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  1. Title says it all, these items have such a huge size that they cannot fit into even the largest containers in the game and storing any amount of them involves a lot of items dumped on the ground until the decorative item limit is hit on each tile. [10:20:32] The Empire of Mol Rehan tall kingdom banner will not fit in the caravel. - This is silly Would at minimum hope to see them fit into large ships and large storage units.
  2. I don't even know how to attempt to formulate an answer to the suggestion that we need to make our characters working abilities "realistic" while i'm walking around with 200kg of dirt in my pockets.
  3. At the risk of repeating myself, the discussion isn't about whether or not you're capable of believing that players who hit this cap arn't all botters and macroers. Calling everyone that is pointless, insulting and demonstrably incorrect. It's not an opinion that people can and do hit the cap by just playing the game within the rules, it's fact.
  4. Yeah that's basically it, anyone who is efficient with skills like digging and mining can easily hit the cap because the timers are so long.
  5. It maxes at 12 hours atm not 24
  6. I thoroughly support a boosted regen to fatigue while logged off and/or in a bed. It just makes sense.
  7. I would argue that efficiently setting up your game time is precisely what fatigue punishes people for Hailene. Efficiency is what uses up all your fatigue.
  8. As stated above, i feel a big part of this issue is how many people seem to be in complete disbelief that players can legitimately hit the fatigue cap. It's a lot easier to do than people seem to think and it certainly does not require account sharing or macroing, playing a lot sure but why punish players for playing the game they pay premium for the right to play without restrictions on their account? I've experienced hitting the cap several times before and atm a good friend of mine basically hits it every single day and is stuck in foreverfatigue all because he happens to be working hard on grinding his account atm, which just seems realy silly. He logs in every day and has to set skillgain goals not that he is trying to achieve, but that he hopes to achieve before fatigue forces him to log out of wurm.
  9. While it would be nice to have another way to regen fatigue this still feels to me like the same issue of punishing players for playing the game a lot.
  10. If the issue has to come down to insulting players who find issues with this by calling them nolifers. I would suggest perhaps you might want to rethink whether you're on the side of a fair discussion or not.
  11. Guest Houses are up, getting started on my underground city Now i just need to furnish them and get back to digging! Big thanks for this progress in the mine this week go to @armyskin who as i type this is levelling floors for Magranon.
  12. Yes that is what i was responding to and pointing out as something i see as incorrect, repeating it doesn't add anything to the discussion.
  13. The issue isn't botting or bad play styles. It's a stupid poorly implemented system that achieves nothing but forcing players to not play the game as a punishment for playing the game. The worst thing is that once you've managed to hit it once you're basically stuck because the system for regenning fatigue is worse than the one that reduces it >.<
  14. It's really...truly...horrible.
  15. Slowly slowly one tile at a time i dump more dirt into this. Big progress on the mine lately too but i'll post an update about that when we complete the current section and i finish the guest houses i'm making today Took a nice image of current progress in deedplanner with the new walls and the new sandstone mansion residence of a pair of my citizens.