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  1. Sig's shouldn't have any affect on a sale, never understood why people mention it.
  2. Pretty accurate, even if you say sarcasm. They keep creating window's of opportunity in Wurm, at this point everything is "unintentional by the devs" when it comes to things that have been in the game for years. Lately some of the changes are in my opinion trying to recreate the game to suit their play styles. We subscribers don't really have a say, unless we herd together saying it's bad. It's unfortunate. This is WO not WU, in WU you can mold the game to suit your play styles. I seriously don't want this game to become Window's of Opportunity Online. I ask what's the point in playing if this keeps happening. This is bad, Clatius. I don't see the need to completely remove this random element from the game. It allows newer players to go above 20 blacksmithing, carpentry, etc. New people shouldn't be forced to have to buy pelts left over from when it was possible. Use some logic please. This goes out to the entire Wurm community, stop asking for nerfs without thinking it through! A lot of them get implemented and it sucks!
  3. bump, placed a price since no one offered
  4. sending enjoy
  5. bump, no offers yet
  6. Tracking is literally the most broken thing in the game. Taste water being the second.
  7. sent, thanks!
  8. sending thanks!
  9. WS items imped to 20ql, BS items imped to 80ql. s=silver i=iron Why am I charging iron? I developed a new system and software to keep track of sales using character logs. Rare Small Anvil, Iron 4s 1i Rare Hammer, Iron 4s 2i Rare Sickle, Iron 4s 3i Rare Knife, Iron (Cooking) 4s 4i Rare Butcher Knife, Iron 4s 5i
  10. I has shovel do you?
  11. Indy is far superior compared to Lag-anadu. If you're looking for a stable experience, I'd recommend that. North or South Indy is fairly unoccupied.
  12. It's fine, and why force people to level up a pointless skill especially now that the skillgain was nerfed on milking?