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  1. we can use discord to communicate if the forums go down, would be nice if it had a sales channel on there though.
  2. yeah salt is to hard to obtain still, and grinding a 20kg rock salt to only get a few depending on milling skill really makes this suggestion worth taking notice.
  3. 1s on rare emerald cod to niki if accept
  4. how do u get the chest? only got a mask
  5. 2s for the rare sapphire, offer still stands weeks later. cod to niki.
  6. I think it's worth more than 100s - faith is easy to grind and so is everything else.
  7. not worth the risk tbh
  8. can you change masks so they don't take damage in combat thanks.
  9. Do we really? Forums have been bad for years now.
  10. That's always been the case. It's legal.
  11. Never had something like that. If that's the case, should I make a thread every time my neighbor does it to me? No. It's legal. If by chance the enclosure rule is brought back, things will change.
  12. I want it but devs will probably nerf now ;(
  13. I suggest trying it again then, adding special elements to pvp to make it more interesting, better siege, better castle defense, better combat *cough* take inspiration from other games, overall this would help the game if you roll it out correctly and not half baked.