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  1. I was sceptical from the very beginning, when they stubbornly refused to reveal their legal identity (no names, no address...). This is very unusual for a respectable European company.
  2. To be fair, harvest seasons on different servers are not very far apart, so all this may not be necessary. -1 (Let's keep that tiny bit of uncertainty - just like irl ☺️)
  3. I'm sorry, Iberis - but I'm not really happy with that idea. We should refrain from naming areas on Freedom servers after PMKs on PVP servers. I would hate to see unnecessary conflicts and drama from the PVP realm spill over to our peaceful island - even if it starts with just a name. So, please: no. Please keep PVP and PVE separate! If you are unhappy with "Dragon Cove" (as I am too) I am sure we can come up with a better and more fitting (neutral) name. (It isn't a "cove" after all, more like a Sound or a Firth...)
  4. Very nice - I like that video! Good job.
  5. Please add: Possum Lodge Marina (R19):
  6. AFAIK the "random sorting" was deliberately introduced long ago to prevent macroing.
  7. Can't do, unfortunately. ("The water is too deep") 🙁
  8. You are right, Iberis. If you look closely you can even spot the "old man and his horse" crossing our impressive bridge. 😃
  9. That bridge!!! ("Pay no attention to the old man on his horse...")
  10. Nice project. Good luck!
  11. Usually there is no need to "uninstall" an older version - unless your version is VERY old and you want to make sure to start fresh. WurmClock is not really "installed" (or "uninstalled"). You just unpack the zip file in a folder and run the program from there. Nothing is stored elsewhere, keeping your computer nice and tidy. So you can just unpack the new version from the zip file to the folder where your older version is - overwriting existing files. If you ever want to get rid of WurmClock (but why should you? ) you can just delete the program folder. Voilà!
  12. An updated version of WurmClock (V3.2.0) was just released, reflecting the latest changes of harvest seasons (and new bushes):
  13. I just released an updated version (V 3.2.0), reflecting the harvest seasons changed with today's Wurm Online update. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/wioal4kca1e5gc5/WurmClock320.zip
  14. There's always this alternative: