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  1. I use the lakeside road frequently, so not only I appreciate the tunnel, but also the bridge you built so that the lakeside road is still ridable. Thank you for your effort!
  2. Oh, I love reading these! Never got into the puppeteering myself, but I find these conversations very interesting, if those have any relate with the Wurm lore or history. Always love gods' chatting.
  3. Hey! I noticed this weird thing happening when I was building my house's second floor. It appeared that I wasn't able to plan walls in 5 tiles, as it claimed that "the roof is on the way". However, I was able to build on every other tile border, eventhough there was a roof touching the tile border on a side. I even managed to plan a wall on the same roof's side, where on the other side it claimed that roof was on the way. Here some pictures from what happened. So any idea what is going on and if this is a bug?
  4. I'll be there.
  5. I am a deed owner once again. :) 

  6. Please add Whisperfell (6864, -2392). Thank you!
  7. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for this! I didn't dare to plan new house properly without the deed planner's update. And boy, it's been 4 YEARS. Thank you for such a great tool, I've always planned my houses with this.
  8. Ah, I get confused by the forums...
  9. The update is live. Edit: As Retro said.
  10. Ponehs matching perfectly for the pavement style!
  11. Those walls look freaking amazing!
  12. Quick question: do new slate slab and birck pavements require concrete?
  13. YES! I got very excited about the new wall and fence types and now they are live! Thank you for making the game yet again interesting and entertaining for us
  14. +1 for this, fast and reliable