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  1. I can help with the construction of the bridge, i used to live at R10 so it gives me an excuse to harass the old neighbours
  2. I can help with the construction of the bridge, i used to live at R10 so it gives me an excuse to harrass the old neighbours
  3. new

  4. Thanks mate, yeah i kinda treat it like a real business, i don't think my crazy tolerance would carry over well haha
  5. potion supermarket

    my bumps, my bumps, my lovely manly bumps, check em out
  6. Hey everyone, Some of you might remember from me constantly making bulk goodies down south or my goofy jokes in freedom chat. Due to some issues irl i was considering selling my account (you might have noticed a lack of bad puns and me spamming trade), which i didn't really want to do because i've had the same account for almost 4 years, made lots of friends and had an overall fun time. It was doubtful i would have carried on playing if i had to sacrifice all the time and energy i put into Punishlife. It turns out that this abysmal situation didn't have to happen thanks to many players and friends coming together to help me in my time of need. I had resigned myself to giving up wurm for good but without knowing it, Pagani had taken up my cause and rallied help from some wonderful people. So i wanted to thank each and everyone of you. From the bottom of my heart i am truly grateful that this community came to my aid. Being British i'm not very good at asking for help so special thanks to Pagani for taking the initiative and doing all the grunt work (and thanks to pookie, whichever account he is on these days) So once this rough patch has settled i'll be back to my usual busy self and will regale you all with my childish humour. See you nerds soon <3 Edit: Didn't realise how many people cared, i truly feel loved. Thank you all <3
  7. Wanted a rough idea of how much the toon is worth, as i may sell it soon https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Punishlife
  8. I shall attend, if you remind me <3
  9. I make bulk arrows, got 80 fletch so creation ql will be 16. can make as many as wanted and can discuss a discount for large orders. I've made lots of arrow orders, check my ad for an idea
  10. I'm a tad rusty with those, how would i get it?
  11. Not sure if there is an existing topic for this, couldn't find one. Essentially my game will randomly reconnect even though my internet hasn't disconnected or timed out, i'll just be in the middle of something and it reconnects me, yet in peoples friend tabs it shows me logging off for a second and then logging back on. I have no crash logs for these events but it happens at least once an hour, if not more and i am using the stable client. [02:56:51] Punishlife lost link. [02:56:51] Punishlife left the world.[02:59:56] Punishlife has logged in on Exodus. [03:10:42] Punishlife lost link. [03:10:43] Punishlife left the world. [03:10:53] Punishlife has logged in on Exodus. In those two instances i was making mortar, my game would freeze for a few seconds then it switched to the reconnecting/loading screen
  12. Greetings friends, Punish here with more goodies for sale have a look and pm/comment if interested in any I know the prices of most items, i know estimates of others. (so please dont be the 5th player to try and buy the glimmer for 2s50) Also willing to exchange for certain enchanted tools/ imps and certain bulk goods. i.e clay 1.10kg 84ql Glimmersteel lump SOLD Artisan necklace, seryll 75ql SOLD Short sword bracelet, seryll 75ql SOLD rare left elaborate shoulder, leather 75ql SOLD crafted shoulder 75ql SOLD
  13. E15 is Jacinto Plateu x23 y10
  14. *Launches another wagon load of corpses at the reed field* i will dispel this intruder