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  1. NSFW or under 21's Dir en Grey - Obscure origin - Japan - genre - metal / gore came to my attention some time ago, during my clubscene years. Don't watch this is you know nothing of madness. im serious. however if you've been through the wringer a few too many times, you'll find it fascinating.
  2. try the unstable client
  3. A Pen and Paper! slightly more important than a sense of humour, without it, you'll loose yours. and bring a compass. for gods sake bring a compass
  4. Directions to glasshollow for those of us sailing there; Glasshollow public market and harbour > Head south and up, above the fields, turn eastwards and go through the west gate. Head straight and you'll see the west pylon Head to south pylon, the tree is right next to it amongst enchanted grass.
  5. how do i get there without a horse
  6. bump
  7. As you can see, the North West corner is to my left and iswas not reinforced. However, when i mined forward it didn't give me a random slope on the north tile border, it gave me a random slope on the south, reinforced border. If i can't fix it with concrete, the game shouldn't be able to screw it up with mine_forward I'm going to have to remove the paving and the reinforcements and i'll probably have to do every tile. Im fairly certain this never used to happen.
  8. As you move about the contrast becomes very apparent.
  9. q58 Black Opal - 3s q60 Star Sapphire - 3.5s send tell or reply thank you
  10. abstaining from vote. as with brexit, i don't have the knowledge i need to make an enlightened decision. interesting stuff tho, worth observing.
  11. You can now create your own video and share it with the community on a dedicated sub forum. problem solved.
  12. -1 16-235 and 0-255 might play a part in the variation also, some of us play on HD / UHD TV's then there's the diff between the stable and unstable clients. To be honest, squinting and the oscillation of focus that follows, i find physically painful, makes eyes hurt, slowly gives headache.. so i have to turn up the gamma anyway, or set my black level to higher in the tv's settings. yes my output is set to 16-235
  13. Slate and marble Tall stone walls, parapet. I'll +1 this thread but we know the status for this sort of thing. as i understand it and have been told, the code is being worked on (major refactoring), until this is complete, limitations are preventing more stuff from being added. in addition, deed>export's fix is being held off because once the client refactoring is complete, d>e will have to be updated (again). I'm pretty confident these things will come