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  1. [10:27:35] You tremble and shake from withdrawal. Ah, ###### me.
  2. Did you get [Alcoholic]?
  3. [08:41:31] You have just received the title 'Alcoholic'! I guess it takes a lot longer with wine. I put in atleast 10 hours, but I guess that I shouldn't have stayed around 'You are really really drunk' or 'You can barely walk' all the time. Just let your drunkenness level drop and drink a lot. I was only 30 sips off when I made this topic.
  4. Dear, I have +9 real life hours in of being constantly drunk or higher. (Mainly 'You are really really drunk'.) Method to get drunk *sips of 42,79QL red wine *Measuring jugs set at 1gr I drink water as well to increase my water%. Could you check if the alcohol addiction works (and in a similar way as before the cooking update that implemented all of the new booze)? If it works properly, could feedback be given on how to increase your alcohol addiction. Quality, quantitiy, type of booze? As far as I understood the available information, drinking sips increased your addiction (quality and quantity do not make a difference.) PS: this topic can be moved to server bugs. Best regards, Bitter
  5. +1 I have +8 real life hours in of being really really drunk or higher, but still don't have the title. Bug or is it me?!
  6. pls fix olive tree
  7. Salem MMO is quite similar. I liked it, till I got raided Never bothered building up again.
  8. Yep, had that as well!
  9. Awesome fight. Many deaths. <3
  10. Do the (unachieved) personal goals sometimes reset?
  11. cool, my old neighbour!
  12. Did you change the chocolate biscuit to a digestive biscuit? If so: Cake tin + digestive biscuit + orange + cheese + gelatine = fruit cheesecake for me.
  13. [22:36:58] <Pagani> santa would like to help.. . . . [22:41:33] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 1 mail waiting to be picked up. Thank you for your honey. Gave me a new recipe!
  14. I confirm. I have the same problem.
  15. [11:59:00] You see an old Orange tree. The orangess will soon be ripe. A spelling mistake... Best regards, Bitter