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  1. Ok, so if we can have numberous skins for wall types, can we please have back wood kinds on bsb also?
  2. Are you sure Deliverance Harbour is in right place? It should be where road from Theos estate meet coast if I recall this right (the road that comes past old Hollywood) I mean the white road on Koroths pic above.
  3. +1 This would sure help me when I do my upkeep rounds for all them deeds of mine!
  4. Wish there was a smoother way for the dirtpillars!
  5. Have you done any estimate on how deep sea is there?
  6. There are a bunch of typos in the picture below: Arrows show what deeds are misplaced and/or misspelled(my deeds), please add Crocodile Creek token is placed on the red +. Also, how long has that road been called Marble Road? I strongly oppose to such a name on a road that is right between my deeds, as there is no marble to be mined in the mountains in this area.
  7. This clearly is something that has to be changed. #makewurmgreatagain
  8. I experienced the ash mod on the WU server Mythmoor today and my God that is so neat! It produces max 6,4 kilo if you don't remove it from the forge. A middle way would be ok for me, I mainly use ash for concrete btw.
  9. TV commercials? My god that gotta be the most expencive way to promote the game.
  10. pve

    Oh, I thought the server was gone. Good to know you guys are still there.
  11. Aww, thanks for paying attention to our situation! \o/
  12. Does it really have to be on the weekend?