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  1. That's cool you guys care about us now. Seriously though how come silver mirror got nerfed then? I can't change my haircut pls add in a way?
  2. Can recycle into a fsb also, none will be the wiser.
  3. that wagon art looks similar to this artist's Looks good.
  4. Would like to get my eggs as decorations also, maybe make a option on the egg to "Decay" or not?
  5. Cmon Finn.. All of that happened in 2013-2014, Xor doesn't even play anymore. This was a necro because Zilbar stole again, he originally stole using broken permissions back in 2014. Being a sleazy person he is, he randomly decided to blame me because I sold a lot of stuff back then on the forums. I never met Xor or Zilbar and I never went to pristine (couldn't even get there yet server was locked off.) He simply used me a scapegoat. I told Xor it wasn't me, but it's very hard to get out of a accusation once it's laid out. The fact that he wasn't banned just for doing that and the GMs still allow him to go around and do terrible things is extremely troublesome. So this is why we have name and shame, if people wish to defend toxic players such as Zilbar that's your right but it'll make you less popular in the long term. I do agree that horses still need a permission system, locked saddle bags would probably sort that out though. Brand doesn't do much, just lets you lead horses off of people's deeds.
  6. should be added to prevent theft, please consider devs!
  7. They need to ban people who do things like this ultimately there is to much leniency in this game. Stealing shouldn't be permitted on freedom.
  8. While old story is still relevant as he did damage my rep and continues stealing people's things, google cache wont last forever so i've taken picture of it also. Zilbar you're not doing very wise things, give Tuga back his axe!
  9. Your* collection is far superior to mine, nice work.
  10. Seriously wow? I wonder who is he blaming stuff on this time, make sure you take it to Enki, Tuga.
  11. Pretty sure it's worthy of the list as you got robbed...
  12. sad to see you go, hope it wasn't because of the that drama that happened.
  13. happy easter!
  14. any info on this yet?
  15. yeah this has been broken for awhile