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  1. 50c
  2. Hopefully i can make it, not been to a hunt in a while
  3. Shrimpiie cleared out most of the rares. So i'll update it as i get more
  4. [23:08:01] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. Was just riding a horse back to deed when poof, crash.
  6. Rares: Champagne (9 uses left) Rare cedar knapsack 45ql Supreme: Out of stock Misc: 61ql mallet 68 woa Gold chain set 70ql Gold ring 52 ql Silver necklace 70ql Necklace of protection 75 ql, seryll Gems I'll update this as stuff comes in, as i tend to make a lot of useless rares. Feel free to pm me in game or on forums any offers or questions
  7. Neat
  8. Yeah a slow reply is better than no reply and thanks for the good words. Before this topic gets derailed by others going off, if there is every any doubt about my rep, previous clients leave reviews on my bulk ad, so if you are unsure about me, just click and see for yourself
  9. 1s
  10. wts

    Send the rare dirt to Punishlife please
  11. Yeah but if someone searched my name they would have seen this post without a response from me which can be more damaging, when in reality, someone bought bulk, i delivered it and then cod an item for payment but they sold the account without notifying me. I'm sure it was all resolved in the end, i just want it to reflect that on the forums.
  12. Thanks but i must politely refuse. Currently unable to take any bulk orders, i'll let you know when i can if you'd like.
  13. I agree Nah but seriously, rep is everything for bulk workers/coin sellers. Got to keep mine stellar
  14. Delayed response is delayed. I only just found this post because i was checking the price for rare arrows, but the cod was payment for a bulk order i did i think. The forum never alerted my to this post so couldn't say anything sooner but i never scam, i make my coin the honest way. Spending hours/days/weeks making stuff for others.