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  1. Project Eggplant, AKA the Fire and Sand Alliance Esert Redesign Team are happy to announce that we have surface mined a canal linkup to the new Esert docks!
  2. Justice for the only dye that requires 1. A skill you can't grind with CoC 2. A skill that doesn't have a wide range of other uses. 3. A gathering tool that can't be boosted with imbue and/or gathering rune.
  3. Spring is here and so i can show off some improvements again! Started work on slate walling, this is 45 slate slabs and OMG THEY TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE!!! Slate slabs are ridiculous, i actually made a suggestion thread about reducing their requirements after this because....goddamn. Those took most of an entire day. Also smoothed out and slabbed the canal as well as added paving. Looks a lot neater along here now
  4. Alright if it helps anyone let it be noted i've stabilised unstable pretty well today just by changing anisotropic filtering and antialiasing down to the recommended 4 and 2 (my antialiasing was at 8 and unstable seemingly did NOT like that) and turned of non-power-of-two textures. Gonna see if it maintains this FPS but it seems worlds better with those changes. EDIT - Held strong at 50+ FPS now for a good hour and the dynamic lighting is beautiful
  5. I changed a couple settings like anti-aliasing to see if i could improve it...It runs ok now but now all dyed items arn't dyed and rares don't shimmer lol. Edit - Ok so don't ever play with the GLSL, Lesson learned O.O
  6. Don't worry Egard "pvp changes are being worked on" It's totally happening ok? Believe.
  7. I love the lighting in unstable, but i have a high end PC and it still DESTROYS my fps. It's unplayable after 5-10 minutes and now exists only as the client i launch to take screenshots in nicer lighting
  8. Shrimpiie told me i was needed there too O.o Why does everyone want me to scar my beloved Magranon?
  9. I have about 200 spider those not count?
  10. imo it would be a lot more reasonable if it was 5 mortar instead of concrete and like...10 shingles. Still takes some work to make but doesn't have this insane requirement.
  11. Redid all previous images of the mine in the unstable lighting, looks SO much nicer, really hope this lighting system can be put onto the normal client asap! Once winter is over i'll showcase the improvements outside, got some nice paving done, some new bridges up and the canal is up at Centrum now. Soon connect to Nomads. EDIT- Scratch that i'll only use unstable for pictures and i don't hope they put it on normal client too soon because FPS is terrible with unstable. Had to switch back. Nice lighting but terrible performance.
  12. Tried out unstable today and well... Here's an image from my OP Now the same angle in unstable. I'd say the lighting is a hell of a lot better. I'll endeavour to get more braziers up and showcase the mine better.
  13. Half the material cost would be fine by me. I don't want them to be as easy as the rest, just not have this ENORMOUS difficulty spike from "chip a couple rocks" to "suffer fool"
  14. This sounds like an argument of "i had to do it the hard way so i don't want it made easier for anyone else". That is called preventing progress.
  15. Ok so to be clear, the reason you disagree with this suggestion is you want to waste your time, you don't want other people to have an easier time making something that you once had to do the hard way and you want to be able to make money off it being hard. I'll stop bothering to ask questions then.