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  1. Cele had a community project to bless lamps for all highways n what not. you might be experiencing lag issue from that issue. does your lag clear up during daytime? just a theory I never had lag issue's on cele until everyone put lamps out.
  2. 22: 8s 2: 4s 6: 4s 1: 3s
  3. lll have one as well cod to Vortexxx
  4. 20dmg per items that's not to bad, were you in the ocean or up top of a mountain?
  5. -rare ffile blade 40 QL-50c to Vortexxx
  6. 7s
  7. Winner, Congraz Whom shall I COD? Thanks !
  8. 5s
  9. yes COD to Vortexxx ty, man surprised I had to win this twice and also surprised no 1 bidded on either timers lol
  10. If Buyout I will cover the COD fee
  11. Your Bidding on 40+ Gems Total Quality 1,300+++ Starting Bid: 1 Copper Minimum Bid Increments: None My Reserve: None Buyout: 10 Silver Snipe Protection : None Good Luck Bidders.