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  1. I hear ducks all the time, they must lay eggs somewhere.
  2. +1, and perhaps make some resource(s) forageable in marsh. Maybe crayfish or waterfowl eggs. "You find crayfish!"
  3. Bump. Now that the year 1066 is upon us. I will bump again a week or so out from the event
  4. Caption: Leonardo da Wurmci's disastrous test drive of the ill fated "horseless wagon".
  5. Will collapsing a mined out sandstone tile produce sandstone or rock? 50 hits per vein is going to be a severe limitation unless a very high fraction of tiles are seeded with sandstone.
  6. The marble does look decidedly rough hewn. Marble looks best with a smooth, polished surface that shows off the faint swirls and veins of impurities. I prefer the current marble bridge texture to these rough blocks
  7. What raw material is used for the sandtone wall type? made from sand somehow? new quarryable resource? The red brick looks especially good btw.
  8. Good work on diversifying the wall, fence, and pavement types. Would it be pretty please possible to do something nice with the existing thatch roofing type too?
  9. fwiw the problem has cleared up is still happening for me sporadically on Release
  10. I have had the same problems on Release today. Waiting minutes for for doors to open, menus not populating, very long login times, etc. According to my network monitor latency between my PC and the wurm server is 180ms which is far from ideal but indicates that the packets are getting through. No other web sites are performing poorly for me.
  11. FYI, eclipses of Sol by Jackal recurr regularly every 80 days. As someone who spent an embarassing number of hours studying the motions of the moons I would like their encounters to have some mild consequences. But most people don't much care and would rather not be bothered by the moons
  12. Sounds good, although the number of items bought would be limited by player inventory (and strength for heavy objects). Unless the purchased items could be directed somehow into a specified container. Cheap cross server mail has rendered merchants largely irrelevant; bulk sales may be a way to revitalize them.
  13. +1 for a rustic look
  14. heh, typical Dallas storm
  15. The next grand conjunction promises to be the best ever with the moons clustering very tightly in the Western sky before sunrise. It is 00:00:00 on day of the Wurm in week 1 of the starfall of Silence in the year of 1066. 00:52 Seris rises in the WNW 01:01 Valrei rises in the NW 01:47 Jackal rises in the WNW 04:50 Sol rises in the NW 09:35 The conjunction of Jackal and Valrei attains minimum separation of 7.8 degrees 13:21 The conjunction of Jackal and Seris attains minimum separation of 1.4 degrees 16:00 The conjunction of Jackal and Sol ends 16:17 Valrei sets in the SW 16:56 Seris sets in the SW 17:11 Jackal sets in the WSW 19:11 Sol sets in the SW