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  1. Spring is here and so i can show off some improvements again! Started work on slate walling, this is 45 slate slabs and OMG THEY TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE!!! Slate slabs are ridiculous, i actually made a suggestion thread about reducing their requirements after this because....goddamn. Those took most of an entire day. Also smoothed out and slabbed the canal as well as added paving. Looks a lot neater along here now
  2. I moved to Exodus from Chaos last year, lived with some friends at The Old Contemptibles for a while but couldn't quite deal with the old itch to have a project to work on. So in November Magranon's Rest was born as a "bit of a project to play around with no big deal". Thankfully i took many screenshots to show how much i lied to myself in that first day. So i found my location, spoke with the locals Mappy and Cyborg over at Centrum about giving them a new, slightly insane, neighbour and got to work: Deedplanner image of the start. I made some calculations after opening an entrance at the base of the mountain, exactly 900 slope from the top edge of the mine entrance to the height of the token. This will be important later Marked out the deed border with banners temporarily and set up my temp workshop, The Gravy House. I started a ramp around to use the dirt i'd dug up and then realised it would take far too long to dirt ramp up, so for the first...2 months i believe, WALL LADDER. Here began the true first stage of madness, the decision to hollow out the entire mountain, deed is a 51x51 and by the end of these images i have a mine well over 1000 tiles. Naturally that wasn't enough for me so i also mined the ceilings up, then lowered the floors to max ceiling height. At the time of writing this, the floors are about 1/3 completed levelling down. Sorry about the lighting, mines are derpy to take pictures of. How i fuel myself, boozebed. Here we have a rare sighting of another person stupid enough to show up and work with me, believe this was Mappy...possibly Cyborg. Yes i conscripted my neighbours. Mad attempt to deal with the lighting or i screwed up and needed ash for concrete? You decide. I tried to be smart by only storing 50+QL rocks...i still ended up with about 50,000 xD This is how it looks at the moment for the entryway, after this pic you must suffer through several boring and samey images of a cave ramp. Why you ask? The reason is simple, because i spent weeks making this god forsaken ramp and it is BEAUTIFUL. MARCH 19th EDIT with unstable client dynamic lighting! Understably, I hope, at this point i wanted to give up on life and settled instead for putting the mine on hold so i could BE OUTSIDE. Starting with a platform up at the token level. Strategic lava tiles are used for destroying insolent ore veins on my ramp. That top platform became a farm for a while, man's gotta eat. Now i realised the time had come to begin the first platform of three that will eventually stack together to reach the token height. Needed more dirts and ended up with the start of a moat. Hmm...water....idea forming perhaps. Gonna need to fill this in... Wheeeeeee dumping dirt out is so much more fun than levelling! Somtimes i just sorta get distracted by my own ideas. This one was...."hmm should i surface mine another platform above the token area? It ended in my planting the one and only tree at Magranon's Rest. Lovingly wild growth casted and enchanted by Shellbee. Then those damned horrible evil devs gave us three wide mine entrances and i HAD TO HAVE ONE. Problem was it looked utterly terrible without flattening out the tops of the entrances as well as the bottom. This whole process took 2 days because....digging the goddamn dirtwall back down, also i screwed up like 3 times. It's beautiful...... With the addition of the bridge and needing more dirt I went back to that water idea from earlier CANAAAAALLLLLL. Reasonably certain I drove a number of my alliance insane with my canal madness. Not just dug, but also dirt casted to rock level depth. Shout out to Bonefly of Black Brigade for not murdering me for slapping a canal in front of his deed o.o Place is finally starting to come together That rock layer on the West side was in the way. It had to go. Deedplanner screenshot That's it for now folks, about 4 months of my "small project". I will continue to chronicle it and get those platforms raised! At the time of posting this the first platform is complete and filled with dirt but it's night time and i refuse to take screenshots in that lighting so that one can wait March 9th post - Plotting out the Nomads and Centrum Canals. March 10th post - Diving board! March 14th post - Canal progress allows caravel now! New bridge up across to Nomads March 20th post - Spring arrived and i updated with new paving, smoothed out canal and the start of the horrors of making slate slabs for the walls. Helpy helpers who have helped Arium - Initial cave mining Cyborg - Mining Mappy - Mining, dirt donations and helped put up the guard towers Jakerivers - Not honestly certain if he knows how many supplies i "borrowed" from ToC Mypoppy - Dirt Donation Somebodyx - Does stuff on occasion, honestly not sure why i don't KoS him for being my only citizen who's never here. Zivirt - I steal his account to do skills i'm too lazy to grind myself. Szai - Dirt Donation Thunderstruck - Dirt Donation If i missed someone do yell at me. If anyone wants to come visit you've got the location up at the top of this post South end of the NE desert. Deed is open access and if i'm online i'll even feed ya Edit - Forgot a shout out to Tovarishtito, who sold me about a thousand reinforcement beams for nice price and delivered right to my door.
