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  1. ¨*~Come join NEXA, the north-east Xanadu alliance!~*¨ ¨*~We are a few dozen deeds collected in and about Summerholt, gathered around two core purposes:~*¨ ¨*~Help others have fun playing Wurm Online~*¨ ¨*~Commiserate about grinding various Wurm Online skills~*¨ ¨*~Location~*¨ ¨*~Alliance has settled around the starter town Summerholt and made several highways leading different directions from Summerholt.~*¨ ¨*~Most of our alliance members live close Summerholt, but many deeds have joined from a far because of the great community.~*¨ ¨*~The north-east area is also accesible by a public Eden tunnel, which is located H23, where the blue square stands on the map.~*¨ ¨*~We help newcomers and we are home to Amish Estates, one of the biggest and most successful communal deeds around.~*¨ ¨*~Amish deed complex (Amish Estates, Paradise, Sanctuary, Creek, Groves) lies in the heart of our alliance.~*¨ ¨*~Community~*¨ ¨*~Our number one benefit is a highly active and sometimes hilarious Alliance chat window.~*¨ ¨*~Many of our players participate in Xanadu and/or Wurm-wide events, such as rift fights, unique hunts and communal adventures.~*¨ ¨*~We have countless crafters: weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, carpenters, masons, chefs, enchanters, etc.; you name it, we've got it!~*¨ ¨*~Best of all, we have experience and we are always ready to help each other out without a question.~*¨ Moonlight Bay, southern shore of Summerholt lake. Tenshi's Hill, east from Summerholt. ¨*~Services~*¨ ¨*~We have an active market settled in Amish Sanctuary, with plenty of merchants and merchant spots to place one. ~*¨ ¨*~As a market's heart stands our large church with every god's altar provided. Ask for sermons running!~*¨ A lot of classified merchant ads, like: The Nightman Cometh and NEXA Traders Association. ¨*~Other amenities~*¨ ¨*~Web site with custom maps~*¨ ¨*~Recipe list (thanks to Olafhairybreeks)~*¨ ¨*~Discord space~*¨ ¨*~How to apply and why is NEXA a good choice for the alliance?~*¨ ¨*~You can ask anyone around the area, like Aniceset, Kadmint, Jackjones, Seriphina, Legios or Fatynoob for an alliance invitation. ~*¨ ¨*~Any deed owner within the alliance is able to invite you to join (just have to meet face to face ) ~*¨ ¨*~NEXA is active community and is located on a largely established area but yet a lot of untouched ground to work with ~*¨ ¨*~→ large highway connection gives you a chance to connect with the community if you desire!~*¨ ¨*~And of course, as we live up north... We have perfect hunting grounds as well, a lot of mobs to hunt~*¨ ¨*~... but if you want a safe spot to enjoy your game, that is completely possible as well~*¨ ¨*~We do a lot of business via Discord and alliance chat with each other, so you have a local market as a support!~*¨ ¨*~Even templars are so happy in our community that they will participate on crafting!~*¨ List of the current alliance deed members: A Hobbit's Haven, Abbey Orchard, Amish Creek, Amish Estates, Amish Groves, Amish Paradise, Amish Paradise Market, Aria, Aria Lumber Yard, Arthur's Seat, Base Camp, Belonga Mar, Burning Bush, Clarity, Claros De Galdar, Cliffside Smithy, Cuaisin, Darigan, Deedy Mcdeedface, Dusky Bay, Echoes Of Moria, Eli Lodge, Everien Shores, Ewesful Acres, Faile's Haven, Fo Farmhouse, Forrest Abbey, Greensteel Forge, Grey Farm, Heaven's Gate, Hidden Vale, Hindleap, Hindleap Copse, Icariums' Getaway, Jack's Canal Park, Kinnerin Oak, Knightcrawlers Digs, Ladau, Linden Hills, Lohema, Moonlight Bay, Mrzodiac's, Nest Haven Shipyard, Nightdawn, Port Heidiho, Q's Place, Raven Bay, Rough And Ready, Rough And Ready Annex, Seabreeze Village, Selmecbanya, Serenity Cove, Seven, Skaven Blight, Suth-goras, Tenshi's Hill, The Adventures Of Hellhorse And Pheasant, The Room Of Requirement, Thrace, Tranquil Gardens, Tuon's Hideaway, Twilight Vale, Upland Greens, Waterside Ridge, West Chester, Whisperfell, Whispering Eye, Wismar and Zin. Whisperfell's road to heaven. There are no strangers here, just friends who haven't met yet. - Jackjones
  2. [19:19:06] Your are rewarded a small chest. I have survived the maze with just a bit over 2 hours! What a maze... or should I say three! Thanks for setting such event up.
