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  1. I was sceptical from the very beginning, when they stubbornly refused to reveal their legal identity (no names, no address...). This is very unusual for a respectable European company.
  2. To be fair, harvest seasons on different servers are not very far apart, so all this may not be necessary. -1 (Let's keep that tiny bit of uncertainty - just like irl ☺️)
  3. Hi there, I always wanted to have an offline clock showing the current ingame time, even when not playing. So, after some research and helpful dicussion I created WurmClock, a little desktop application for Windows, and I would like to share it with you. Meanwhile WurmClock has been around since April 2012 and I am happy that many users seem to like it. Versions 1 and 2 turned out to be rather popular among Wurm Online players, so I decided to give it a major overhaul: here is WurmClock V3. You can download it here: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/wioal4kca1e5gc5/WurmClock320.zip The app shows a small (300 x 300 pixels) image of an analog 24 hour clock which can be placed anywhere on your display by clicking and dragging it with the mouse. By default, the clock will be displayed on top of other program windows unless the user chooses to turn this option off. In addition to the clock itself WurmClock V3 has a new calendar dial, showing the Wurm year with its starfalls and seasons, and indicates the current time of year (starfall and week). Of course, the calendar display is optional (for those of you who prefer the smaller "clock-only" version), as is the additional info window shown below. The "Real Time Days" scale will make it easier to calculate the number of real days left until a certain Wurm date (for example the end of winter ). WurmClock can be used as an offline tool, i. e. when not playing Wurm Online, to keep an eye on the in-game time. It will show you at a glance if it is currently day or night before you log into the game. The clock is updated frequently (every few seconds) and will usually show the current in-game time with an accuracy of ± 2 Wurm minutes. However, each time the Wurm servers are shut down due to maintenance, Wurm time will stop and be frozen until the servers are running again. WurmClock will, however, try to re-synchronize with the in-game clock as soon as possible. WurmClock V3 displays the following information: Current in-game time Current in-game date Current in-game season Current harvesting seasons Current wind data. To run WurmClock V3 you only need the executable file WurmClock3.exe, a recent Microsoft operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and the current .NET framework (which usually is already part of your operating system). In addition to the executable file there will also be a collection of alternative skins. Unpack the archive WurmClock3.zip (containing the executable, a subfolder called \Skin, and a PDF documentation) into any folder of your choice and run the program. ============================================================================================ NEW: WurmClock now also displays the current wind situation: ============================================================================================ To learn more about the features and possibilities, please read the manual (also contained in the archive file): https://dl.dropbox.com/s/aocpk0h2yfvbb4d/WurmClock3 Manual.pdf Credits I would like to thank - Hakim for creating the artwork and graphical representation of the clock, - Moogien, Explora and Jdbooker for valuable contributions during beta testing, - and, of course, Rolf Jansson and his team for giving us Wurm Online! Have fun Yaga ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmStatus, WurmSkills , DPMapAssist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Updates:
  4. I'm sorry, Iberis - but I'm not really happy with that idea. We should refrain from naming areas on Freedom servers after PMKs on PVP servers. I would hate to see unnecessary conflicts and drama from the PVP realm spill over to our peaceful island - even if it starts with just a name. So, please: no. Please keep PVP and PVE separate! If you are unhappy with "Dragon Cove" (as I am too) I am sure we can come up with a better and more fitting (neutral) name. (It isn't a "cove" after all, more like a Sound or a Firth...)
  5. Very nice - I like that video! Good job.
  6. Please add: Possum Lodge Marina (R19):
  7. AFAIK the "random sorting" was deliberately introduced long ago to prevent macroing.
  8. Can't do, unfortunately. ("The water is too deep") 🙁
  9. You are right, Iberis. If you look closely you can even spot the "old man and his horse" crossing our impressive bridge. 😃
  10. That bridge!!! ("Pay no attention to the old man on his horse...")
  11. Nice project. Good luck!
  12. Usually there is no need to "uninstall" an older version - unless your version is VERY old and you want to make sure to start fresh. WurmClock is not really "installed" (or "uninstalled"). You just unpack the zip file in a folder and run the program from there. Nothing is stored elsewhere, keeping your computer nice and tidy. So you can just unpack the new version from the zip file to the folder where your older version is - overwriting existing files. If you ever want to get rid of WurmClock (but why should you? ) you can just delete the program folder. Voilà!
  13. An updated version of WurmClock (V3.2.0) was just released, reflecting the latest changes of harvest seasons (and new bushes):
  14. I just released an updated version (V 3.2.0), reflecting the harvest seasons changed with today's Wurm Online update. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/wioal4kca1e5gc5/WurmClock320.zip
  15. There's always this alternative:
  16. Guys, are you aware of this voting platform for Wurm suggestions and ideas: https://wurmonline.uservoice.com/forums/12046-wurmonline
  17. Thanks for updating, Daash - BUT: the deed name is "Kadyks", not "Kasyks" (see my pervious post). BTW: the map and the deed list still contain a lot of typos. Please check.
  18. Definitely: - 1
  19. Here is another update for the southeast area: - "Stedding Tsofu" is now called "The Void" (P20) - 4 new settlements: - Herne Bay (R19) - Mirwood (S20) - Possum Lodge (Q20) - Kadyks (R21)
  20. I agree, BUT it would be necessary to be able to set a different perimeter size for each of the four directions!
  21. Crashes when taking a screenshot can be due to the screenshot folder containing too many files (like > 500 or so). Please check your screenshot folder and try to keep the number of files lower than a few hundred.
  22. Version 1.4 crashes the client for me, when in a cave.
  23. Just to add some more info: I did the same thing a little while ago (used a ram to bash a few house walls on my deed) and I did NOT get hunted. (That was on Deliverance.)