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  1. Ez transaction. Account traded hands seamlessly. Edit: Estoy analfabetismo
  2. pm good buddy ol pal
  3. 160e for synoptic. dunno how to price the other one
  4. interested in just empty toon if you change your mind
  5. sent you a pm in regards to Vin
  6. Pvp. Budget is flexibile, suppose it just depends on what stats are had.
  7. are there any for sale? thx
  8. Wait, youre back?

  9. Excellent PvP
  10. y are u leave
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot topixssssssssssss
  12. is this melros? whered the stats go?
  13. Kabill my face will live on as long as you keep posting on the forums
  14. you mean the drake set i didnt steal from MR when I went JK let alone pick up? yea im an d;^] toodles poodles I will troll even from beyond the grave