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  1. +1 for fur sleeping bags
  2. Retro sounds like a broken record. Please make him post something so we can know Staff didn't kill our Rolf.
  3. Lol, so many bad jokes came to my mind.
  4. Huge +1 signed Crazy Cat Lady
  5. Same here, never played UO, only UU, so many hours. This looks awesome and so are you Malena.
  6. Best part of playing with other people is that you actually learn stuff like this by playing.
  7. You're such a romantic Roysta!
  8. That's my wagon! (I wish) Edit: those reinforcements look awesome aswell.
  9. Even thou it would look good, we are not the police and who is gonna make sure people make their roads in a way someone else decided? (in the future). I feel we should not make decisions for everyone in a sandbox.
  10. Hey, I missed that! And I even asked you once Retro, anyways Happy B-day!
  11. The guy he responded to said he still had same number.
  12. Can the rendered wall be painted? (ie white ofc)
  13. Someone made me happy: There is now a connecting 3 wide hwy going north from Hillside farm <3 you guys
  14. Tea?
  15. Exactly how many sandstone bricks will a wall require?