  3. Alright if it helps anyone let it be noted i've stabilised unstable pretty well today just by changing anisotropic filtering and antialiasing down to the recommended 4 and 2 (my antialiasing was at 8 and unstable seemingly did NOT like that) and turned of non-power-of-two textures. Gonna see if it maintains this FPS but it seems worlds better with those changes. EDIT - Held strong at 50+ FPS now for a good hour and the dynamic lighting is beautiful
  4. I changed a couple settings like anti-aliasing to see if i could improve it...It runs ok now but now all dyed items arn't dyed and rares don't shimmer lol. Edit - Ok so don't ever play with the GLSL, Lesson learned O.O
  5. Don't worry Egard "pvp changes are being worked on" It's totally happening ok? Believe.
  6. I love the lighting in unstable, but i have a high end PC and it still DESTROYS my fps. It's unplayable after 5-10 minutes and now exists only as the client i launch to take screenshots in nicer lighting
  7. These items are by a HUGE margin the most diffficult form of paving to create and for the life of me i can't understand why. Gravel - rock shard Cobbles - 1 brick from 1 shard Slabs - 1 slab from a few shards Marble slabs - Same as above Slate slabs - Make a buttload of ash, use this ash and Nat subs skill to make lye. Now you need mortar which you've prepped from clay and sand, which must be combined using nat subs to create concrete. You need 5 of these for one slab. But this is not all you need because you also need to mine out some slate and produce TWENTY shingles. With all this done you may now make an unfinished slate slab and attach all pieces to complete a ONE tile worth. Oh and you need 2 of these things for a house floor. Seems utterly ridiculous in comparison to other paving
  8. Shrimpiie told me i was needed there too O.o Why does everyone want me to scar my beloved Magranon?
  9. I have about 200 spider those not count?
  10. imo it would be a lot more reasonable if it was 5 mortar instead of concrete and like...10 shingles. Still takes some work to make but doesn't have this insane requirement.
  11. Redid all previous images of the mine in the unstable lighting, looks SO much nicer, really hope this lighting system can be put onto the normal client asap! Once winter is over i'll showcase the improvements outside, got some nice paving done, some new bridges up and the canal is up at Centrum now. Soon connect to Nomads. EDIT- Scratch that i'll only use unstable for pictures and i don't hope they put it on normal client too soon because FPS is terrible with unstable. Had to switch back. Nice lighting but terrible performance.
  12. Tried out unstable today and well... Here's an image from my OP Now the same angle in unstable. I'd say the lighting is a hell of a lot better. I'll endeavour to get more braziers up and showcase the mine better.
  13. Half the material cost would be fine by me. I don't want them to be as easy as the rest, just not have this ENORMOUS difficulty spike from "chip a couple rocks" to "suffer fool"
  14. This sounds like an argument of "i had to do it the hard way so i don't want it made easier for anyone else". That is called preventing progress.
  15. Ok so to be clear, the reason you disagree with this suggestion is you want to waste your time, you don't want other people to have an easier time making something that you once had to do the hard way and you want to be able to make money off it being hard. I'll stop bothering to ask questions then.
  16. Ignoring the fact that having 99 in each of the required skills still wouldn't change the fact that you need to spend literally days to make enough of these to create a path from them? Seriously? You want to spend days on paving? I don't understand this logic. A difficult to make item should have some kind of tangible improvement over the easier alternatives that justifies its difficulty. Not just an asthetic difference and a players desire to make money off it.
  17. So you want them to be hard to make, in spite of the only difference being asthetics grinded some skills?
  18. This is me posting to let you all know how surprised i am that a thread about dealing with pvp issues turned into epic-chaos merge whining.
  19. Chaos is the same size as Elevation. Ele was increased in size to match Chaos in the reset.
  20. Always found it odd that blue dye is so insane to get made. red - cochinaels are easy to come by and everyone skills butchering green - just mine it, easy white - just mine it, easy black - we can harvest acorns now - You have to scramble around botanising for ages, rarely getting woad, getting lots of random other junk and the chance its good QL is reaallllly slim. Couldn't we allow Woad to be put in planters and use similar code to herbs? Edit for important information - You can no longer botanise high QL woad without the skill. It is literally capped with your skill since 1.3. If you ever want to be able to make 90QL blue dye you need to find a person with 90+ botanising. Does anyone in the whole game have that!? Feb 9th Edit - Today the devs decided that Forestry, Milking and Botanising being actually slightly reasonable to grind for the first time in 10 years needed nerfing, so now it's even harder to get woad.
  21. I'm honestly kinda blown away that anyone has ever suffered through grinding botanising.
  22. You think i won't make another canal around your deed? Boy i got canal plans for months.
  23. That's the plan, link it all up
  24. Literally anytime anyone asks about woad, blue or mixing dye that requires blue the only answer they get now is "sorry the devs messed with woad now noone can get good blue". Can we please fix this
  25. Working on connecting the canal system up to The Nomads and Centrum Universi and raising platform #2. Until then be pleased with the knowledge that my obsessive dirt casting has made it caravel accessible Someone wanna donate me like a billion concrete so i can put slate slabs all over my walls and along the canal? I will give you a potato.