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  1. sounds more like it's a bug then.
  2. I want cupid gnomes! that make random 'nice' emotes at anyone in local.
  3. honestly same
  4. Come break free from the restrictions of freedom in a friendly, fun atmosphere, new or old, all players welcome.
  5. For the compass, I'd say probably about 1-2s(2s being on the high side), considering that woa casted compasses of that quality go for only a bit higher.
  6. I'm really excited about two tile cave entrances, that's gonna be great!
  7. It's also not logging any characters off the server. Still shows my toon logged in on Chaos, even though I closed the window since all it was doing was refreshing and using sb.
  8. Chaos is having major issues, nonstop refreshing lag and seems to just have crashed, can't connect to it either.
  9. I'd just like to say that I'm not telling anyone to bump this thread, and any one that says so is lying. Also, you all get F's for mentioning that it was an assignment to post, what an abysmal class.
  10. Looks like a good plan! I used to live right under your deed, before I moved further south. But those highways definitely need some tlc.
  11. As fun as charcoal piles and campfires are this would be a great quality of life change. +1 to scooping ash out of forges
  12. Bump, this discord needs more attention
  13. Become a master of disguise at the University