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  1. satire

    You two need a room
  2. Dont feed it
  3. Is logic really so terrible
  4. I cant stop laughing at that gif omg thats so perfect
  5. Feels rather presumptuous, im not sure ive seen any dev comment that it is broken to begin with, seems like that needs to happen before requesting to know when a 'fix' is coming.
  6. Tribal tattoos aww yiss
  7. Pot meet kettle
  9. It wont happen we werent even allowed an option to select all container contents to make emptying more user friendly because it would be 'too easy' and this is after the work for skill is over not before like the op
  10. M8 pls Going 11 instead of 10 for 15 mins a pop will surely screw over all the rifts! Gosh
  11. Add cookbook to that too
  12. We used to have pink unicorns
  13. Unstable for me is a constant 10 second stutter from the beginning and if I even think about leaving deed and trying to return it takes the liberty of closing for me after not responding, the memory leak is quite possibly worse than it ever was before using unstable while using stable its getting close to the same.
  14. One could assume that the use of the word between suggests that the no drag timer starts at the end of the ram timer and not the start, testing would probably clear it up