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  1. You can always pm Taufiq on irc
  2. Cats spend two thirds of their lives sleeping, and the other third making viral videos. Soon to become an ex-balloon
  3. TL;DR 1. OP didn't play Wurm in a while. 2. He comes back, plays on Epic, barely anyone online, so he has time to think and develop a strategy to change Wurm into something appealing him (and mostly him). 3. OP suggests shutting down most of Freedom servers, or bringing PvP to PvE. 4. On PvPvE servers, there would be a small safe area around starting towns, where people can live all together (so instead of 1 player with 5 deeds, like we have many on Freedom now, would be one deed with 5 happy players, every one of them owning half a tile and 2/6 of a horse). 5. This would turn Epic in a large community and would bring large batches of new players willing to stick very close to each other, while Freedom cluster would be reduced to one server, because who needs so many freedomers, after all? Wogic at its best (or worst)! (On that note, although each Freedom server, at a given time, has more players than the entire Epic cluster all together, I didn't see many freedomers asking for Epic to be shut down and PvP players moved on one server, just because they are only a few and no PvP happens and there's no need for multiple servers at all). And because this isn't a suggestion thread, but a discussion one, I cannot give a -1. But I will still do it. -1
  4. If this is a suggestion, is a very poor one, and also in the wrong section of the forums.
  5. Along with the new house walls, are we going to get marble fountains, benches and the missing statues of demons and dogs? (I still have no clue why all other statues can be made from marble but these two, and I never got an answer everytime I asked).
  6. I can bet he's going to be a venerable one by then!
  7. WO server borders crossing issues.
  8. Gnome and reindeer to me, please, thank you!
  9. I do not think ql of the milk / milking skill are the issue. Milk takes extremely fast decay, after unsealing a barrel of milk, it will take damage in the next 2 to 5 minutes, so capping its ql to milking skill level would be a sort of a disaster. The problem here is the finished product - butter, cheese, cream - using the same skill, dairy food making - using same ql tools - being of different ql when made, with the low difficulty one ending of lower ql, and higher difficulty one being of much higher ql than the skill itself. Which, I suppose, can be fixed by increasing the ql of cream to match the average ql of cheese or butter.
  10. I stumbled upon another recipe not working, using an opel helm. I added ingredients required using lore, when I finally got to the water, I am told ''not enough water", but the suggested amount doesn't fit in the open helm. The helm is a newly made one, after the cooking update; I tried using different helms, with the same result, also with different fish fillets, couldn't get all needed amounts to fit in.
  11. -1, don't even need to make a list of "why's".
  12. Nice one, not many supreme saddles around. Good luck with the auction!!
  13. @Anarres All of them are one-action products, simply using a fork, a spoon or a cheese drill on milk, why I believe it is a bug on the final ql. Most things in similar skills (like making flour in milling or dough in bakery) would yield a higher ql product than your skill, and while I'd expect the same in dairy food making, having the highest difficulty item (butter) being of highest ql, while the low difficulty item (cream) is capped at skill level doesn't seem right at all. I didn't post the oddities asking for final ql to be nerfed, some skills are very hard to raise (dairy food making is one, you can only have so many animals on deed and you can milk them only so many times in 24 hours for the mandatory milk), but is more than obvious something isn't working right.
  14. Well over 1k cheese, several hundred bits of butter, few barrels of milk turned into cream.
  15. The difference in quality between some finished products of dairy food making are way too high. Skill: [10:34:20] Dairy food making increased by 0.0119 to 28.8717 Tools used (all tools around 70ql): spoon fork cheese drill (cheese drill rare, that would add 1-1.5ql to the finished product) Sheep milk, undamaged (the results are more or less identical for any type of milk), 100 ql Results: Butter 92% chance to be made, 25 difficulty, average ql of butter: 97 Cream 96% chance to be made, 15 difficulty, ql identical with dairy food making skill: 28.87 Feta cheese 97% chance to be made, 15 difficulty, average ql of cheese: 85 Something seems wrong, the higher difficulty one should end up lower ql, or all of them should be more or less of same ql; 60-70ql difference doesn't seem right. Bug?