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  1. Oh wow, that alchemist desk looks amazing! And love to have more variety on storage
  2. Ok, so I like to kill a lot of trolls along the way on killing other mobs. I mostly kick their asses with 55ql cloth/leather armor and 80ql 2-handed sword with 87LT. Sometimes I have to back off if the LT does not cover the hits, but I've been able to kick trolls' asses with duel-wielding 55ql short swords, do few heals away and then back to fight. So what really matters is your position and awareness in the fight I'd say. So here's some of my tips: - Make sure that you fight on a high ground. It will show you as a green boot on the fighting section. This gives you the advantage. And make sure the distance is good. - You mentioned that you have trouble on keeping up the focus. You will notice that the fighting itself has a rythm: troll tries to hit or hits, few seconds pause and then again. Try focusing everytime right after troll has attempted the attack on you, which will prevent most interrupts. Following the combat log will help you a lot here. - Follow the troll's movement in the combat log. When troll is "attempting to focus on your right parts", move your weapon towards that same right parts of you and you will have yet again advantage as you have moved faster in that position. However, for some reason with other mobs these won't work everytime and they tend to do just more damage and you get blocked constantly. But trolls are pretty slow and I haven't seen them doing such tactics, like hellhounds seem to do. - It actually matters where you hit and when. If you hit high right and basically troll's hand, it will slow it's attack speed. If I keep missing or get blocked a lot, I change very frequently my target from upper right to low mid and to mid left and so on, until I find a spot that will deal damage. When some spot starts to get misses or blocks, I change again. Hope this will help you
  3. I'm on my way.
  4. Ugh, real life has taken so much attention past few days that I haven't been able to attend yet. I hope I will be able to join in sometime
  5. I'm unable to attempt, working on that very time. Next time then!
  6. As I have noticed, affinities from different food are individual. So that meal giving you baking might give to some other player very different affinity.
  7. Yea, he actually did check out the Amish Inn. But he was too big for the beds there.
  8. Errhmm... Taking care of a troll problem, which was scaring the villagers
  9. Everything you need to know is there. Got timer and everything.
  10. A new Rift has been reported! The location is M20, south end of the middle Xanadu lake. It is accesible via Summerholt-Whitefay highway, then turning south and following the road. When reaching Order of Whispers guards tower and there will be 3-4 of them alongside the road (M22), wait until hit a crossroads and then turn right. The end of that road is shown on the screenshot as the right road ending suddenly in the forest. The rest of the travel has no roads but is quite accesible when going north-west towards the rift from sudden end of that road. It goes beside a hill. Approximate road map:
  11. +1 for this! I always admire people who put the effort for easier access between deeds and lands. As a traveller can't appreciate enough!
  12. This is very good news. Thank you for hearing us out!
  13. Sad thing is that as I actively follow forums, I totally missed this dicussion. But I'm sure many people didn't really know what was coming up when they voted against it and some may regret their choice, as noted on this thread earlier.