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  1. +1 not just for freedom buddies but wurm wide
  2. That is how it works yes
  3. There was no attack and I have no issue with people buying accounts, not every one has the time to play but it does weigh into opinions in terms of skills 'earned'. My response was directed to you because of things you said so it absolutely related to you personally I cant respond to someone who didn't say something, I'm sorry if you took offence but I'm not sure what part was offensive, its not a bad thing to be a new player or an account buyer. If it was because your opinion on the matter seems to be unexperienced and suggesting a nerf to things that don't affect you then there is no sugar coating that. Forums are a place to have a discussion, my comments were born as a response to things you said. Freedom to epic or epic to freedom doesn't really matter and you did say that you don't think it is a good idea overall, I was responding to the quoted part where you said you "would if"
  4. The comment comes from here, if we are adjusting based on effort then it took zero effort for you to buy your account so of course you wouldn't care if your epic skills took a hit they mean nothing to you since you didn't grind them nor do you play there. You then go on to discuss monetary value because that is what matters to you when a great deal of us couldn't care less about economy and the value of things other than our enjoyment playing a game not running a business. It stings when people who have played low level epic and saw the increased gains in the beginning stages sit back and say well its too easy there to merge them with us, its worse when someone who has played for 4 months without experiencing high level grinding on either cluster begins to claim the same. Yes there is no denying that epic has x2 skill gain and it moves faster.... to begin with, it also has a curve that makes grinding in your sweet spot increasingly hard to reach for improving type skills as you start to get higher up. Creation skills become way too easy to perform meaning that getting the lower ql products for your skill ticks becomes impossible in many cases. At 70 skill you perform as if you have 90+, at 90 you are 99 so not only are you pushing harder but the difficulty is not in your favour it goes from easy mode to masochist. When I began playing epic it felt like cheating and I wasn't impressed with anything that I accomplished having come from freedom, after I got past easy mode it felt more on par until I hit the 'you're an idiot' phase. I began to notice it first with locksmithing (yes I did this on freedom just for my priest) and then with baking... baking was the wtf moment when I realised that at 50 skill on freedom there was no problem using regular water but on epic I was forced to use 0.01ql water to be able to gain skill at all. People say that meditating is worse on epic but I have no experience to compare it to I refused to on freedom and even on epic for the first 2 years. In a discussion comparing HFC the conclusion was that it took the same amount of meals to reach 100 skill on both clusters. This isn't even touching on the differences between clusters in terms of stamina. If I look at my freedom account and compare it to my epic account my freedom account stats (overall not just stam) crap all over my epic toon when you consider the time differences in play. I cant give you formulas and nerd rambling I can only tell you that the difficulty on epic does a backflip in the higher levels. I personally have been shaping my account for 5.5 years, I did not buy it and I do care about people flippantly saying hey just nerf them without understanding or experiencing it.
  5. Does that mean your bought account gets its skills zeroed? People need to stop talking about skill adjustments when they dont understand the skilling mechanics
  6. suggestion

    Out of curiosity, to me the idea of immersion is feeling like you are actually in the game living the experience which probably comes from the literary meanings of first and third person from high school English class. I don't really understand how third person helps you to become more immersed when you are looking down on another entity doing things from a celestial perspective? Its all probably completely irrelevant but it would certainly help me understand what you are saying.
  7. You guys need to relax and stop being so paranoid lol
  8. Ive been clear that i fully support free access to player gods by BL and have been trying for years to get that changed, im trying to help you on the mission points of discussion here. I also need to sleep so here is a deal for you to consider... I will organise delivery of enough rift hearts for you to complete the current wave, saving all of you the trouble of venturing out of your comfort zone. Using this you can open the next wave and gather enough hearts and get home before any enemy has time to react if this is what troubles you, then at your leisure the next wave can be closed without warning also. In exchange for this all i ask is for some attitude changes, try to calm down and use rational thought before the feelings of persecution and disadvantage in terms of scenario competitivness take hold of you (you being BL in general). Every kingdom really does have the same chances and opportunity as each other, the only difference is how the players respond to them. Every kingdom has the players that wont go out of their way yet seize the opportunity for quick easy points to win and every kingdom has players who will go the extra mile. More of the former type than the latter is what makes or breaks... hopefully we will see some positive changes for this problem. Anyway, my offer is there if i can help you guys feel better Also, your end game is winning tomes to be viable in pvp i thought? At least thats the angle given in some other thread
  9. Anyone can make any rune I wasn't on during that encounter I have no idea what happened but one ambush doesn't mean give up and you can do a rift with two people you don't need a lot. The rest I have no idea what you are trying to say sorry but which priests have what spells has nothing to do with being able to compete in valrei Edit: im pretty sure you can get to that grass on elevation before Rage can get anywhere from his deed not to mention people who live in deserts or other awkward places
  10. bind 4 "toggle spelleffects"
  11. To be fair in regards to missions I do not agree that you are at a disadvantage for the following reasons as have already been mentioned: Your island on elevation is not void of grass thus not a huge journey to go forage Elevation is dead its not even 'unsafe' to go and pick through this grass, it can be done at any time and ahead of time in preparation for missions, WLers dont even want to do it most of the time so they often get left to expire also. So this point is not valid IMO, even if you were to say 'but its not the server I live on' this wouldn't make it any more valid either due to the fact that since the system was changed people have to travel between Ele and home a lot more frequently to do missions. It's literally a 2 min walk from the portal to grass and I would find it hard to believe there isn't a deed close by that you cant get a horse from, even if you cant get one we used to keep a horse tame in glitter as a non agro stays tame and offline for up to two weeks just have to remember to go top up the tame level before you lose it. The other point was reveal creatures and as Gary said this was never a wide spread commodity. Most people who have priests are deed sitting casters that cant even ride a horse it was only really mains that could go out and do it but now we have runes and they are available to everyone. That everyone includes BL, yes I know you haven't done your home rift since the first one but that still isn't really a valid point, as Gary also said no one would even see you sneak to the Elevation rift and take hearts home to Affliction. It comes down to how much you want something and what you are prepared to do, the playing field isn't unfair for any kingdom in Valrei anymore, everyone has the same issues. I would actually argue that it is easier for BL at this point in time solely based on number of active players.
  12. They used to get stuck in fences the same as houses it was a deliberate change to stop the fences (i think... the stuck in fence part for sure)
  13. Technically it isnt new there have been issues with player conversions and kingdom converting wiping faith from the beginning but they were intended with loopholes slowly being closed over time.
  14. Ive been begging for this for years and I cant for the life of me imagine what reasons those voting no have
  15. I have these great logs from proph showing me his interior decorating skills like 6 years ago and he was proud as punch about it, unfortunately the links no longer exist and it just wasn't as funny to post the conversation without them.