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  1. +1 Tabbards should be tied to the /mykingdoms for chaos (or epic if on epic cluster, but not pve area there so no point).
  2. The point is no pvp actions on a pve server and obviously abuse as JakeRivers mentioned. It is a slippery slope, you start at 90, once that in, someone argues 80 would be enough,... -1.
  3. Mead exists in wurm but keep in mind a lot in Wurm is wrong (ex sausage skins, beer, various item models). Try making it how it is not made irl.
  4. If you kill a lot of creatures you might learn their weaknesses and strengths. This already exists, different creatures are more or less vulnerable against certain types of attacks as well do they all do specific types of attacks. When you have to kill that many of a creature and are still weak then you are seriously playing the game wrong.
  5. I like the idea, especialy the starter towns. They do more harm than good at the moment even with the overhaul. What do most players think when they first arrive in such an empty liveless starter town? "This game is dead, I am out of here." People shouldnt be forced to leave the town. Eventualy they will move out on their own initiative. You can make the areas further away from the starter towns more attractive, stronger mobs might have significant more chance to spawn the farther away from it, fancy resources might spawn more near there too and coastlines are not exactly reaching starter towns,... Better to give incentives than to force someone.
  6. At least there should be a split between clusters. +1
  7. +1 How could they even not think about that before releasing? Isn't there a reason why they dropped strawberries, potatoes and corn in a basket model pile?
  8. Pepejot or Tris according to my sources.
  9. +1 for tree collision, it only makes sense. We dont walk through solid walls either. No developper would ever consider walkthrough solid objects not a bug or design flaw. And for once it is good they consider this a temporary necessary evil. also +1 for trees not using bordering tile corners.
  10. I rather have digging skill = snow ql. Not all snow is equal.
  11. Well think about, how is it not a flawed mechanic or bug when every irl field crop in game is farmable except this one?
  12. There is a giant field at the Badlands in the southeast, that someone maintains it I consider a wonder on its own.
  13. Not being able to farm or garden woad realy should be considered a bug. It is a farming product after all.
  14. Fog

  15. Is there an eta for the higway and bridges if no major issues arise?