there" and then demanded they only have a small shack and maples on every tile? Tsk tsk tsk tsk.