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  1. I agree, Cherry in winter is the best.
  2. I actually still have one of those old homestead deeds in inventory, never turned it in for some reason or other-I have no idea why. Just seems like the thing to do now to keep holding it. Anyone else have one?
  3. Well, if I recall correctly, the deeds just across the server border got hammered hard if they had an open design, but Southport was forted up not too bad and was on the opposite side of the server anyway, so wasn't an issue for us. I'm struggling to recall the time lines, but if I have it correctly, this was a pretty sudden change that predated the decision to close the server by a couple of months wasn't it?
  4. There is demand at a lower price. This recent auction should provide some guidance to you.
  5. Oak coal piles produce 25% more mats, coal/ash/tar than non-oak coal piles. Walnut increases the ql by 10%--not a big deal for a 10ql pile, but a nice perk for 82ql piles as it pushes them over 90ql mats. Really no reason that I'm aware of to make piles other than oak or walnut as it only takes the last log to control. But whatever you do, don't make them cedar, you will have to wait a fair bit longer for the same amount of mats. Been working on my deed on Xan for the last several days and lag is not something I'm noticing all that much at the moment. Thanks.
  6. I think enough time has passed that I can fairly update this now. Khellus has not fully completed his end of the agreed upon deal as I have not received any bulk goods nor has there been any communication from Khellus via PM. However, as he did complete the first part of the deal, my losses are minimal. I suspect he may have left the game. As this may be for reasons beyond his control, and he did complete the first part, it is not reasonable to add him to the list at this time. However, if someone has information that he is still playing, but just gone silent, then that is a different story.
  7. My coal piles still seem to take about a week to burn down . Coal piles burn at the same speed underground as above ground, or at least they did the last time I tested. Every time you get a decay tick you get a coal/ash/tar if the pile is burning, if not you don't, is my observation anyway. All completed piles decay as if they were lit, regardless if you light them or not. If you make the pile oak, you should get roughly 2/3 coal of the ql of the pile. i.e. 30ql pile about 20 coal. If not oak, about 53% roughly. Over a 24 hour period you should get about 7 coal/ash/tar unless the pile is cedar, which delays decay but not the size of the decay ticks so you still get exactly the same amount of coal, just takes longer. Finally, an unfinished pile will decay, but extremely slowly, will still be there many months later. If testing shows something different than this, then there has been a change. Should expect a decay tick about once every 3.5 hours or so seeing a tick in 4.5 hours is expected. The size of the tick is related to the coal pile ql so without telling us the ql, can't say if 9 damage is unreasonable or not. At 33 coalmaking, probably had 20ql piles, which should take about 3 days to burn down if you were making oak. If you got the same 20ql pile burning out in a day now, that is a change, but need to know the ql and wood type of the pile or can't say anything at all.
  8. Thank you for your order.
  9. Thanks, I support this. Seems pretty balanced to me.
  10. I also have 80 to 90ql ash in volume, PM me if interested. Price is 4s per 1000 ash.
  11. No one has mentioned tile transmutation liquid yet. Going to about double the cost of liquid that is mailed. My thoughts on mailing items are that with the limited player base we have now it is too difficult at this time to develop reliable regional trading hubs and therefore it should be easy to mail stuff. However, from an overall gameplay point of view I do support the idea of encouraging face to face trade for a game like Wurm. If/when the overall population grows to a level such that products like milk could reliably be picked up locally, well, support your local dairy!
  12. Coal and ash in stock now, plus great prices on logs.
  13. I've done a bunch and others have as well. I haven't checked since last weekend, but was probably 85% done then.
  14. Now if I could just somehow explain all of this to my wife...
  15. it is heartening to see the community coming together to fix this issue. To the ones who created the problem in the first place, I totally understand why you did it, but unless you sail a lot as some of us do, you may not fully appreciate the difficulties these things create for navigation. If it is dark out that annoyance factor is x10. Just think about what can be seen in the dark and work from there. Signage and lights help a lot as well.