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  1. 20s bid for bulk
  2. Hi, so I'm hearing that you can still be attacked On deed through doors by an enemy unless you step back 2 tiles, reported from a epic crew.
  3. can i take highest ql crystal rune of libs, for the item reduction weight for 10%, thank you, cod to Teal
  4. boat acquired can lock
  5. Brought.
  6. 99ql boatlock, send me your prices. Rare would be epic.
  7. deliver to F8-Mottistone shores on Deli and CoD Teal
  8. make drake helmet as strong as steel helmet so glimmer/ada/seryll are still alternatives over speed gain Gary's idea is better, ofc.
  9. If i remember correctly its like the smallest combat boost for the first hit - also getting behind somebody, avoiding mobs, it's tamed horse, gaurds, pavement, any self-interaction, all which causes you to unstealth to then proceed in combat without a horse, it's probably worth giving that small 'suprise' boost considering the trouble you go to to even get there. lol I actually do stealth a lot, and I wouldn't consider it OP unless there is a well planned long awaited gank on somebody, but even then the chances of being unstealthed outside of them simply seeing you is pretty high unless you know what the hell your doing and plan accordingly your route etc. Nothing really OP about 'stealth' itself, but I can see the worry of the 'back stab bonus' but eh, it's in the code, could be working already and nobody knows, but just wanted confirmation, if its something that is gonna do 20-30% damage against sotg, i'd say no to it. It's not OP at all, but currently, with BC/Logic checks, you will fail 99% of the time moving whilst stealthed, you will simply be spotted and show up in local, even tho you aren't aware you've been spotted, because you don't unstealth or anything to indicate it. I think simply removing the mind logic check/stealth check or reducing the effectiveness/range will be enough to bring it into line and 'balance'
  10. Ty Worksock, I've added that to the first post because thats basically the skill check we want removed
  11. Don't really need an overhaul nor was i asking for that, I was asking for the BC check to spot stealthed players [if its related] to be removed, as we think it's related, but you're actually the best person to ask, is it related or just broken bug?
  12. I'd pc the first accountat 850-1150 dollars in current state. Wouldn't sell for less than 900 personally.
  13. Also, there is suppose to be a back stab bonus/attack bonus for the first hit you do when coming out of stealth behind a player, I forget the ingame message, but is this actually in or was it removed [saw in code] This should be added back/made sure it's there also.