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  2. i got a rare one at summerholt docks in that merchant for 8s i belive it is rare 86ql forget enchants
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  8. Supreme Stone Bench 10 Silver Supreme 93+ QL Scissors with Rarity Rune. 27 Silver Rare Socket Ring 75ql Magic Resistance +5% Never Worn 8 Silver Right stylish Shoulder Pad, Gold 75ql face protection 5 Silver Rare Kingdom Tabard 6 Silver 0.40kg old school butchering knife 80+ woa coc and FB 14 Silver Rare Pickaxe 5.00 Silver Rare butchering knife 5.00 Silver Rare Measuring Jug 90ql unfired 10 Silver Supreme Grinding Stone 90+ql some enchants on it 12 Silver
  9. Information can be found here
  10. New Market Now open to the public to place merchants Location : i-26 Island Server: Xanadu Deed Name: Black Castle Owner: Vortexxx Affiliates & Alts: Aaedean / Rioja / Hitpoints / Renee / Market Stalls = A lot. The Black Castle Market is located in front of the Primary bay entrance to get to Summerholt and The Heritage Canal leading too Summerholt. Excellent Plotting Location. ( a lot of traffic ) Nothing Fancy but impressive location and a lot of traffic. I will upload some screenshots when I can. anyone is more then welcome to come investigate the market location and take a look all stalls are neatly rowed along the island canal for easy dismount shopping for express window shoppers etc... on both sides over looked by my ongoing castle im building. the plotting is excellent I can be anywhere coastal, Wurm wide in 20 mins or less depending on wind. east to west coasts and 40 mins or less north to south coasts. The Black Castle Market has a Runed mailbox for larger item mailing with a 99 Courier atm which will be improved... an Epic portal for anyone needing it. plenty of long term parking if required. guest housing coming soon along with a open inn for anyone needing bedding and food. A Temple for anyone needing Alters. Open to suggestions as well for any improvements needed Upkeep has over 750+ Days added, So you don't have to worry about it disbanding anytime soon it is my main headquarters location at this time. which also means my rarity bonus is always maxed with +10 seconds and many other deed bonuses etc for anyone to abuse I am very accommodating when it comes to market stalls and the needs of others. If you need it renamed or items decorated around it, I want every Merchant owner to be happy with their merchants location and how their d├ęcor looks to accommodate what they are selling etc, Please feel free to message me here in the forums for any additional information you might need or want. Sincerely, Vortexxx