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  1. Good god i hadn't even checked. Transic, lol. Well spotted Yaga. and thank you.
  2. yes (c32). was barely worth mentioning. but as you say, it would have saved me some work had i not used an enchant. also i didn't fletch the shafts i used, didn't fletch at all until 20.95, this was the other difference. so c32 bow meant i had to use the two hander for skill on trees. no fletching meant i had to use the longsword for skill on trees. using a c50 longsword meant i had to use the shortsword for skill on doll I guess with these things in mind it's only about 20% harder than it used to be and the longer i dwell on it, the more that figure drops to 10. thanks for mentioning the enchant not affecting body stats. I'll pass that info on when the need arises.
  3. You may wish to be careful, EA owns the brand, even Garriott is having to change names, graphics, maps for his new mmo `Shroud of the Avatar` to avoid legal complications. good luck tho very interesting
  4. bump
  5. sounds pretty absolute and i resolutely agree. -1 rain on the other hand..
  6. wow, i got to this thread late. priested an alt.. i got archery to 40 during dusk, two handed sword & longsword to 20 from trees, shortsword on a practise doll, a couple of other things that i've gladly forgotton and BC was still not at 21. fletching got me from 20.95 to 21. it was so much more painful to do that it was 3 years ago, that it put me off playing, over and over again. took 2 weeks of mood-spoiling to get there. if i have to do that again im going to pay someone to do it for me. i did think throughout it all, `hmm, it's still better than `my kingdom for a horse`, also now that priests have to work a little harder before they become one. it makes the class more substantial to own from horseback. feels that way anyway. `it's not just a priest, it's a priest.. on a horse!`
  7. I had a shoulderpad that was meant to give face protection. (or a mask, i forget which) so i wore it to a rift. i went afk for 5 mins, when i came back, i'd suffered 70% damage to the face, nowhere else. just the face. so i have no feelings about this, never known face protection, even when promised and i doubt i ever will. thoughts however, reflect the model so -1
  8. Larders are making meals last longer now. much longer. snowballs too. I dislike cooking in this game i mean it's fine but, so much hassle for something that lasts a day or two. 99.9% of what i've made in 3 years is meat and veg. my FC is 24. But.. now that we have larders, now that food is something that you can actually store.. I think i may get around to preparing a ton of bangersnmash next winter. Then there's refresh, and opulence and the sac'ing of rares. -1
  9. added this url to this url; already +1'd
  10. +1 (craftable)
  11. I've said it twice i'll say it again and i'll resist the urge to link all the other threads. +1 Bamboo!