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  1. IceCloud, white stallion. And DreamChaser, hellie mare
  2. Still happening, and still tagged as bug, last fix didn't fix it. Also other decorations taking damage on deed, like small copper braziers - they are light source (lamps) and also they do not make piles, so should be treated as decorations or lamps, same for turrets, at least on PvE they are purely decorative, but taking heavy damage on deeds, planted or not.
  3. As the title says, sandstone slabs cannot be improved, although they are created at low ql, about 20% of your skill (similar to all other slabs).
  4. Very sorry about what happened, I know how many rifts you did and how much time and effort you put into making that glimmer axe, is a real shame to have it stolen from you. I know "it was your mistake" for what happened, but on the other hand, if you can do something doesn't mean you should do it. Wurm always had a great community, which never took lightly such actions, and I hope the bad reputation someone gets for taking advantage over others is still enough to isolate them and make them unwelcome anywhere.
  5. Merged with http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/153005-masonry-xp/ to keep reports in one place.
  6. Ugh, I'm bad, I promised to list more disbanded deeds to have them removed from the map, but life has been hectic both in Wurm and irl. Will keep my promise sometimes this week.
  7. So ... we will have to redo all stone slab floors in our houses? Also, what is candstone? a new candy type we can mine? And in regard to this, although unrelated: Valrei spawn tweaks Next update will tweak how valrei creatures spawn, instead of spawning 10 in one area, they will be spawned in a wider area across the server, avoiding the congestion of many in one place becoming too hard to overcome. This will hopefully improve the valrei creatures being somewhat annoying on epic as we work on addressing them individually in a future update About a year and a half ago, there was a huge issue with bison spawning uncontrollably, while some other creatures were entirely missing. It was somehow fixed .. meaning bison do not spawn at all anymore, their place being taken by seals, cows and bulls, in insane amounts. Despite them being cute, non-aggro and all that, we need bison .. is there any possibility to fix this again so all type of creatures to be available?
  8. You're welcome and good luck! (grinding baking can be fun, and a new goal to keep you on toes )
  9. There was a recent fix, which changed the skill used to make some recipes from HFC to baking, most (if not all) pies are tied to baking now, thus capped at your baking skill level.
  10. [09:17:19] <Deedfodder> Where is the female giant gnomes ? [09:18:29] <Pandylynn> apparently we're like dwarves...can't tell us apart
  11. The previous rune is destroyed, you do not get it back.
  12. They replace each other when a new one is attached.
  13. Big grats to Sam for joining the devs team, he was always one of the nicest and most helpful people I worked with! About chopping hedges, will be there a specific permission for it on deed, not shared with something else? Because I would have to remove (for example) allies cutting trees if hedges would fall under the same category, since most of my pens are hedge based.
  14. One Kitty Potato incoming!