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  1. The only problem I see with village boards, is players on other servers don't see them and even players on the larger servers are unlikely to just happen across them. Placing at starter villages is ok, but it means placing at all the starter villagers as a new player would usually have no idea where to go initially, let alone luckily choose your server. A separate tab would remove the spam from the other tabs and make it more manageable. New players would then also have a defined place to look to join a village, rather than rely on luck and timing to see and ad or ask if anyone is recruiting. A separate tab would be monitored by those actively recruiting and looking for villages and liable to end up with better success. Anyway that's my two cents
  2. Tichrun (Gold) in my herd
  3. From the news item: "The reduction in skillgain from HFC is also being looked at, and as soon as the issue is isolated it will be fixed. "
  4. Retested today. All working fine, most prob me and lack of sleep
  5. No plant options for any Herbs/Spices on a Rare Planter. edit: To Clarify, its a Rare Clay Planter
  6. This caught me out as well. Paprika and Turmeric need to have their seeds picked first, then plant the seeds. Fennel cannot be planted, only foraged/botanized.
  7. Doesn't require the fork to chop veg, just the knife ( just used knife and fork to demonstrate it wasn't the carver or butcher knife) Priest can't make the larder, or any other item that requires additional mats, we all use alts on friends for this if we are solo priests. Same for improving the knife, an alt or friend (or market) is required, same for for all tools the priest uses. Same situation as current for the forges we cook in, the frying pans we use, the rakes for farming etc.
  8. Just confirmed it requires snow, ie next winter. Don't know how "efficient" it will be before then.
  9. My understanding is "Chopping" veg gives "Cooking" skill gains
  10. Update. Veg can be stored in a new container - Larder My understanding is its a Fine Carp item it needs...20 planks, 4 shafts, 3 small nails, 5 lead, 2 iron ribbons My current belief is it does not require a minimum FC skill to start
  11. Last statement from Retro a few pages back:- will chase up the bulk storage, when I helped set up the test server it was possible edit: corrected my spelling
  12. it's the harvested veg chopped with a knife (as in knife and fork, not carving or butcher) I believe
  13. After today's Unstable update. The view of a char in a boat doesnt match the model as seen from another char. Client version 4.00-18ab465