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  1. Sandstone brick pavement is still being loaded in as pottery brick pavement.
  2. Someone had to do it, and I was too curious.
  3. Catseye. Description reads "[00:41:39] A marker used in middle of a highway, protects the tiles surrounding it." Crafting recipe is Right clicking allows for the option to 'View protection' and 'View links' Viewing the protection looks like this Event log spits out a message that says "[00:49:35] Test only:Protected: center, north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west and northwest" Viewing the links makes this message appear in events "[00:50:05] Test only:Links are: north and south" So I assume this is some form of anti-grief measure players can utilize to preserve highways and tunnels.
  4. Will we be able to have wooden cave walls?
  5. Having a problem where all of my sandstone pavement loads in as clay brick pavement.
  6. Oak because it looks like an actual tree and is huge as hell
  7. Hope we see marble benches and whatnot in the future.
  8. it was never a mod in the first place, a photoshop, a ruse you all have been mislead
  9. no
  10. lol, someone has obviously never played wurm pvp before, and that someone is codeclub's PR manager jesus this game is dying from within
  11. codeclub wont change it just because you're too paranoid about steam its too much effort for them to restructure the whole system just to appeal to a tiny demographic. it's fine on steam, it works on steam, there is nothing wrong with it.
  12. propheteer
  13. 1:1USD for all at once, 1:1eu for split amount, only selling to accounts registered before 2016.
  14. Yes, certainly accepting euroes.
  15. Pieces varying from 70ql - 80ql+, chest piece is rare no enchants or cap, signature is Kaih. Looking to get around 80s for the set, if not, open to offers. Will not take items in exchange.