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  1. Come on, don't tell us it is good that people can come and bump the road.
  2. Do I need to get my toon out of the maze before this event starts?
  3. milk

    Oh no! Now I start thinking of the ice cream stand and pizza parlor I yet have not built in Mermaid Lagoon... Those darn snowballs melt to fast
  4. Since I am Betty I strongly oppose to Elsa using my name. She needs to stop copying me all the time and in all the games we play. I would have told her off when she started topic but only saw it now. We're still friends thou.
  5. The deal was that Betty become human again and go back to Mythmoor where she plays. The End.
  6. We will remember this. Your rep just dropped to the ground.
  7. Will the Midsummer event affect the labyrinth in some way? I have a toon in there atm.
  8. It has been said that this all started with a mission to cut down an oak in Quasiwuds perimeter, his revenge hits us all. We have not even mentioned in this topic the ugly rift in the landscape he creates/surfacemines for a "canal", it will be a few 100 sloped I belive. I'd have preffered a tunnel. It has been going on for 5 months, over an oak in perimeter, the tantrums got silly long time ago. Personally I have tried to be a nice neighbour and I and Quasi have not discussed this matter, we have worked on altering a hwy together and all went just fine. He always says hello to me also. I have hoped he'd calm down, but evidently he hasn't. Unfortunatelly I have been busy on Xanadu for months else I think I could have had some impact in calming the situation. All these MR people answering prolly only got Quasiwuds and Kriets side told to them. Since we have kept this conflict mainly out of forums (except the canal topic), and Enki also didn't state in his topic who this was aimed at, it is hard to know the underlying facts, or extent of the oak plantation, for you bystanders.
  9. Ok, then tell that to Quasiwud, not to Odynn.
  10. Ok, so if this had been sand instead, would you, as neighbour, still have approved? Or for example along rift in the landscape to create a canal? How many times is it reasonable that the opponetnts cut down and replant an area before enough is enough? I happened to walk in to this area chaising gold veins, and now all I see around me is oaks. So far I have tried to cooperate with Quasi, thinking his tantrum about a mission to cut oaks in his perimeter , he is a fellow player after all. But this has been going on too long now. Odynn is beeing open about his intentions. And I quote Enki: Being neighborly! From time to time we end up looking into area disputes on the Freedom cluster. The disputes range from highway changes, new roads, canals, tree cutting, etc. This is partially why we have the “Play Nice or we will rip your heart out” rule, as it allows us to mediate any serious issues, but at the base of all of them is usually a lack of communication. While we respect your privilege to do work within a certain range of your deeded areas, we expect for you to cooperate and communicate with your nearby neighbors as best as possible so that you can adjust or adapt to their plans and needs, and they vice versa. Even if it takes you awhile to get into contact with your neighbors, you should always be neighborly and give them a heads up to any projects you are working on that may affect their time and enjoyment. Projects such as road changes, terrain changes, fences, etc. Anything that will affect land near them or access near them should be discussed. Not only does such communication make the social environment much better, it will improve interaction and teamwork on large projects, but most importantly it will avoid creating a situation that needs a moderator to get involved in. Please keep these tips in mind when you are working near others on the Freedom Cluster. We hate having to ban people just because they are being jerks…. Oh wait… well… at least you would likely not enjoy being considered a disruptive jerk and getting banned, because trust me, we do enjoy banning disruptive jerks!
  11. My way. Small, but steady.
  12. Aww, thanks for breaking up the text a bit for me On the first idea I +1 Edit: Could be fun for all to get a second affinity, but how about keeping it in same field, like if the meal normally gives weapon smithing ithe second one would be within smithing also. The second idea needs some thinking before I know what I think about it!
  13. Hugs sweetie, you are in your friends thought! <3