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  1. I have no idea what you wish to buy, can you perhaps be a bit more detailed?
  2. 50i
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  7. I haven't seen it directly addressed here, but I assume that under the existing rarity system that rare ingredients also change the affinity, correct? Therefore, if I'm happily cooking away based on my affinity list and am lucky enough to get a rare ingredient while preparing the food, it is basically worthless at this time correct? If I actually use it, don't I change the affinity? Or is it easy to just adjust my ingredient list? Under the new proposed system does the no rare impact also include the ingredients themselves? I really couldn't care about the cooker or the pan since as many have pointed out, easy to adjust for that, but what about ingredients?
  8. Your price on rare clay jars is confusing. It appears you would pay 1s for clay jar of any ql but only 95 copper if I imped it to 95 ql and fired it? As I happen to have a number of rare unfired jars and can take them to 95ql wondering about this.
  9. Never did see the need for rare to affect affinity. Have never paid attention to affinities anyway so I really don't care. However, I recently made a meal using a rare ingredient and discovered that had a large impact on meal ql. if I did pay attention to affinities, I'd care a lot, and want rarity not to affect things. I love the increased meal ql that using rare stuff can bring and I'd feel that I had to junk any rare ingredients I was lucky enough to get as they would muck things up. Make the rares useful! Make rarity not change affinity.
  10. Traders are a smoke screen for the real issue in my view--deed costs. There is so much empty land right now everywhere that who cares if someone wants a huge deed for just a few silver a month (or even free). Use a mechanism that you reset your deed life by actually logging deed citizens in or something like that. Since it seems that deed costs fund the "free money pool" so that one can have traders to offset deed costs, just get rid of the high deed costs and be done with it.
  11. Hmmm, never quite thought of it like that before. Don't know how I missed this. Is this perhaps the end of Epic as the gravitational forces slam it into the Freedom cluster? How many days does the world have left now?
  12. I really don't know where you all find the time to post about this stuff. I've got such a long in-game to do list. Stuff on that list that has to be 4 years old now that I swear I'll get to in a few months...not likely.
  13. 30c