  3. Here's the topic about the Midsummer event, including the timer. And about this topic itself, I LOVE the mask! *Middle-Earth fangirl screaming*
  4. rift

    Sure does, but I want to be starting it right away when it is possible.
  5. rift

    Thanks for the info, was asking this on the other topic I made. I shall be there! Oh bummer, I just realised that the midsummer event starts almost at the same time... So gotta cancel the rift fight this time.
  6. Let's just say that you weren't too polite with your first private message to Champagne either, so with such blaming I wouldn't have probably answered you either. However, I care not of the drama which is obviously between you two and I believe no one else cares too. So how about you solve this problem in private messages now on.
  7. Looks... freaking... amazing. *takes deep breath and pulls the sweat off the forehead when thinking of the amount of work*
  8. Hey guys, as the new rift has spawned, does anyone have any rough estimate or maybe precise knowledge of the location? Details can be posted here and I can add them to this main post. I would love to join 24th June's Rift fight.
  9. Within the past 4 years I have played this game, I have seen communities come and go, lived in different locations and servers, do this and that... but in my heart I have asked only one thing the whole time; to live on a mutual, active and joyful community, so whenever I log in, there's always someone online (thanks to U.S. folks for being online mostly on my very uncommon playing hours from European point of view!) and always someone that I could talk to. Time passes much smoother in a game, when I have perfect distraction from the hours and hours lasting grind to something wonderful, like discussing daily matters, the game or life in general. I have suffered loneliness greatly in this game, before I found my current community. I never felt any previous locations where I lived as a home, when I felt like something big was missing. I cannot thank NEXA folk enough! And btw, the whole 4 years I have played this game and done some travels and met people, just passing by or participating on same event I am... I always wave! And hug close friends if around Emotes are a great way to impress those basic human interaction methods, where you feel warmly welcome and be noticed by other people. Wish there could be even more emotes, love em!
  10. Woo! I shall be there.
  11. Well I assume that you never have to if you don't want. What comes to Xanadu, many people who live there call the place home, like I do. I've lived most of my Wurmian time on Xanadu and I have no desire to move elsewhere. I have a great community around me, perfect place to work on, lots of wild land with hunting grounds... and no lag bothers me. I feel a bit annoyed by the fact that some people in this very thread are eager to shut down Xanadu. That would mean over 100 people's homes lost, or even more. Seems like people saying this aren't living on Xanadu and are just tossing the idea "let's destroy people's homes on large server just because" without thinking the effort we have put into this very server. And the final word about wiping servers to attract more people to the game; there is no way that has a positive signal, when you realise that they have wiped it once, they might do it again. Even the new players are starting to fear for it, not willing to create the stuff they want to because of it. And I see it only to annoy current, active players and I would think very carefully, if I would continue this game after giving almost 4 years of effort, if it's all wiped. And as Dev's have said, this is impossible, which I'm glad about.
  12. +1 YES. I love this idea, haven't even thought about this eventhough it's obvious!
  13. The end? Not at all. Since Betty didn't accept the offer. She realised, she could become...
  14. ... for the attention of Libila. Libila had watched quite some time for Betty's extensive growing and she started to worry...
  15. I love your crazy project, have watched every pic and been amazed every time.