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  1. LMAO Yup.. what was it? 3 bottles wine a night right? XD
  2. New hair, new picture... It used to be this long.. Funny pic at festival (Mysteryland)
  3. How yall doing here? im pretty sure im last tho
  4. Sweetsusie was here :D

  5. You do realize that (<3) is not a heart right?
  6. Does it still hurt that he banned you kamal?
  7. I wonder how many email adresses you have and ip's you have had kamal.
  8. Lol.. Plotting his revenge.. Lmao!!! I love the animal vids with voices..(if done right)
  9. "Ill be back" after a couple posts
  10. I was just gonna say that too.. heyy a new contestant! welcome in the competition nobody will win but everybody will have fun xD
  11. Yup true.. Ive had my channel on this server too. I was channel admin or something? It seems that just like in wurm maybe i guess.. People come amd go.. One day or period it will be more crowded than other times. So invite people and give it a chance its fun when you just drop into a channel and meet other wurmians.(voices) And the forum died a little because of WU probably.. It will live up again
  12. I think once in a while. I go there sometimes when meeting a wurm friend(s) if you mean you didnt see anyone there... i also noticed that i couldnt see my friend in the other channel last few times so maybe there are more people but i couldnt see them in the other channels.
  13. Yup Enki is the right guy as the Head Game Master.. He helpt me a lot for a long time... And will still help where he can.. and is very understanding, never been rude and always been patient. Which is something that is very important for a GM and in my eyes. Not all have those abilities.. I think i already thanked him a while back but again thanks!! And i dont really know what goes on behind the scenes but thanks to the team that helped him with my cases and for the other GM's that made it possible for the players to enjoy the game. (almost feels like a goodbye lol)
  14. i just wait a few posts and then make a winning post again, since i was already winning