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  1. I entered my mine to get rid of a rocksalt vein, then I brought over my alt. When my alt entered the mine, she could see event messages about me mining, but she could not see me - the character. The invisibility issue also happens above ground, when someone who was in a mine is invisible, or someone who exited a mine cannot see certain characters, but I have not been able to reproduce it on purpose, seems to occur randomly.
  2. Same thing on Pristine, no matter where one tries, the message [21:37:59] A surface highway interferes with your tunneling operation. shows in event.
  3. Let's share the mortar love. One crate for me too, please!
  4. The White Dove castle on Pristine Disclaimer: I do not own it, is actually a White Turtle, work in progress, Gofs the Owner cannot find and kill me!!
  5. Jaz, you're a life saver, if it was by me, I would award you a "Wurmian of the Month" title, maybe even a prize for a great service done to the community! For now, you will have to live only with my thanks
  6. I hate you .. in a good way .. now seriously ..
  7. The change that upsets me is about rose trelisses, they used to look great, with red flowers all the time, perfect for their decorative purposes; now they have flowers only when they're harvestable, for a short time, and there comes the dilema: "to harvest or not to harvest".
  8. "Old" oriel has a nice green "ivy" decoration on it. All new materials oriel walls are missing it on both sides of the wall.
  9. On the same note, I logged in a toon early this morning, was logged out in his bed (canopy one), first floor of his (locked) house, on deed; when I logged it in, was on ground floor, in house, with a massive (around 70 damage) wound (bruise) on his head.
  10. This isn't about how to heal it, or what to do, this is a bug report, so please add only things related to the bug, if possible.
  11. /me replaces Sila