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  1. Pandas are waiting! Come join us now!
  2. I have no words about this...
  3. Join us today!
  4. If you want that, go to chaos and champ up! -1
  5. Sounds good +1
  6. For future owner who maybe don't know, after dechamp account will loose 6 points in each characteristic subskills. Bump for great account!
  7. Most ignored topic 2k17....
  8. -1 All must stay as it is.
  9. Be part of great community!
  10. Yeah there was problems with permisions. Now all are fine
  11. Come to us and you will never be bored!
  12. Need to catch major to be sure about those perms.
  13. Hello, have issue on chaos. Changed village after champ up. All villagers in my local is in green color, but alliance members who are from different village but in same alliance are white and friends of other village blue. Bit wrong on chaos Can you guys look in this? Thanks!
  14. We have first champion, do you want be next one?
  15. Pandas are waiting!