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  1. the distance-paint disappearing bug is still alive and well in the unstable client. im hoping it isn't impossible to resolve. it disenchants effort somewhat.
  2. +1
  3. bump
  4. It strikes me, that very many chars get said `hello` to by some random passing stranger, but there's no one at home. I have witnessed a few assuming ignorance, which is ridiculous, i agree. but there we have it. There are many reason to sit a character in the game and go afk, in WO you can run more than one window and have more than one char so this happens alot. The suggestion; Maybe change the colour of our name when afk, or have an AFK tag sit next to it. one argument against this is that `most people don't bother with the afk command`.. well of course they don't, it doesn't affect local.
  5. ha! good. keeps you fresh. intriguing `review` how long have you played?
  6. which is why im very happy that codeclub pay you a developers wage. the deedplanner work is out of hours commitment, and we're all very grateful. you're right tho, those of us that have been empowered by your software for more than a couple of years, should probably, ethically, donate. (don't reply to that comment, i know you demand nothing and was simply reporting observed facts) *writes something on his to do list for next week* As for measure of use, you could code something in dp that reports use if the user is online. course you'd have to explain the firewall notification in a pop up the first time it connects. not perfectly explained but i wish to commit.
  7. it's taken me 3 years to decide to priest my alt. the only reason im doing this, is because of the new Bless functionality. Priests being their own `class` bring added revenue to the game because some people can afford to premium both. Codeclub are not greedy, so for this reason and only this reason. -1
  8. +1
  9. then choose one and bump it.. *blinks** +1
  10. the situation isn't as chronic as it used to be, i believe measures have already been applied. however. +1 edit - didn't realise this was a bump, i voted on this page 1.5 years ago. ignore this plus 1
  11. Hi, sorry, you're probably aware of one or both of these problems but i wanted to be sure. Can't change profile image, can't access account settings. Site error: the file /var/www/ requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the ionCube Loader Wizard to assist with installation
  12. that's a mathematical impossibility. anything less than one time would not be enough. so a one time restriction is not more than enough it's only enough. no?