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  1. Heh! I wasn't aware it was you!
  2. We now have rendered versions of house walls and stone fences. Unfortunately a rendered version of the "low stone wall" seems to be missing. It would be good to have that too. Please add "rendered low stone wall".
  3. Update: it seems to be true. My easter egg still has 0.0 damage on a grass tile (on deed) since Easter.
  4. This has always been an issue, and was addressed several times in this thread. After importing a map from Wurm you have to adjust the map altitude, using the "Resize - Global Add Height" feature.
  5. Using the middle mouse button moves the 2D map. 3D movement is the same as in game: WASD (basically). Also: R moves up, F moves down.
  6. Less than 12 hours left.
  7. Friendly guys - can recommend!
  8. Interesting! I didn't notice this when taking the screenshot. You are right: properly rotating the walls did the trick:
  9. Using the new "rendered stone walls" to upgrade my lighthouse:
  10. Starting bid reduced.
  11. "A flat piece of papyrus made from pressed reed fibre. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It has a recipe on it! It appears the recipe "goblin liver and onion" has something written on it. The author appears to be someone named 'Da Wife'." A rare cooking recipe found on a troll. Starting bid: 10c Min increase: 5c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour